Full Name: Laura-Cristina Ungureanu

Birth: November 16th 1984

City: Montreal (Rosemont)

Love: who???? She didn't tell me! But I'll find out someday!

Siblings: hum.... no one I guess!

Url: I dunno! :O(

Favorite sayings: Always the right thing!

lol: Things that happen to me I guess!

: 85827992

Hello there? How's it going? So we don't talk much but every time we do we laugh! hehehe cute. She's almost as old as me, it makes me feel better. She's another one from Roumania. What an invasion. No way, I'm kidding, they're nice ppl in fact!She likes to tease me! No fair. C toujours moi la cible! pkoi? why? Nevermind!