Here is the pretty smart Laulau!

Full Name: Laurence Marie-Anne Jacob-Roy

Birth: September 22nd 1985

City: Montreal (NDG)

Love: David Duchovny! Who else? AHHHHH, Mulder! :O)

Siblings: two sisters! Gabi and Justine

Url: La page d'adoration inconditionnelle de Mulder!!

Favorite sayings: Vive le Québec libre!, a+, coucou!

lol: Elle a prit la banane! "POKE ME AND DIE!"

: 42086681

Lau is the nickname for Laurence. Miss "Vive le Quebec et le francais" is really nice and likes alternative music. She's a real computer lover. She tries to speak spanish which is quite awful sorry but u'll get it sometime Lau don't worry. Guys, Lau is very pretty, should I say a real natural beauty with a tremendous intelligence. But she's already in love! Yup, that's right with Mulder even if he's way older than her! (X-files power!, I believe) NEway, we all love u Lau!

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