Full Name: Èvelyne Bousquet

Birth: March 24th 1985

City: Montréal (NDG)

Love: Gabriel!

Siblings: Big sis Annie-Claude

Url: Les p'tites pensées de la journay!

Favorite sayings: Vive le Québec libre!, J'm Gab!, Beau cul!, Bonjour Toto! "Frechette"

lol: Vraiment trop! Every Alexis-Nihon trip I guess!

: 36319506

Allo! Ca va? How's Gab? I hope he's fine. So yeah, she's....well un peu beaucoup folle! Ok so it doesn't make sense but still. She's a good friend, childish maybe and screams and laughs. So she's weird. But we still love her, don't we? yeah. :O) And if u want me to add stuff here, just tell me!