Full Name: Diana DIMA

Birth: February 9th 1985

City: Montreal (NDG)

Love: Mark Whalberg! & Mister G.

Siblings: a big sis

Url: Marky Mark!

Favorite sayings: I am Canadian, Americans suck!

lol: water fight!

: 52266738

Hey girl sup? How's Mitzi doing? That's her cat, a cute one by the way and not as big as Laurence's. So yep Fred Durst is cute, whatever! Oh God, I don't know what to say, or shall I say write. No wait! AHHHHHHHHHH NEway, hope u'll have a good year with ME in your class and much more victories in bball k. Also we'll work hard to get better in rugby so we can be a great team with U as captain! Yep, U! U rock!