Here's Hyde! euh...Di!

Full Name: Di Carolyn Luo

Birth: March 21st 1985

City: Dollard-des-Ormeaux (DDO)

Love: Hyde!!!! & Pikachu! :O)

Siblings: lil sis & mini sis

Url: L'arc~en~ciel

Favorite sayings: "Look at these guys, admit u would like to have a body like that!" "Americans suck!"

lol: So Di, tell me about guys at school! hihihi

: 55138307

This is Di, the smart girl! Hey there, how's it going? How's Pikachu? Neway, Di is very nice and serious which I like. We joke of course but when it comes to grades, we're severe! (yeah right, all those messages with Megan in Physics!) Well girl, I hope u'll become the doc u wanna be so u'll be called later Dr.Luo! Oh and I almost forgot to explain the Hyde thing.How is he neway? and Sakura? u better gimme your site URL so I can put it here. This is a total obsessed girl with Arc-En-Ciel, a japanese band. Sh'es in love with the singer who's Hyde! But I must admit he's good looking and I still can't believe he got married with a weatherlady! Oh God, u should see Di's locker! Hydeland!