Well here is Cam, la manipulatrice! HA HA! :P

Full Name: Camille Stegen

Birth: April 22nd 1985

City: Verdun! (Vive les banlieues!)

Love: Mulder! James Bond! Bruno! Jean-René!

Siblings: Big bro Clément

Url: I have a deal with her! Don't put a link!

Favorite sayings: Vive Verdun! La haine et l'amour dérivent du même sentiment! (or sumthing like that!)

lol: hum..... A lot of fun times I guess!

: 71567791

Ah Camille Camille. Miss "I'm never wrong" is a huge fan of alternative music. She always expresses her opinions which are, most of the time, not like mines! She loves the x-files just like Lau. How's Mme. Lemon doing? This girl is very good for blocking at football. Now u know why I put that cursor!hehe Ah well, Bye now! And I love your smile!