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Pei-Lynn's Cafe House

The Hall

No-Smoking WARNING No-Smoking
Before you start, please note that Smoking is not allowed in my Cafe House!

Hei! Welcome-in to Cafe House!
Have a seat, please. Would you like to have Coffee, Tea or "Me"?

You're visitor number Status: Overload. Oh no... OVERLOADED!!

Yes? Order what? Here's the menu...

Kopi-O Kopi-White Menu - Food Kopi-White Kopi-O
Name: It's Shown On The Top
Age: 17
CreatureType: Human Being
Sex: Female
Location: Chai Leng Park, Prai, Penang, Malaysia, Asia, Earth
School: Inderawasih Secondary School (Form 5)
Phone: 604-390????
Temperament: Like The Weather
Language: English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, Malay and even Pokemon Language!
ICQ#: 82705553
DateOfBirth: Goto The Rest-Room and Find It Out!
Friends: The Birds In The Sky, The Fishes In The Aquarium, and sure, You're Definitely Not! (Just Kidding)
Enemy: Unhappiness
Hobby: Like To Listen To Music Very Much and Sometimes Become A SINGER!
Further-Info: Suggest! - The Cafe Private-Room, The Cafe Book or Email Me!

Do you think that you can catch me, hah?! Yeebayeebah...... GOTTA RUN!!!

Kopi-White Kopi-O Menu - Drink Kopi-O Kopi-White
Midi.Is-Crazy Dot Com Is the ideal place for music.
ICQ Everyone is using this, aren't you? Mad of some Pop Songs? Lyrics - The only you need!
E-Treasure Hunt 3.0 Hunt for Fun! Another collection of lyrics. Don't miss! The everything of Music. Hot & Pop!
Coolman Chinese Pop Songs - Lyrics + Real Audio
SMKTI-UW It's all about my school!

The Rest-Room

Being interested with my Date Of Birth? Oh deEr, I'm so sorry you've been waiting for so long...
There's a Word in this page that will show you the answer when you Click it!
That's all I can tell. Have fun!!
Please contact me if you still cannot find that answer even that you've Hunted for it whole day! Hehee

Go, go, go... Huray, huray, huray!

Once upon a time....

Story About A Golf-Player
Once upon a time...

Ignore me, go ahead your browse!

I know you got a few words to express. Sure, I'll let you! Anything!
Such as the COMPLAINT OF TOO BORING of this page or any other stuff! Stop your hesitation!
Here you go...

The Cafe Private-Room

Why are you pointing your cursor here?!

People say I look like Pikachu (huh), do you agree?! Vote for it!

The Cafe Voting

*** REFERENCE: Click here to see how I look like! ***

You forget what i ask you not to point at me?!

Earth Quake!!
Have you ever seen or experienced earth quake?! Wanna try? Then follow me...

.... How is the Power Of Earth-Quake?!
Oh... Don't worry, it won't QUAKE your computer or your house!! Hahahahaaa!!!


Words From a Joker:

Mr. and Mrs. Y are a happy couple. One day, don't know what happen to them, they start arguing and become cool to each other. That night, before going sleep, Mr. Y writes a short message to Mrs. Y, which is written: "Wake me up at 7 o'clock tomorrow."
The next day morning, when Mr. Y wakes up, it's already about 9 o'clock. He just wears his coat as fast, ready to go out working. Before going out, he notices a short note on the bed-side, which is written: "Wake up, it's already 7 o'clock!"

The Corner

Something is happened outside Cafe House...

Click here to go nearer to the Window

Look out from the window... What a beautiful sky... Imagine...

Do you ever expect that human will reach the space?!

Do you ever expect that human will reach the space?!

The Counter

Okay, now it's time to pay the bill.
Errmmmm.... Two-Hundred-Forty-Three Ringgit and Sixty Cents please! Hahaa, yay yay!

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The Exit

Actually... I MISS YOU soooo march, and I LOVE YOU!! :b

Do you miss me, too?

Hmmmmm... Before you leave, would you do me a favour and sign The Cafe Book?
So that i may know who has visited my Cafe House.

View The Cafe Book Sign The Cafe Book

Sometimes... Somewhere...

Feedback Email Me! Feedback
Drop me a short-short message!

Thank you for being my customer.
Please come back and visit again!

Bye Bye!

But there's no Ending between our Friendship...

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