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Eclipse FanFic #2: The Chaos before the REALLY BIG THING OF DOOM! o.o

Location: Cold Town Gym

The two trainers CJ and Myce were sitting on the ground playing cards o.o WHAT THE! "Oh, the big voice is back. About time" said Myce with some annoyance as he looked at his hand. "Got that right" replied CJ. WHY AREN'T YOU BATTLING? "We got tired of waiting for you. You were gone for a week you know..." replied CJ in a menacing tone. WELL LETS-as he said those words a large thunder was heard out side and then a instant later the roof collapsed infront of Myce and CJ. Sky grew dark as the Moon and Sun combined to create an Eclipse. When the scene finished a beam of Dark light (don't ask) extended from it and into the Cold Gym, and at the moment it hit the ground a hooded figure stepped out of the beam. He was well wearing a hood attached to a pitch black cloak and on his chest the was a Eclipse-like symbol. "Greetings mortals, your Webmaster has decended from Earth to discuss some Bussiness." said the Webmaster as he glanced around the room. "Which one of you is CJ?" calmly stated the Webmaster. Being the idiot he was CJ stepped forward thinking he would be given a nice present. "So your CJ? Well I have some thing for you." said the Webmaster. CJ eyes grew wide as he anticipated the present he the Webmaster spoke of, however it was not what he expected. The Webmasters hand slowly lifted up and pointed at CJ, as he did along the rim of the Eclipse a large flame shot out and striked CJ. CJ just stood there dumb-founded, as the flame consumed every last inch of his body until he was incinerated. "WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR? I WAS GOING TO WHOOP HIM!" screamed Myce in frustation. The Webamster calmly pointed at a Liquid Nitrogen tank and made it rupture. At that moment a huge field of raw Cold energy shot out from the tanks position, and it did it froze everything in its path until all of Cold Town was frozen solid. A moment later a shockwave came from the early explosion shattering all the ice the Cold energy created reducing Cold Town to small ice shards. "Whoops." mused the Webmaster with a chuckle as the Dark beam shot from the Eclipse and carried him back to it. An instatant later the Sun and Moon seperated leaving the Version to its fate.

Location: The Forest of Semi-Return

From the outside the Forest looked like its usual quiet self, but from the inside it looked exactly the opposite. Billy Jo had entered the forest after running away from Mitch Ummm.. Whats his last name? Oh who cares. Anywho, after the confrontation Mitch ahd left in hot pursuit and thanks to some aid from a quote "training exercise" end quote he was hovering a little off the ground and flying towards Billy Jo's location (So sue me he's a Rip-off of" DBZ character :P What are these doing on my desk? NOT ANOTHER LAWSUIT! -_-;). After a few minutes or so of flying he saw Billy Jo at the shrine. "ITS YOU!" yelled Mitch as he floated downwards. "WHAT YOU SAY?! Errmm... I mean, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" replied Billy Jo. "I'M HERE TO-" as Mitch said this I informed you to make him say the next line really really REALLY fast okay? Anways.. "STOP YOU FROM TAKING OVER THE NETWORK IN YOUR VILE SCEME OF WORLD DOMINATION AND TO FURTHER THE IDIOTIC WEBMASTERS PLOT POINT!" yelled Mitch really really loud. "THANKS NOW EXPlAIN TO ME WHY WERE YELLING AT EACH OTHER WHEN WERE THREE FEET APART!?" Replied the Puppet-like One. "I dunno.." replied the Paladin. "WILL YOU TWO GET ON IT ALREADY!" replied the Narrator just a we bit agitated. "FINE!" they replied in unison. So they proceeded into a large anime-like style of punching and blocking which you should be able to imagine on your own right? Anywho as Mitch began to power up a Magna Napalm he noticed a man running in the distance. He was being chased by an angry mob of Villagers with pitchforks and torches. He appeared to be wearing a large mechanical suit with two large Super Glue guns attached to his arms. he grew a large smile when he noticed his guns were done warming up and like that truned around and fired on the villagers. They just stood there their eys widening in horror as they were covered in the glue. It only took a moment for it to dry, after that moment they were frozen in glue for ALL ETERNITY MUHAHAHA erm.. nevermind. It took Mitch a few seconds to process the information until he yelled "HEY YOU! DO YOU HAVE ANY SUPER POWERS?!" yelled Mitch at the top of his lungs. "Why yes I do I have the qoute power to shoot out glue end quote" replied SuperGlu. Mitch thought for a moment and then yelled "HUDDLE!" as his hand streched out abonormaly and dragged SuperGlu towards him. "Heres the plan" Mitch said "You Glue him to the ground and then while he's immobilized I attack and destroy him". "Ok..." replied SuperGlu slightly confused. Mitch then proceeded to break the huddle and proceed with his plan. Billy Jo still confused (but not confused enough to hurt himself) at the recent events stood ready for anything Mitch could throw at him. SuperGlu (who was conviently placed behind Billy Jo) leveled both his Glue Guns at Billy Jo and then proceeded to fire. The glue flew so fast by the time Billy Jo relized what happened, the glue had already hardened and he was paralyzed. Mitch continued with part two of his plan, he began to scream REALLY REALLY LOUD as his hair flickered a white color repeatedly until he was covered in a white aura and his hair was completely white. "MITCH went MAGNA" relplied the Narrator helpfully. Mitch then created a HUGE (as big as a house to be exact) ball of holy energy at Billy Jo. His entire body was consumed in the white energy, it seemed to have incinerated him, but it didn't after the blast Billy Jo was still there hold ing out his arms in order to block the blast. "Hehehehe did you think I could be destroyed by that?" replied Bill Jo smugly while Mitch just stood there staring his eyes wide. Billy Jo then said "HehehehahahahaHAHAHAHAHA-" after that fit of laughter the Webmaster had enough of writing this FanFic and decided to end it quickly. He made Zazu appear from the time-warp and then gave him instructions. "So I need to fire my Atomic Split shell at the Puppet over there?" said Zazu. "Yeppers" replied the Webamster. "Ok I guess it will help" Zazu said as he loaded his Atomic Split shell and fired it at the puppet. The result was spectacular,as Billy Jo's body was pierced by the shell he was swallowed up in a white glow as he began to split into to two different entity's. The First, the Darktree, was flung into the ocean, while the second, Billy Jo, was flung into a far away desert. After his work done Zazu jumped down an ran up to Mitch and SuperGlu and told him his story, but since I'm so lazy I won't typer it so nyah :P.

"So let me get this straight you came from the future in order to stop this "Daragen" from destroying all the Earth multiverse?" said Mitch slighty confused. "Yep" replied Zazu. "I'm sorry to interupt, but wasn't Daragen the back-up plan if this plan failed?" stated SuperGlu. "Yes, what are you getting at?" replied Zazu with an hint of curousity to his tongue. "Well since this plan failed won't they use the back-up plan immiediatly?" said SuperGlu. Silence. All the faces of the "team" twisted from calm to a sense of dread as SuperGlu's words hung in the air. Then they stared up into the sky for a semi-dramatic ending.

Location: Purity Mountain

"Your plan has failed" stated the Evil Overlord calmly as he proceeded to send a blast of Evil energy blasting the Essence of Evil's host body out the window and incinerating the Essence of Evil true form. "Gero, excute the Back-up plan immiediatly."said the Evil Overlord to the shadows. "Yes my lord" stated Gero as a well placed spotlight showed his location and a strange see-through cylinder that contained a pitch black substance and two aqua glowing oval shaped objects. Gero walked over to the control area and hit a purdy red- erm, red button. "Initiate Project: Daragen" Gero said calmly as he inputed the voice code. The machine to whir and buzz as it sent a electric charge through its wire and into the tank. The liqiud began to twist and turn until it broke out of the glass container and began to shape itself. The figure shaped its lower body into small T-Rex-like feet, it then proceeded to form its arms and extends its pitch black claws, and finally it shaped its head to have no mouth two aqua colored eyes and three small black fins that pushed back on its head for a sort of style. "Initiation of Project: Daragen complete" stated Daragen in a pyschic voice. Daragen then proceeded to use his sophisticated plan that no one cold have saw coming. "Hey look its Fred Flintstone." said Daragen as he extended his claw in a random direction. both the Evil Overlord and Gero turned their heads and began searching frantically for Fred Flintstone. "Idiots." stated Daragen as he proceededblast both of them and literally blowing out the Evil Overlord and destroying Gero's body. "Thats it now I'm really-" Gero never finished his last sentence as a huge bolt of lightining struck his head incinerating it. "ENOUGH WITH THE REFRENCES!" roared the Webmaster. Daragen stood there, puzzled. He the proceeded to punch himslef before he flew off to wreak havoc and complete Project Daragen's goal, Network Domination.

The Real End