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Eclipse FanFic #1: Prelude to the End

Location: Purity Mountain Inner Chamber
Date: Present
Idoji watched the screen as Billy Jo ran for the Eclipse's Portal Area, also known as the Forest of Semi-Return. Idoji smirked as his plan was going as planned. "After Billy Jo takes care of the Heros I will use my resources at Microsoft to destroy him and claim supremacy over Eclipse"said Idoji helpfully suppling his plan to the readers. And out of the corner he saw a large black flame appear in the shrine and as red glowing eyes appeared out of it he immediately recognized him. "You know you really shouldn't say your plan out loud for all to hear.. urrh.. read" said the Evil Overlord."Do not worry my plan can not fail" said Idoji. "Well if it does Gero's plan will have to suffice" countered the Evil Overlord. Idoji flinched at that name. Idoji had long competed with Gero over the position of Essence of Evil and since he had aquired it, Gero had immediatly taken the Vice-Essence of Evil and made his own plan if Idoji would fail. "Do not worry master his services will not be needed" claimed Idoji. "They better not" said the Evil Overlord and with that he was gone.

Location: The Sacred Grove of Creation
Date: Present
The Eclipse Maka had enjoyed a enjoyable morning of creating pokemon and was now picking apples for lunch. Suddenly, it (yes IT) heard foot steps. It turned around and saw a old man with orange baggy pants a baggy shirt under a vest with a black hat with a Red Ribbon on it."Waht do you want human?" said the Maka. "I have come to ask you a favor, I wish to have a Ditto's egg"said the mysterious figure."Why on Earth would you want the egg of the world's most Hentai and Pimp pokemon for?" asked the Maka."That is none of your concern I just wish to have one" snapped the myst- aww you know."Fine fine don't have to be sucha grouch, here" said the Maka as he handed th-you should know the egg."Thank you and good day" said YOU SHOULD KNOW AND IF YOU DON'T DIE as he walked away. The Maka went back to work and didn't really worry, but in his gut he knew that he shouldn't have done that (yeah and guts can talk).

Location: The Forest of Semi-Return
Date: 50 years in the future
Idoji smirked as he watched over his slaves re-pair the shrine. He was glad that for fifty years now he had ruled Eclipse and the Evil Overlord had ruled the network. His plan had worked he was so proud that it took him a second to notice an explosion in the backround."What is this? You slave #36 go see what it is!" belowed Idoji. The Purple Ditto like slave walked wait crawled no.. aww heck he just moved towards the explosion and was promptly greeted with a beam of energy and incinerated."What stop it you fools stop it!"screamed Idoji. The remaining slaves calmly walked over there and were promptly,you guessed it, incinerated. Fear covered Idoji's face as he watched in horror as a black figure with no details what so ever other than its glowing blue eyes. He couldn't figure out who it was. Then it hit him. "ARGG MY EYE!" screamed Idoji as a large fist retracted back to the Black figure. Then he relized this was Gero's creation. His back-up plan was never need after the conquest so it was abandoned. The creature must have escaped. "YOUR YOUR DARAGEN!" screamed Idoji (like a little girl mind you). Those were his last words because a mili-second later he was nothing but atomic particles.

Location: Portal to Earth's Location in Red..
Date: 51 years in the future
Zazu and his team was the last barricade against the monster Daragen. All Versions had fallen to his wrath. Now his team was the last defence before Daragen reached earth. The team shot widly at the creature, but each bullet just passed through. "Dang nabbit why won't this thing JUST DIE!" a team mate screamed. "Well it is a Doompuff spin-off you know." Zazu replied. "FOR THE LAST TIME I AM NOT A DOOMPUFF SPIN-OFF! I AM A GENETIC COMBINATION OF EVERY THING THAT EVER APPEARED IN ANY VERSION! Now you must DIE!" screamed Daragen as he extended his arm and impaled several Team members. As Daragen impaled people a group of clouds began to billow. "What the?" Zazu saud as he looked up at the clouds. "ITS THE ALMIGHTY WEBMASTER HE HAS COME TO SAVE US!" screamed a team member. "I AM SORRY MY CREATIONS BUT THIS CREATURE MUST NOT GET TO EARTH!" belowed the Immortus. As he finished saying those words a bolt of lightning struck the Portal opening mechanism and the portal earth closed. Permentantly. "Alot help you are you So called almighty webmaster..." said Zazu. At that moment a large section of warped space appeared behind Zazu. "PORTAL appeared IN the FUTURE!" screamed the would be long dead Narrator. "What the..." said Zazu as he turned and was pulled into the Time-Warp. Daragen didn't notice the sound of space-time warping as he finished off the rest of the troops. "No matter, I can bend reality to my will I shall just create a portal" stated Daragen as he took a deep breath. "DARAGEN used CREATE PORTAL! PORTAL appeared!" yelled Daragen as the portal to earth appeared in front of him. As he was half way through the portal a voice yelled "I DON'T THINK SO! WEBMASTER used ACTIVATE! DARAGEN'S SELF-DESTRUCT system WAS activated!""What the?" said Daragen as he inflated to a size so big he got stuck half-way through the portal. "YOU FOOL! My Self-Destruct system has the capibility to destroy a whole Version and since I'm stuck in this portal the explosions power will be mulitplied and take out earth with it!" yelled Daragen in rage. " I know, but that "Zazu" character was sent back in time to prevent this from happening so my sacrifice won't be in vain." stated Immortus sadly. "I suppose, but I still get the Jor of you-" muttered Daragen as he exploded. In that final second Earth, PokeBattles and every universe that was created by someone on Earth was incinerated. Zazu while in the Time-Warp read the whole thing as he looked at the Fan-Fic on his Wrist Laptop. " I won't no... I will not let this happen again." stated Zazu as he continued his journey into the past.