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SASAMI -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A very unique girl in her ways. Sasami is the younger sister of Ayeka, and is probably the most calm character in the show besides Katsuhito. Sasami dose not do as many important things as her sister Ayeka, and her cousin Tenchi, and mostly dose little things to help out. She is very unique girl for her age , always trying to make the situation better. Sasami is a excellent cook too, she always loves to cook, and practically took over the kitchen at Tenchi's house when she got there. Sasami has an closer bound to Ryo-Ohki then Ryoko, you always see Ryo-Ohki and Sasami always together, maybe it was because of the carrot Sasami gave her, or was it Ryoko didn't treat Ryo-Ohki right. Anyway, Sasami is cute, spunky, and full of life.

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