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Kiyone -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kiyone is a woman who has the most tension and stress in the whole galaxy, but I have to give her her props, she is the only person I know that can hold her stress in and act all cool. Kiyone is Mihoshi's partner, a person who has a lot more common sense than Mihoshi. Kiyone was supposed to be promoted to a higher rank in Galaxy Police, but Mihoshi spoiled that promotion for Kiyone, and she got demoted instead. After finding Mihoshi on Earth, Kiyone was ready to head back to Galaxy Police headquarters, but to find out she had to stay on the planet earth as Resident Officers. Showing that Kiyone has more stress than any other person in this show. Kiyone's life is an living nightmare, and it's all because of Mihoshi. Age: 23 Origin: Unknown Race: Unknown Gender: Female