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Myths and Rumors in Pokemon

Below are the rumors in Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow. Feel free to e-mail me anymore any time.


You can get Mew in Pokemon by Surfing around the SS Anne and Pushing it out of the way or pushing the truck on the island beside the ship away with strength.


No, this is entirely wrong. First of all, the SS Anne and the truck Will Not Move! Secondly, Mew doesn't even exist in Pokemon without having one traded to you, given to you at a nintendo event or reciving it through the Gameshark.


You can go to Bills Secret Garden after you register all 151 pokemon in the Hall of Fame. There, you can catch Wild Eevees, Pikablus, Mews and others and find Mist stones etc.

Answer There is NO SUCH THING as Bills Secret Garden and Pikablu does not exist. Pikablu was just someones nickname for Maril after they saw some screenshots and thought it looked like Pikachu. In Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow combined, you can only find 150 pokemon, 151 with the gameshark.