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Catch Safari Zone Pokemon Out of Safari Zone

Catch These Rare Pokemon

To Catch a Pokemon from the Safari Zone make sure that you have Not done the Missingno, M or Level 100+ Pokemon tricks otherwise this will not work properly. It will still work but you will have Missingno, M and Level 100+ Pokemon pestering you. First, edit your team so that you have a Pokemon that has "Surf" and a Pokemon that has "Fly" (These moves are taught by a HM and their locations will be revealed in a different section) a strong team and a whole lot of Pokeballs, Great Balls, Ultra Balls or Master Balls (do it with the Gameshark, for the sake of your game, get masterballs with the Gameshark Only). Go into the Safari Zone and go to the area that you will find that Pokemon in. Your best bet is area 3 because they are usually in there. Wait for the time to run out by walking around because it goes by the steps you take. After you leave the Safari Zone, Fly directly to Cinnabar Island. Do not Surf there or go into an area that has Pokemon because that will ruin the trick. Go to the East coast (the right side) of the island and surf so it looks like you are half on land, half on water and go up and down, only on the coast. You will run into a Pokemon. If it is anything but a Pokemon from the Safari Zone, you have to do it again. If it is from the Safari Zone, battle it and even capture it. This trick is effective for finding the rare Pokemon, Kangaskhan, Tauros, Pinsir and Scyther without having to worry about them running away.