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Tuesday, February 20, 2001

Well, I'm afraid this is it. I regretfully announce that this site will be closing its doors forever. I enjoyed working on it, and I regret not being able to finish the site. I just have not had the time to. I appologize to all who returned here many times, expecting an update, but within the last few months (since August 2000) I've updated twice. Ah well, the fad is dying down anyway so its no use having this site. I am, however, working on another site, but it will not be advertised until it is finished and that will take a while. Once again, I am sorry to all who returned many times. It has just not been in my power to update frequently. :*(

Please don't steal pictures from this site. If you want to take them, e-mail me that you are taking them and put a link to my site on your site or go to a picture source.

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