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I dedicate this page to the one and only Shawnette H. Heard.. a.k.a Auntie Dramama BuckyShawna to me...

Shawnette H. Heard. A.K.A. Bucky or Drama, is just one of janets dancers that kicks ass onna stage! And u better believe me when i say kick AZZ!... If yaul aint kno, Bucky has danced for Michael Jackson, been in awl hella music videos ..mad JANET videos like YOU WANT THIs, IF, and I GET LONELY are just a few.. HELL i memma when i first saw'd dat MADONNA video "HUMAN NATURE".. and dere was BUCKY!!...sheeit.. i wanted to be in onea dem boxes actin a fool too....*W*

Not only is auntie BUCKY da bomb dancer,.she is da bomb friend too.. to MAWMY DUNK. Its good to have friends that are real close cause u dont find them very often..dang, dats prolly y im my only friend..sheeit!

OOOOOH yaul look dere. Its DOCTOR BUCKY! What iz she finna do wit dat needle. ROTFFL.. She Prolly bout to kick my azz fo givin her dat hair do..hehehe.

now normally, a sista like me would help wit da luggage..but..dang now normally, a sista like me would help wit da luggage..but..dang bucky, dat too much sheeit u is caryin. dang!! ..Well fo me..

I had the priveledge of sending AUNTIE BUCKY a Q&A that i thought was funny az hell, being dat i asked da Quessions and all, YAUL gotta check dis hear out. THANK YOU soo freakin much auntie Bucky fo takin da time ta foget about da crust in yo eyes to answer dese here quessionz fo me. U DA BOMB!. hehe


Rabbit: Name alla nicknames u eva had.

Bucky: All the nicknames Ive had....are Nette(tina calls me that) and Bucky(Booh calls me that), and In High school....I had a dance group...and My name was Sha-Sha :-)

Rabbit: What your Zodiac sign be?

Bucky: My Zodiac sign is Capricorn/Aquarius

Rabbit: Whats your height?

Bucky: I am about 5'3

Rabbit: Favorite Drink?

Bucky: My Fav Drink....would be.....Umm Sobe, that new Juice....(it is so good.

Rabbit: Your Fav. Sport?

Bucky: My Fav. Sport, is Basketball

Rabbit: Oh, whats your favorite line of clothing?

Bucky: My Fav line of Clothing....I really don't have one.....Just what ever is funky and My style :-)

Rabbit: Whats your Favorite food?

Bucky: My Fav food....would be Italian and Mexican....Oh and Sushi.

Rabbit: Whats your favorite cartoon? I got a lot.

Bucky: My Fav Cartoon.......SouthPark

Rabbit:,/b> Waht are your favorite kind of people?

Bucky: My Fav types of people......Down to earth....Sprititual....and with alot of since of Humor

Rabbit: Your Fav. time of the day is?

Bucky: My Fav time of day.....The Magic Hour

Rabbit: Whats your favorite line from a movie?

Bucky: My Fav line from a Movie.....*I loves Harpo, god know I do* LOL

Rabbit: ROTFFL, dat be my sista fav. line too! aight, God or Silver?,

Bucky: I like Silver

Rabbit: Diamonds or Pearls?

Bucky: I like Diamonds

Rabbit: Tube Socks or Ankle Socks?

Bucky: Ankle Socks

Rabbit: Dogs or Cats

Bucky: Dogs

Rabbit: Gatorade or Powerade?

Bucky: Gatorade

Rabbit: Chicken or Beef?

Bucky: Chicken

Rabbit: Fish or Skrimps?

Bucky: both Fish and skrimps...LOL @ that.

Rabbit: Pencil or Pen?

Bucky: Pen

Rabbit:Kid Rock or Chris Rock?

Bucky: Both Kid Rock and Chris Rock

Rabbit:Tampons or Pads?

Bucky: Tampons

Rabbit: Cell Phone or Pager?

Bucky: Cell Phone

Rabbit: SwifferSweeper or Grab-IT?

Bucky: ????? @ that question

Rabbit: Bucky u aint heard of dem..dey pick up dust..rotfl, anyway,Bikini or Brief?


Rabbit: G-String or Thong?

Bucky: G-string

Rabbit: CD Player or Walkman?

Bucky: Cd Player

Rabbit: Toaster Strudel or Pop Tart?

Bucky: Toaster Strudel

Rabbit: SpaghettiO's or CheeriO's?

Bucky: Cherrios

Rabbit: Eve or Lil Kim?

Bucky: Lil Kim

Rabbit: Ropes or Handkuffs?

Bucky: Both Ropes and Handkuffs LOL

Rabbit: LMAO! Ice or Hot Candle Wax?

Bucky: Hot Candle wax

Rabbit: Red Kool-aid or Cherry Kool-Aid?

Bucky: ....Ummm Red kool-aid is Cherry Kool-aid :-)

Rabbit: hehe, but you know u ghetto if u iz like "i want red".soo.. Apples or Oranges?

Bucky: Apples

Rabbit: Bounty or Brawny

Bucky: Bounty

Rabbit: Pepsi or CocaCola?

Bucky: Pepsi

Rabbit: Oil of Olay or Oil of TOElay?*lookin at StepDaddy*

Bucky: Oil of Olay

Rabbit: Wigs or Extensions?

Bucky: LMAO Extensions....*ROTFL

Rabbit: Hot Curler or rollers?

Bucky: ....Rollers..

Rabbit: Nike or Reebok?

Bucky: Nike

Rabbit: Name the best lookin person you know.

Bucky: The Best lookin person I know....Umm thats a hard one....I know alot of good looking people lets just say that :-)

Rabbit: Name the UGLIEST person you know.

Bucky: I don't want to answer that one....(it wont be a good answer) LOL

Rabbit: *hit da FLO* Name something you regret.

Bucky: Something I regret....Lets see....Imma have to think about that one...LOL

Rabbit: What was your most embarassin moment?

Bucky: Most embarrsin Moment, getting stuck @ the top of the stage on the Black Cat Number and JJ had to come save me.....during a show....*Head in my hands* oh lawd..LMAO

Rabbit: *Hit DA Flo ONE MOE GEN*What makes you happy?

Bucky: What makes me happy....Life and enjoying everything about it makes me happy, sharin it with my friends and family....and Being on Stage....

Rabbit: Okay, Den what makes you sad ? :*(

Bucky: What makes me ignorant people.....*very mad*

Rabbit: it a shame.An i aint ig'nant, im iz juss Special-ed..oops, i mean special!Aight, so whats your favorite joint or song out now?

Bucky: My or Joint...Is Deangelo....*His Fine Azz*

Rabbit: If you could buy rabbit anythang from da SuperMarket, what would it be?

Bucky: Some damn Tampons.....*LMAO*....and some Soap to wash dat azz LMAO.

Rabbit: *smellin Azz*.oh. Den whats da best Deodorant to use. Secret? Degree, cause yaul be haffin to be onstange dancin n stuffs.

Bucky: I would say the best deodorant....*Fallin out @ these Question*

Rabbit: Do you feel like chokin rabbit fo alla deese her Quessions?

Bucky:ummmm yes I feel like chokin her...cuz it's early and I didn't know it was gone be all those damn Questions...LMAO J/k

Rabbit: *Hoppin da hell outta yo way* Aight , Bucky give a shoutout. Make sho u should me out. hehe!

Bucky: I want to give a Shout to all......My JJ Family...and My net Buddies....*Stank a dank*, Punk Azz, *Come Awwwwwn* and Booh....and My lil Nig Keia....*gone* There u go......take care......please show me what this is fo...LMAO Be well! l luv *bucky*

Mawmy Dunk and Auntie Bucky actin silly on stage.

OKAY so yaul wanna hear auntie bucky talk about her funky on the McDonalds arch! Yaul might get a free McBucky Sammich..which got two waffles wit a chicken patty inside..hehe

click auntie bucky.

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