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The Pokémon story begins with our hero, Ash, in his hometown of Pallet where 10 year old boys and girls are not only eligible but encouraged to begin their Pokémon journey. Pokémon are creatures of various size and special powers which inhabit this world, coexisting with humans. Young Ash is a Pokémon enthusiast with an insatiable curiosity toward Pokémon. His knowledge of these mysterious creatures surpasses most of his peers. The day he has been waiting for has finally arrived; he can now begin his journey, leading him toward his destiny, to become the Greatest Pokémon Master of All Time! Before fulfilling such an ambitious task, however, Ash must receive his first Pokémon from Professor Oak, a researcher living in Pallet. Ash has decided beforehand which Pokémon will accompany him as he begins his travels, but oversleeps on the critical day of his departure and arrives after the appointed time. Three children, who began their journeys before Ash, have taken the Pokémon that he wanted. Inside the fourth remaining Poké Ball, Ash finds Pikachu, a rare Pokémon with the ability to shock you with his sometimes difficult but, nevertheless, electric personality and power.

Ash and Pikachu set off on their journey, but as anticipated, Pikachu won’t obey Ash. In the course of their travels, Ash and Pikachu are attacked by a huge flock of wild Spearow. During the attack, Pikachu is critically injured and Ash fights desperately to protect it from any further harm. Pikachu responds to Ash’s selfless act by exerting all its remaining power, repelling the flock of Spearow with a 100,000-volt electric shock. Thus Ash and Pikachu’s journey and friendship begins.


As they flee from the Spearow flock, Ash learns from a feisty young girl named Misty that there is a hospital for Pokémon, a Pokémon Center, in the nearby town of Viridian City. Ash arrives in Viridian City with the one thought of finding the Pokémon Center where Pikachu, who is near death, can be treated. He is stopped and interrogated, however, by Jenny, the town policewoman, who finds him suspicious. Proving his identity with the Pokédex he received from Professor Oak, Jenny races Ash and the injured Pikachu to the Pokémon Center.

Joy, the Pokémon Center nurse, begins treatment on Pikachu. Just as Ash breathes a sigh of relief, grateful to have gotten his only Pokémon the care it needed, the Pokémon Center is attacked by Jessie and James, two members of 'Team Rocket,’ an evil organization of Pokémon thieves. Meowth, a Pokémon of the cat persuasion, completes the menacing pack whose evil could only be surpassed by Team Rocket’s boss. Two of Team Rocket’s Pokémon, Ekans and Koffing destroy the Pokémon Center. Ash, along with Misty who has followed him to the Pokémon Center, resist the attack, but have no Pokémon that can successfully battle against Team Rocket. The barely recovered Pikachu brings a host of Pikachu friends and enters the battle just in time to rescue Ash and Misty from this pinch, attacking Team Rocket with a tremendous electric shock that blows them away.


As they approach the entrance to Pewter City, our heroes meet a strange and enigmatic old rock-seller named Flint. When he learns that Ash is a Pokémon Trainer in training, Flint strategically directs them to the town Pokémon Center knowing they will come across information that will help Ash progress in his journey. Ash discovers that in order to participate in the Pokémon League Championships, he must gather badges earned only by defeating Pokémon Gym Leaders. He heads directly to the Pokémon Gym and challenges the Gym Leader, Brock, but suffers a terrible defeat. Flint encourages the disappointed Ash and provides him with some insight into Brock’s unusual situation. Brock must raise 10 brothers and sisters, all by himself, leaving him no foreseeable way in which to realize his dream of participating in the Pokémon League. Though Ash’s image of Brock, the powerful Gym Leader, crumbles, his desire to earn a badge is unchanged. Preparing to challenge Brock a second time, Ash gives Pikachu a unique, intense training session.


Soon, Brock leaves and out comes a new character. His name is, Tracy. And joins, Ash and Misty, after Brock decides to stay with Professor Ivy to study pokemon. Tracy is like Professor Oak. He looks up to Professor Oak. And travels around the world studying pokemon. Ash and Misty meet, Tracy, while saving a, Lapras, from some cruel owners. Ash has the new pokeball. It's yellow. And he needs to give it back to, Professor Oak. Since, Tracy, looks up to him...he believes that if he follows Ash and Misty, he can meet his idol. So, that is why he joins them. Ash also wants to battle the, Orange League. I have no idea who the, Orange League, is....

Sorry, no picture of Tracy, yet.