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The unbelieval but TRUE story of pokemon

OK the story of pokemon is that they are satanic. Pokemon started 20 years ago in Japan when a mother would not buy her son a stick of gum. That night the little boy sumoned demons by the name of Pokemon. that night the little demons (pokemon) killed the whole family, the mother, father, and the boys little sister. the police arived on thew scene all they found alive was the little boy laying quietly in his bed snug asleep with some money he stole from his mon and cute little stuffed animals (pokemon) all around in his room.

here is what you see today from the story:

1. kids doing any thing just to get money for pokemon!

2. if you know pokemon are short for pocket monsters the exact size something needs to be to choke someone.

3.if you spell it backwards you get "Number Me 666" (chart below)

pokemon backwards divide it like this: pok/em/on