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Welcome to the T.E.D. Website!

Who is T.E.D.? The question you should be asking is, "WHAT is T.E.D?" Quite simply, T.E.D. is an acronym for:


T.E.D. was a term invented by someone here (maybe Violent J?) on the third floor of Cary Quad NE (Purdue University, IN). We are unsure of who actually coined the term, but it sure is a good one, eh? Hey, you dont have to take my word for it. Peruse the rest of this site to learn more about your favorite Euchre Dominators, their T.E.D. ratings, and other fun Euchre related items! Oh, and please be sure to sign our guestbook. We love reading stuff from you guys. Thanks!

What it's all about, good friends, good Euchre, good times

Just the good ol' boys... never meanin' no harm....


7/02/02:After a few years of negative attention, the head of TED online staff speaks! Basically, everyone dear and important to the game has either left Purdue or become entirely too important to play the game. Brady lives in some apartment somewhere in the southside of Purdue, James transferred to ISU or some other IL school, RJ quit a while ago and is back home safely in Noblesville, matt Roe went on to bigger and better things, and Jon and I (Anthony) were roommates last year. Erik Zinkowsky joined us second semester after being on co-op, but all for not - we didn't even get a chance to play once. Ah well - the legend of the game and the players that year will never die. Hopefully, one day, all will be re-united in a card/beer frenzy.

Thanks to everyone who has signed the guestbook - if you provide (or have provided) the appropriate data, we here at TED will send you a special thank you message.

Don't forget to check out! Thanks, and DL some songs while you are there.

The only actual Euchre Dominators left this year:

Furious Jon Jon!

Those who rarely, or never, play Euchre (for one reason or another):

Fladeland! UPDATE: Good Ole RJ didnt return to Purdue this semester. He decided to take a break to attend a local community college and earn some money. He assures us though he will be back next year.

James!** Update: James opted to transfer to a college up in the Chicago Land area. Havent heard much from him but I am sure he is doing well.

Kee-Young! UPDATE: Keyoung did not return to Purdue this year. Rumor has it he kinda sorta flunked out.

Matty! UPDATE: Matt is now working in Michigan somewhere. He has become one of the elite white-collar workers! Go matt!

Josh! Update: Three letters: MIA!

Steve! UPDATE: There have been a few sightings of Steve this semester. Most verbal contact has been succesfully avoided.

Eddie! UPDATE: Two words: WHO CARES?!?! I dont. He was seen working at Arby's at Chauncey Hill. Which poses the question: What happened to that huge baseball scholarship? I personally am beffudled!

Kiznahl! UPDATE: Brady is doing fine. He was in one of McNabbsters classes this last semester but other than that not much contact has been made.

Shawn! UPDATE: Actually not too much to report. One thing is for sure though... his BAC is definitely greater than .5%

Mansoor! UPDATE: This is a big one! We actually saw him headed to the bathroom to TAKE A SHOWER!

Zent! UPDATE: We havent really seen Cory much. But if you need him he can either be reached at the Library or his girlfriend's apartment!

Sarah! UPDATE: Sarah and McNabbster see an awful lot of each other seeing how they are in ALL the same classes.

** = Those who have been Euchred while going alone! (Their TED Ratings have been subsequently docked.)


(Pray to the Euchre gods for this one!)