Pokemon Yellow Codes


Pokémon Modifier 01??63D1

2 HP Modifier (Larger) 01??6BD1

3 HP Modifier (Smaller) 01??6CD1

4 Skill Modifier (1st Position) 01??72D1

5 Skill Modifier (2nd Position) 01??73D1

6 Skill Modifier (3rd Position) 01??74D1

7 Skill Modifier (4th Position) 01??75D1

8 Trainer ID# Modifier 01??76D1,01??77D1

9 Exp. Modifier 01??78D1 01??79D1 01??7AD1 10 Infinite PP (1st Position) 01FF87D1 11 Infinite PP (2nd Position) 01FF88D1 12 Infinite PP (3rd Position) 01FF89D1 13 Infinite PP (4th Position) 01FF8AD1 14 Level Modifier 01??8BD1 15 Max HP Modifier (Larger) 01??8CD1 16 Max HP Modifier (Smaller) 01??8DD1 17 Max Attack Modifier (Larger) 01??8ED1 18 Max Attack Modifier (Smaller) 01??8FD1 19 Max Defense Modifier (Larger) 01??90D1 20 Max Defense Modifier (Smaller) 01??91D1 21 Max Speed Modifier (Larger) 01??92D1 22 Max Speed Modifier (Smaller) 01??93D1 23 Max Special Modifier (Larger) 01??94D1 24 Max Special Modifier (Smaller) 01??95D1 Name Modifier Codes 25 Default Name End (Must Be On) 0150BED2 26 Slot 1 01??B4D2 27 Slot 2 01??B5D2 28 Slot 3 01??B6D2 29 Slot 4 01??B7D2 30 Slot 5 01??B8D2 31 Slot 6 01??B9D2 32 Slot 7 01??BAD2 33 Slot 8 01??BBD2 34 Slot 9 01??BCD2 35 Slot 10 01??BDD2 Item codes Total Item Number Modifier [Note 1] 01??1CD3 2 Item Modifier 1st Position 01??1DD3 3 Infinite Quantity 1st Position 01631ED3 4 Item Modifier 2nd Position 01??1FD3 5 Infinite Quantity 2nd Position 016320D3 6 Item Modifier 3rd Position 01??21D3 7 Infinite Quantity 3rd Position 016322D3 8 Item Modifier 4th Position 01??23D3 9 Infinite Quantity 4th Position 016324D3 10 Item Modifier 5th Position 01??25D3 11 Infinite Quantity 5th Position 016326D3 12 Item Modifier 6th Position 01??27D3 13 Infinite Quantity 6th Position 016328D3 14 Item Modifier 7th Position 01??29D3 15 Infinite Quantity 7th Position 01632AD3 16 Item Modifier 8th Position 01??2BD3 17 Infinite Quantity 8th Position 01632CD3 18 Item Modifier 9th Position 01??2DD3 19 Infinite Quantity 9th Position 01632ED3 20 Item Modifier 10th Position 01??2FD3 21 Infinite Quantity 10th Position 016330D3 22 Item Modifier 11th Position 01??31D3 23 Infinite Quantity 11th Position 016332D3 24 Item Modifier 12th Position 01??33D3 25 Infinite Quantity 12th Position 016334D3 26 Item Modifier 13th Position 01??35D3 27 Infinite Quantity 13th Position 016336D3 28 Item Modifier 14th Position 01??37D3 29 Infinite Quantity 14th Position 016338D3 30 Item Modifier 15th Position 01??39D3 31 Infinite Quantity 15th Position 01633AD3 Other codes Infinite Money 019946D3 019947D3 019948D3 2 Have All Badges 01FF55D3 3 Seen All Pokémon On PokéDex 01FF09D3 01FF0AD3 01FF0BD3 01FF0CD3 01FF0DD3 01FF0ED3 01FF0FD3 01FF10D3 01FF11D3 01FF12D3 01FF13D3 01FF14D3 01FF15D3 01FF16D3 01FF17D3 01FF18D3 01FF19D3 01FF1AD3 01FF1BD3 01FFF6D2 01FFF7D2 01FFF8D2 01FFF9D2 01FFFAD2 01FFFBD2 01FFFCD2 01FFFDD2 01FFFED2 01FFFFD2 01FF00D3 01FF01D3 01FF02D3 01FF03D3 01FF04D3 01FF05D3 01FF06D3 01FF07D3 01FF08D3 01FF09D3 4 Protect Status 010017D0 5 Never Miss & Have More Criticals 01FFD5CF 6 Buy Item At Store Modifier (Slot 1) 01??7BCF 7 Buy Item At Store Modifier (Slot 2) 01??7DCF 8 No Random Battles 01033BD1 9 Infinite Casino Coins 0199A3D5 0199A4D5 10 Start With A Pokémon Modifier 01??1ED1 11 Infinite Time (Safari Zone) 01F00DD7 12 Infinite Safari Balls 016446DA 13 Float On Air 010A13D7 14 Pacific Pikachu 013972D1 015563D1 15 Buy Item At Store Modifier (Slot 3) 01??7FCF 16 Walk Through Walls 010138CD Rival Name Modifier Codes 17 Default Name End (Must Be On) 015050D3 18 Slot 1 01??49D3 19 Slot 2 01??4AD3 20 Slot 3 01??4BD3 21 Slot 4 01??4CD3 22 Slot 5 01??4DD3 23 Slot 6 01??4ED3 24 Slot 7 01??4FD3 25 Hero Is Invisible 01FF82FF 26 Off Key Music 01A714FF 27 Egypt Music 01A634FF 28 Buzz Music 01A114FF 29 Ghost Mode/Walk Through Walls 014500C2 30 Move At Bicycle Speed Anywhere 0101FFD6 31 Surfing Pikachu 013973D1 015464D1 32 Capture Other Trainer's Pokemon 010156D0 33 Room Modifier [Note 1] 01002FD4 01??19D7 34 Hero Mode Morphing Modifier 01??07C1 35 Infinite HP Enemy 01FFE6CF 36 Enemy Has 3 HP Before Battle 01FFF3CF 37 No Resistence To Any Moves (Them or You) 01FFE9CF 38 Attack Multiple Times In A Row 01FFECCF 39 Change Enemy's Stats Before Battle 01??F4CF 40 Jump On Top Of Any Thing 017135D7 Note 1: With this code, it makes TELEPORT, DIG, or escape ropes take you to the room of your choice. After entering a room by this method, however, you must not exit the room through it's normal exit. Instead you must use FLY to get out to avoid glitching the game. Don't leave the switch on all the time when using this code. When you want to use this code, flip the switch on, TELEPORT, then flip the switch off.

Sorry I couldn't get the thing to look right