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Mew's Psychic Center Welcomes you

Welcome to my site. This is a site for all Pokemaniacs who like Pokemon. This site's main function is an Adoption Center. We let you adopt Psychic Pokemon and some of your other favorites. The adopted Pokemon's images actually came from Pokemon Gold Version. Every single Pokemon is unique. Unlike other Pokemon Adoption Centers, you are aloud to choose your Pokemon's level and attacks. You are also given the choice of getting your Pokemon the way it first came to be. Therefore, no editing is required. Your adopted Pokemon will always have a special home on your page and in your heart. A Pokemon Master must first obtain their Pokemon before you can battle. This it the best place to find Pokemon! This Adoption Center is a free service that has been made to fulfill every young Pokemon Trainer's Journey. So have fun with your new Pokemon.Visit my update page to find out stuff you want to know. The adoption center is finished and is at the bottom of my site.Also O have just created than 2 A site where u e-mail me your banners and i put them on my F.P.S banner Site so e-mail me the html or pic of your banner :Mew's update. --------------------------- Also Join My Web Ring Or The mailing list At the bottom of my site

This Mew's Psychic Webring site owned by Mew0069(The ring Master).
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This Butterfree3000 Pokemon Ring site owned by Mew00069.
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This is my Mew. It's name is: Psyluva.

; Click to Adopt a Pokemon ; Meet PsyShocker! Level: 69 Skills: Psychic, Psybeam, Fissure, Psywave Adopt yours at The Psychic Pokemon Connection

The Psychic Pokemon Connection

Adoption, Cheats, Webring, Message Board, Polls, Quiz, etc.

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