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Welcome to the Special Thanks to... section!

First of all I would like to give thanks to me!Cause I did everything!Hahahahha!

Anyways..thanks to "AolPress" for helping me make this whole site..

umm....oh yeah!Thanks to my mom for downloading "AolPress" and teaching me how to use it!

Thanks to....umm..oh yeah!DianaMouse991 for letting me use some of her Sailor Moon pictures for the Sailor Moon Section.

Thanks to all the Pokemon,Digimon,Dragonball Z,Gundam Wing,and Sailor Moon sites out there for thier pictures and sound wavs..and stuff..cause some i don't remember where i got them from.

Special thanks to me..

Thanks to my little journal..or whatever you call it that has a lot of stuff in it.

Thanks to Anime..and Japan for making it all..and those peeps for dubbing it.And also thanks to Kids WB for buying the Pokemon stuff so they can Dub it.Thanks to Fox Kids for buying the Digimon stuff and dubbing it.Umm..well thanks to Toonami for showing all that great anime,Sailor Moon,Dragonball Z,and Gundam Wing.

Thanks to me..

Whoa!Did i miss anyone?