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Sailor Moon S

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(Note:All these summaries are written by me,unless if it says they are written by someone else..(the webmaster,not Sailor Jupiter,ha)!)

So you missed a episode and you want to know what happened?Come here and I will write a summary for each episode unless if i miss it.If I happen to miss it..i hope someone will write a summary for me and i will post it and give you credit.Well here it goes...

Episode 1:Star Struck,Bad Luck(Thank you Quatre Moon for the title)

It starts out that Rei is having visions of a evil force that is destroying the world.She awakes to find that Serena is sleeping(and snoring loudly) instead of studying,like they are supposed to.They are all studying there for a test.(all throughout the show Rei is having the same vision,so whenever i say "The Vision"ya know)Then it shows Serena and how she got a bad mark on her test.She doesn't want anyone to see,especially Rei.Just then Rei and Serena smash into eachother.Then they argue with eachother.Rei and Serena wash thier heads with the water fountain,then just hang out for a while.Rei asks about what Serena actually wants to do with her life.Rei says the usual..Model,Movie Star,Singer..but then she mentions that all she really wants is to get married and have a normal life.And they go on to how Serena will probably marry Darian one day,but Rei said Darian probably wouldn't if Serena was so foolish and got such a bad mark on her test.Later,She is sitting thier depressed on some stairs talking about how upset Darian would be if he saw her mark.Without Serena knowing,Darian overheard and said,"That's a pretty awful mark there..",it scared Serena and she told Darian that she would work really hard and get better.Darian said they should hold off thier next date so Serena could study.Meanwhile,Rei was at her house by the fireplace.She didn't see anything in the future so she went to the fortune tree and she wished for world peace.(oops..i forgot..earlier there was this bad guy and..i didnt really care..and this capsule or somethin flew into the fortune tree)Then just as Rei finished.The tree turned into a monster looking for pure hearts(what the new bad peeps want)And she started to steal Rei's heart.Meanwhile Serena and Luna were walking down the sidewalk and heard Rei scream.They ran to Rei's house to see Rei being attacked by the monster.Serena transformed into Sailor Moon,but was quickly attacked.She had no strength left.The other scouts came and transformed,but where trapped with no strength.Sailor Moon got back up and attempted to attack,but was trapped like the other scouts.The monster pulled off Sailor Moon's locket and she turned back to Serena.Then the monster continued to steal Rei's heart.Then she was hit with Tuxedo Mask's rose.Ah..he was trapped to.Finally the monster stole Rei's heart and Rei died right there.Serena cried her head off.Just then a blast hit the monster and the monster turned back into the fortune tree.A capsule fell out and cracked open.Everyone was set free.Up in a tree,the shadows of two people(Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune)sat there.They held Rei's heart and threw it back at Rei.It went back inside Rei and she was revived.No one knew who they were(I did,so did alotta peeps),they were just all thankful.They all said goodbye to a normal life and sadly,continued the life of fighting evil monsters.

Episode 2:Crystal Clear Again

It starts out showing the two new badguys(the man it never shows his face,hes like a scientist,the woman is a scientest or somethin too..but you see her face)They make another capsule thingy again.Then they send it out to find another Pure Heart.Meanwhile at Serena's house Serena is sleeping and having a dream of a bad transformation and her crystal was fading.In the real world she accidently grabbed Luna and squeezed her.Luna scratched up her face.Then Serena told Luna about her dream.Then later Serena was talking to Darian and Darian took her to this broken down building where all the stray cats in the city live.Serena asked if Darian took her there so they could be alone.Then she thought Darian was gonna kiss her and when Serena closed her eyes to kiss Darian,Darian put a brown cat there,so Serena kissed a cat.Then Serena asked if she could hold it.She held it and she let go of it and it ran inside the broken down building.She followed it inside to find a little girl that fed the cats.The little girl explained that she couldn't take care of them for much longer cause the city was going to tear the building down.Serena and Darian offered to help and find homes for them all.Meanwhile,The capsule mentioned at the beginning of this summary went into someone's house and int oa puzzle.Later,Serena asked the rest of the girls(Ami,Rei,Mina,and Lita)if they wanted one.Rei said she couldn't cause she had a bird sanctuary in her tree.Mina said she couldn't cause it was already enough trouble taking care of Artemus.Ami said she couldn't cause she had too much studying to do.And Lita said she couldn't cause her mom was allergic to cats.Meanwhile,The little girl was walking to her apartment and two cats were following her.She said that pets weren't allowed in her apartment,but she said just until her mom got home.They went into her room.She walked to her desk and saw the cat puzzle.She put in the last piece and it turned into a cat monster.It attacked the girl.The girl ran away from it all the way back to the broken down building where she takes care of the cats.She thought she was safe.Then she heard a Jingle Jingle.The cat monster broke through the window and started to steal the little girl's heart.Elsewhere,the girls were playing with some of the cats and they heard the window break and the girl scream.They all came.Serena attempted to transform.She failed.The crystal was fading.Then the other scouts came.Attacked,but thier attacks were reflected.The scouts were too weak.Then the cat monster stole the girls heart.She was quickly killed by the two unknown scouts(Uranus and Neptune).They came to get the heart."This isn't the pure heart we need"they said and gave it back to the girl.As this happened,the cat monster formed back together.The scouts told the "unkown scouts" to help them again.The "unknown"scouts said that they were only there to collect pure hearts,not to help them.They left.The cat monster attacked the scouts.Then Tuxedo Mask came and was attacked.He was too weak to battle the monster.He told Serena to run,but she wouldn't cause she stated that she had to protect him and the other scouts.They held hands and stared into eachother's eyes.The monster tried to attack them but was blowed back by thier love for eachother.Their love for eachother created a wand.Luna stated that it was the Legendary Spiral Heart Moon Sector.With that,Sailor Moon was back.She transformed with her new wand.She used her Spiral Heart attack and killed the monster.The monster turned back into a cat puzzle and the capsule came out and broke.Sailor Moon said that the Spiral Heart Moon Sector stood for her and Darian's love.Later,they were still trying to find homes.Serena was trying to make the girls adopt 5 each.But they wouldn't.

Episode 3:Dangerous Driving

(thanks to SSMoon9 for the info before first commercial)

Serena and Mina were walking to Rei's study.They stopped by the arcade and saw Haruka(Sailor Uranus,I forgot her dubbed name)there.Mina and Haruka raced eachother at a arcade game.Haruka lapped Mina twice and won.Serena and Mina thought Haruka was cute(I know..she looks like a boy!).Then Serena and Mina saw Haruka with Michelle(Sailor Neptune).They wondered if the two were girlfriend and boyfriend.So they follow Haruka cause they thought she was cute.They followed Haruka to a car shop where her car was being fixed.Haruka asked if they were following her or spying on her.Serena and Mina said they weren't,but then said they were.They asked if Haruka was Michelle's boyfriend.She said no and stated that she was a girl.Serena and Mina asked questions to her.(earlier..the bad guys sent a capsule and it went into the steering wheel of Haruka's car)Then Michelle came up and started talking to them.Haruka said some stuff about racing.Michelle said that Haruka always wanted to be a racer.Haruka said that she didn't want to anymore.As she was explaining.The dude finished Haruka's car and started it up.It turned into a car monster.It trapped the guy and stole his heart(faster then the past episodes).She drove off.Meanwhile,Rei and the others were waiting for Mina and Serena to get there.Later,the monster was driving down a road.Haruka and Michelle came driving up behind her on a motorcycle.They crashed the monster.Then Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus showed up.Then for some reason Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus started to argue.Thats when Sailor Uranus and Neptune showed up.Neptune used Deep Submerge.Uranus used World Shaking.After attacking,Sailor Moon used the Spiral Heart Attack and killed the monster.It turned back into Haruka's car.The capsule came out of the steering wheel and broke.Serena and Mina found out that the two were sailor scouts.Later,the other girls were at the(arcade,i think)and they were looking for who Serena and Mina said were a prince(Haruka).They looked around and saw Michelle and Haruka walking up.Mina,Rei,and Lita came flying up looking for the "Prince".They saw Haruka and thought he was cute.Then she told them that she was a girl.

Episode 4:Bad Harmony

It started out as Serena home-baked some cookies(bunny heads)and brought them over to Darian's house to suprise him.No one answered.Serena opened the door and went inside.Music was playing.Serena was looking around and started looking through a book.As she did,she dropped her cookies and they smashed all over the table.She started to cry.Darian came in and asked Serena what was wrong.Serena told him.Then he said he was suprised,and he ate the cookie."Hard and crunchy,my favorite combo!",joked Darian.Then Serena,Later,was with the other girls.She wanted to learn about music and stuff.The girls just thought she was joking.They all left.Serena was mad.She walked until she saw Michelle playing a violin on a huge stage.Haruka was watching.Serena was amazed.Serena asked if Michelle could teach her.Haruka threw a lemon at her violin.Michelle started tossing it around on the violin,still playing.Haruka went for a ride on her motorcycle.Later,Serena and Michelle were walking around and talking.Serena found out that Michelle was also an artist.Later on,outside,Haruka drove up and started to talk to Michelle.Serena took Michelle's violin and tried to play it,but it ended up horrible.Then while Haruka,Michelle,and Serena were eating,Michelle gave Serena two extra tickets to a Violin performance that night.Serena took Darian.The other girls came running up.They said they thought Serena was just kidding about learning about music.Then they found out that Serena was going to a violin performance and believed her.The bad dudes sent out a capsule and it went into a guy's violin.Meanwhile,inside..everyone was getting settled in.Up on the balcony is where Michelle and Haruka sat,they looked through binoculars at the girls and Darian.Michelle started to drool at Darian.Then the performance started.The guy started to play the violin when,it turned into a violin monster(they are always girls!)She stole the heart.The girls ran off and blocked the exit.They transformed.The monster's attack is screeching loudly.The scouts attacked and missed.Then Tuxedo Mask came and attacked.After he was overpowered,Neptune attacked.Neptune and Uranus arrived and helped fight.They got the heart,but it wasn't a pure heart crystal,so they ran off and gave it back to the violin player.

Episode 5:Swept Off Her Feet

It started off where Serena was complaining to Luna about studying at Rei's again.Darian pulled up on his motorcycle with another girl with him.She took off her helmet and it was Elizabeth from the diner.Serena asked her why she was with Darian.Elizabeth explained that she had no ride,so Darian took her.Serena was relieved.Elizabeth found out that Serena and Darian were in love.Later on,Elizabeth and Serena were talking in the diner.They talked about first kisses and stuff.On a table next to them,Michelle and Haruka sat.Michelle talked about her first kiss.Then they left.Michelle said Serena could come over to her house and study,and she was gonna make cupcakes.Later,Elizabeth was cleaning up before the girls got there.She was vacuuming with a elephant vacuum cleaner(I want a Elephant Vacuum!!)She left the vacuum cleaner there and went over to a picture of her crush and she kissed it.As she was doing that,a capsule thingie went into the elephant vacuum.It turned into a vacuum monster(with a elephant hat!)and quickly stole Elizabeth's heart.She jumped out the window.Uranus and Neptune were waiting there for her.They fought the monster until the monster dropped it.It fell into a garbage truck,but no one knew that.They all started looking for it.Meanwhile,the sailor girls were waiting at the door for Elizabeth to come answer it.Serena opened the door and saw Elizabeth.They quickly came to help her.They put her in a bed.She woke up and went crazy.She said she wanted to kiss Michael(Uhh..her crush i tink..)..but she was grabbing Lita and Rei trying to kiss them. Later,the scouts tried to find the pure heart crystal plus the monster.They all split up.Sailor Moon found them in the junk yard.Uranus and Neptune attacked the monster.Then Sailor moon used the spiral heart attack and destroyed the monster.Then,Sailor Moon ran to get the crystal.Uranus grabbed her.Neptune grabbed the crystal.Tuxedo Mask arrived and whacked it out of her hand with a rose.Then Tuxedo Mask and Neptune started to fight.Neptune ended up getting the crystal.She said it wasn't the right she gave it to Sailor Moon.Sailor Moon ran back to Elizabeth's house and put it back in her.She was revived.Elizabeth could now make her dream of having the perfect first kiss come true.While she was still asleep,Serena walked outside onto the balcony beside Darian.She asked Darian if he remembered thier first kiss.Darian made up lousy excuses cause he forgot.

Episode 6:Blinded by Love's Light (thanks,AnTsunomon for the title)

(Whole Summary written by:Kitty Maxwell ...Thanx to her..I got Haruka's english name and all..)

It was based on Molly and Melvin's relation (boyfriend girlfriend) Melvin was worried about Molly because she was acted weird. Like she was hiding something.....Melvin got really upset and went to Usagi. Usagi then agreed to find out what was up with Molly. When she went to Molly, Usagi got the same problem from Molly that Melvin had. Molly felt something was bothering Melvin. So, Usagi- "The Match-Maker" went to Rei, the "Romance Expert". Rei explained to Usagi that there was a love contest going on...about the best relationship, I think. When Usagi made Molly and Melvin come with her so they could sign up for the contest, a sign (in japanese) said something like "no more entries to be excepted". Molly showed Usagi her ticket thingy that was like Molly entry exception, and Melvin did the same. By doing so, Molly and Melvin figured out what was bothering each of them- they were nervous the other would say no and not enter the contest. Not only did Melvin and Molly enter the contest, but so did Michelle and Amara (Michiru and Haruka), but they only entered as a joke. (Acording to DiC, they're cousins or something).First step or task was...The girls of the entried couples stood behind a wall type thing and the guys had to find their partners hand. Amara went first and immediately found Michelle's hand. The host then asked Amara to say her partners name and Amara got upset and said, "That's a pretty personal question" Then she finally gave in and simply said "Michelle".They were forced to step out of the contest. Now it was Melvin's turn. He had a tough time trying to find Molly's hand then he had a memory of Molly giving him a little towel/tissue. On one of her fingers was a pink band-aid. Melvin grabed the hand with a band-aid... and said Molly's name...but he was wrong, he grabbed the wrong hand. Freaking out he said Molly had a band-aid on her finger. Then, you see Molly behind her wall with her hand sticking out saying, "Last time I had a band-aid on my hand was 6 months ago but at least he remembers the details about me.." The next task was for the guys to express how they feel about their girl.Melvin starts his little poem and starts to walk toward Molly, then a he trips over a cord that was across the stage. But he keeps saying his poem. It was a very touching poem ending with, "Molly,be my girl?" She says okay. Meanwhile, Dr. Tomoe works in his lab. He says that Kaorinite hasn't been doing so well. He tells her to get rid of Sailor Moon and then find the 3pure heart crystals. She says she'll do the job herself. Back on the stage, Melvin reaches for the Heart Monument, the Symbol of the contest, which he later says is the symbol of Molly and his love. Once touched, the heart (which is holding one of those capsule things) turns into Die-Heart. Usagi and the other change into their suits. Kaorinite is there, floating in the air with Die-Heart, waiting for the soldiers. Sailor Moon asks who she is and Kaorinite says that doesn't matter and young girl, such as themselves, should be having fun. When out of no-where these five HUNKS(this is what Kitty Maxwell refers to them as,don't think of me the wrong way) appear before the soldiers. Everyone starts dancing and laughing, having fun, you get the picture. Kaorinite, then snaps her fingers and the 5 men turn into these ugly, brown-green monsters. The monsters grabs the soldiers....when Neptune and Uranus appear! (Of course, their flower pedal thing-a-ba-bobbers appear first) They give their little speeches. and all this time,Melvin's heart crystal is being taken from him! Neptune and Uranus say they dance alone after being offered a dance partner (you know, like 1 of those 5 men). Uranus does her World Shaking which mean ouchies to Die-Heart and good-bye brownish green monsters.Sailor Moon then steps in and does her little Spiral Heart Attack as well as her corny "end of the line".....line, which is ta-ta for Die-Heart. Sailor Neptune and Uranus return the heart-crystal to Melvin...and it ends with Melvin and Molly lighting (I think) the monument.

Episode 7:Lita Borrows Trouble

It starts out as Serena and Lita are walking down the sidewalk talking about another study that they were gonna have.Lita said she was gonna make cookies.Serena said all these nice comments about Lita.They were talking and walking into the street.Amara keep driving up on her motorcycle.She put on the breaks,but couldn't stop.Lita pushed Serena out of the way,and Lita was scratched really bad on her hand.Amara got off of her motorcycle and wrapped up Lita's hand with her scarf.Lita thought she was so nice,and she wanted to be her friend.Later,Lita,Serena,and Ami were walking down the road.Lita was saying that she needed to return the scarf to Amara.She dropped it and it went flying away.Lita ran after it,leaving Ami and Serena behind.She found it in a junkyard of somesort under a car.She reached under to try to get it.As she did,one of the capsule thingies went inside the scard.Right when Lita grabbed the scarf.It turned into a monster.She started to steal Lita's heart.Ami and Serena transformed,then attacked the monster.Kaorinite showed up and told the monster to save her strength.The monster ran off.The next day,Serena showed up to class looking for Lita.Lita wasn't there.Serena found Lita looking for Amara's scarf.Then Amara pulled up in her car with Michelle at her side.Amara asked if Lita wanted to go for a ride and Lita,without a doubt,went with them.Serena got mad.Amara said she could come too.Serena said no.After they left,Serena went and told the others what happened.Ami contacted Lita and said they were coming over to her.Lita said everything was alright.All of a sudden,right behind her the scarf monster appeared.It stole her heart.The monster gave it to Kaorinite.Uranus and Neptune attacked her and she dropped the pure heart crystal.Uranus caught it.She gave it back to Lita.Then Lita got mad and transformed into Sailor Jupiter and attacked the monster.Then Sailor Moon used the spiral heart attacked and destroyed the monster.Then Sailor Jupiter got mad at Uranus because she tried to take her heart.She ran up to Uranus and attacked.Uranus punched her in the stomach and ran off.(I forgot to mention that they said that Michelle and Amara are Kitty Maxwell said up there) For some reason,Later,Lita woke Amara up,and there was a scratch on her hand(made by Jupiter).Lita wrapped it up with amara's scarf.Then Lita hugged Amara and said she was glad that nothing happened to her.

Episode 8:Damp Spirits

It starts out as Ami is exiting a class and one of her teachers run up to her and give her her study book she left in the class.They talked about how important her studying is.He said that Ami has been helping a person with practically no knowledge(Serena)And she should get a tutor for Serena instead of herself.Serena was around the corner listening.She was really mad.Ami was really mad cause all she did was study.She sat down on some stairs outside.Darian walked up and asked her what was wrong.Ami said that her mother was a doctor and Ami said that to be a doctor wasn't really more of a dream,it was more of a plan.She has been studying ever since then.Darian said that he was afraid of getting "A Needle",which is more like taking your blood.It cheered Ami up.Ami then went to the Health Center for a swim.She thought she was the only one there.She was underwater swimming when she saw Michelle.Michelle challenged her to a race.They were racing,evenly.Ami accidently slowed down,but it was a tie.Michelle accidently hurt Ami's feelings.She walked to the study.Right when she got inside,everyone came up to her and asked her all these questions.Serena pushed everyone out of the way and said not to get in the way of her studies,that way she can study all day and all night.Ami started to cry.She ran off.She said that she hated studying.(sounds like me)Then Amara drove up on her bike.She told Ami that Michelle wanted to race her again and was waiting at the health center.Amara offered her a ride,but Ami refused,and walked.When Ami was on her way,Artemus and Luna saw her.Luna went after her to see what happened.Serena ran up and asked Artemus what happened to Ami,and Artemus told her.Meanwhile,inside the health center,Ami and Michelle raced.I think,Ami won.After Michelle and Amara left,A capsule thingie landed in the water.The water created a water monster with a "Floatie"(haha).It smashed Ami against the wall with water,then stole her heart.Serena came and transformed into Sailor Moon.After the monster stole Ami's heart,it was knocked out of her hand by Tuxedo Mask.She fell into the pool."Good thing I had this floatie!",she said.Then Luna and Artemus popped it.Then Sailor Moon used the moon spiral heart attack and destroyed her.They gave the heart back to her.Ami awakened and they started talking.Ami said something about one of her new dreams,she liked Darian.Sailor Moon stated that Darian was her's.Ami said that he was just her type and they started fight about it.

Episode 9:Friendly Foes

It starts out where Kaorinite was talking about the sailor scouts.Later,The whole group were at a bike race where Amara was racing.Amara won the race.All of the other racers got mad later and teamed up on Amara.Darian told them to get away.This guy(i can't remember his name)came and told the guys to forget about it,and that he'd just win next time.A moment later,they were on thier way to the bus,Serena stopped by to look at some little racing plushies.The bus left without her.Serena tried to catch up,but couldn't.Amara drove up on her motorcycle.She offered Serena a ride.Serena got on her bike and they drove.A truck came up behind them.The truck went to thier side.They moves closer and closer to Amara's bike.She couldn't go any further.The truck scraped up her bike.Amara lost them by going faster and into the woods.Amara said that they were the guys that were from the race.Amara told Serena to stay there.Amara came out from hiding and beat up the guys.Then Amara got a urgent message from Neptune.Where Neptune was at,that guy(that i forgot his name)was on his bike and a capsule thingie went into it and it turned into a motorcycle monster.It stole the guy's heart and strapped Neptune to a tree.Then Uranus came and took the heart away from kaorinite.Serena came up a little while after Uranus started to fight.She transformed into Sailor Moon.She used Moon Tiara Magic and set Uranus free.Uranus and Sailor Moon started to fight cause Uranus told Sailor Moon to run and Sailor Moon told Uranus to run.The two monsters shot handcuffs onto Uranus and Sailor Moon,so they were stuck together.Neptune told Uranus to run.Kaorinite grabbed Neptune with her hair and threw her off a cliff into the water.Uranus grabbed Sailor Moon and they ran and hid in a cave.They started to talk.They talked for a while and then for some odd reason Sailor Moon asked if Uranus could scratch her back cause she couldn't reach.Uranus did(In an unusual way,one finger!)Then the monsters found them and attacked.They ran back to where they had started.The monsters shot another hand-cuff thingie at them.With some quick thinking,they  moved thier hands so the thingie cut thier handcuff's in half.Sailor Moon used The Moon Spiral Heart Attack and destroyed the two monsters.Then Neptune came out of the water.Kaorinite was about to go attack her again.Sailor Moon attacked her.Kaorinite stated that she'd be back later.

Episode 10:Mixed Emotions

(summary by:Kitty Maxwell..Thanx for all the help!)

It starts out with Rei chanting to the fire, "I am flame, flame is light" over and over. She's getting the vision of the world's destruction again. Chad, standing outside, watches Rei. He turns around to see a frightening monster..."Hey Chad!" It was only Rei's Grandpa. Grandpa starts teasing Chad about his crush on Rei and how he's up so late- watching her. Chad explains that he does care about her and Grandpa simply say, "Don't bother trying to get her out of her trance. It's like banging your head into a brick can't move it and you get a big headache!" But Chad goes into the rooms anyway. Chad desides to get to Rei with food and becomes a one-man commercial! Not noticing, Rei goes on with the chant, making it shorter, "Flame, fire, light"- causing the fire to rise. The tips of her hair begin to burn from getting to close to the fire so Chad puts a belt next to her telling her to use it so her hair won't burn up. Still not noticing Chad, Rei goes deeper with her trance and slowly gets a vision in the fire. At her deepest point, she "wakes up" from her trance and says to Chad, "Oh! Chad, you're here? I didn't notice you!" Chad then walks away, feeling like a nobody. Next, you see Dr. Tomoe making another Daimon Pod (I think that what they're called), talking to Kaorinite. She assures him the next target will be a pure heart, her plan couldn't fail. Then the two get into a conversation about the destruction of the world and having the chalice. Rei's walking downtown and talking to herself about how tired she is, watching her from a telephone pole is Chad. Serena appears from behind him and, like Grandpa, scares him from his gaze. Once again Chad is being teased about his crush on Rei and watching her. Meanwhile, Kaorinite is sitting on a train saying,"Public transportation is the way to reduces smog and there are plenty of pure hearts!" Then the Daimon Pod merges into the train and she laughs-saying," It's so simple- the next pure heart to step on is mine!" Chad walks downtown when he sees Rei talking, well kinda flirting, with Amara. Amara offers to take Rei home so she could get some sleep and Rei happily says, "Cool!" Chad points out to himself how much better Amara is then him and leaves. Amara waits while Rei gets something out of her bag. Rei pulls out the belt Chad gave her and ties her hair up when Amara asks if thats a belt from her temple. Rei says it is but it's now her favorite ribbon because someone special gave it to her. (I missed a bit of what happened next) Rei and the others are in the normal room where the scouts meet. Rei excuses herself saying she needs to wash up and once out of sight Serena says she knows what's up with Rei. Lita's outside wondering what's wrong with Rei. Rei was walking when she walks up to Lita. Lita starts talking to her," If something's wrong, please tell me. I'll try to help..." she says seriously. "Is is a bad vision? Or just guy trouble?" Rai says,"A little of both. I've been slowly getting this vision, and I'm confused about Chad..." Lita comforts her and tells her that Serena shouldn't know. Chad does his daily jogging downtown, but can't think of anything buy Rei...he stops to get a drink at the fountain, but only screams at his losing Raye! Suddenly, he hears the beautiful violin music- played by Michelle, who plays under the full moon...when Amara comes to her! Chad recognizes her and begins to gets steamed. Amara says to Michelle that she's worried because they haven't found any pure heart crystals. She

explains that she's afraid to sleep bacuase they might loose the chance at one. Michelle says that she understands but The Silence is coming. Chad gets unset at seeing this and says to himself, "She's sneaking around Rei...I won't let that happen!" It's a rainy afternoon, Amara holds an umbrella while Chad confronts her in the rain. The lightning strikes behind him as he challenges Amara. (Kinda like Batman) Amara tells him that this whole thing is pointless but Chad charges toward her. She dodges, still holding the umbrella, making Chad fall into the mud. Chad yells that he won't let Amara be with Rei and Amara says she's friends with Rei. Chad gets up and charges at Amara again, once again Amara dodges and Chad falls in the mud. Rei arrives and gets mad at him for trying to hurt Amara. Rei goes to Amara and asks if she's okay. Finally Chad goes over to Amara and says that if she gets a place in Rei heart of gold, she's the luckiest person in the world. Rei begins to tear up at his words. Then, Chad leaves without his jacket. At the temple, Chad says his final farewells to Grandpa. As he's leaving, Mina, Amy, Lita, and Serena try to convience him to stay, but he refuses...a beautiful Japanese(!) song plays in the background as Chad walks off into the sunset...and he passes Raye. Even so, he walks right by, towards the train station.. Rei say she doesn't believe he's leave. Serena then asks her if she'll miss him and Rei lies saying,"NO...but Grandpa loves him here, and the temple's been fun since he's been here..." Rei begins to tear. Serena comes right out and asks Rei,"You love him, don't you?" She nods. Serena urges Rei to go after him because he feels the same way. Finally, Rei runs after him. Chad reaches the train station and step no, ready to leave. Suddenly, the train turns into a Daimon! "CHOO CHOO!" it screams as Kaorinite appears behind Chad. The black ray shoots out, revealing his pure heart. Rei transforms into Sailor Mars! She makes a speech, but Kaorinite just takes the pure heart, and the daimon just wraps Mars up in some train track! Helpless, she watches Kaorinite take Chad's pure heart crystal. Venus' chain releases Mars, while Mercury grabs the crystal! The Sailor Soldiers arrived just in time! Unfortunately, the daimon soon has them tied up in some electric train track! Jupiter uses her Sparkling Wide Pressure attack but the blast is just reflected back by the daimon! She lays down track on top of the Soldiers...but Mars uses her "Evil Spirits, Be Gone!" Sailor Moon finishes off the Daimon. With the Daimon and Kaorinite gone, Mars returns Chad's pure heart the distance stand Sailors Neptune and Uranus. After pointing out that it wasn't a pure heart crystal, they leave. Chad wakes up in Rei lap, worried and asks where the monster is. "You were hit in the head, Chad!" says Rei, who wraps his arm in the belt. Rei then explains to Chad that there is someone she likes, that the person was there with her but he's afraid to find out. "Why don't you just TELL him?" Chad cries out. "I might...", she answers. The two walk together, finally, into the sunset...

Episode 11:Individual Happiness

It starts out as Mina was sitting in an empty classroom along with two peeps that were in love.She exited the school and everyone was like..purposely taunting her because they had boyfriends and girlfriends and Mina didn't.Mina was talking to Artemus about how she wants a boyfriend.Then as Mina walks past the gym,Jamie(sp?)steps out and says hi.They start to talk,and Mina has a crush on him or somethin.Then he had to go.Mina was thinking about him all night.The next morning,she woke up early to walk to school.Jamie ran up to her and they talked.Jamie asked if Mina had a boyfriend,Mina asked why.No reply from either of them.They started talking about boyfriends and girlfriends.Then Jamie ran off.Then later,Mina was at the study group laughing her head off at a comic.Everyone was confused.Artemus felt bad for Mina and knew what she was going through.Later,Jamie was practicing at the gym.Kaorinite appeared and sent a capsule into one of the volleyballs.Then Mina snuck a peek at Jamie.A girl came up to him and they said thier date was tomorrow night.Then they kissed.Mina got mad.After the girl left,Jamie picked up a volleyball.It turned into a heart-snatcher and stole Jamie's heart.Mina transformed into Sailor Venus.She attacked the monster.Then the monster wrapped her up in net.Serena came and tranformed into Sailor Moon.She used the tiara to set Venus free.Then the monster asked if sailor moon was so good to see if she could catch this.She put Jamie's heart into a volleyball like energy ball.She threw it at Sailor Moon.Sailor Moon was worried.All of a sudden,Jupiter whacked it.Mercury whacked it.Mars whacked it.The monster did something to the ball and it went totally fast.None of them could catch it.Then Venus stood up and asked if she could give it a shot.The monster agreed and sent the ball flying at her.Venus whacked it away.It made the monster mad.Jamie recognized that hit and figured out that Venus was Mina.Then Sailor Moon used the Spiral Heart Attack and destoyed the monster.Then uranus and neptune showed up and said that they weren't needed there.The next day,Jamie and his girlfriend walked by Mina.They stopped to say hello.Jamie said if Mina ever saw Venus,to tell her thank you.Mina agreed.(This part was cute..)She was walking past a tree when she heard a familiar voice."Hey pretty girl!",It was Artemus.Mina looked up at him.He took some roses he had and threw it to her.She caught it."Would you like to go with me to the ball tonight?"asked Artemus.Mina was happy that Artemus cared."I'll have to think about it.."said Mina.

Episode 12:Birthday Blues (Part 1)

It started out that Serena asked all her friends if they knew what today was.They all said they didn't know.Serena got mad and stated that it was her birthday.Everyone was like,"Oh we never knew.."and stuff.She got mad and she walked off.She saw some green glass slippers she really wanted.So she went and found Darien and asked him to buy it for her.Darien is like,"Christmas is a long time from now!".Serena is like,"Yeah..i know that".Darien didn't know what day it was.She said it was her birthday.She slapped Darien really hard.I MEAN REALLY HARD!!Anyways,She ran off,madly.She sat at the waterfountain at the park.Amara and Michelle came up and started talking to Serena.They talked and talked.Serena was like,"Darien is not my boyfriend anymore!".Amara is like,"Ya sure?cause i might go for him..".Then Serena got mad and all of a sudden remembered Raye's study.She ran off to the study.Before she got there,Darien called them.Raye answered.Darien told her what happened and said he never even knew when her birthday was.Serena arrived and right when she walked in,"SUPRISE!!".The girls had threw a suprise party for Serena.Serena was so happy.Meanwhile,Darien felt sorry for Serena.He went and bought the green glass slippers,but just before he ented.Kaorinite arrived and put a capsule thingie in them.Darien bought them and ran off.The girls told Serena what happened with Darien.Serena ran off and after Darien.They ran up to eachother.Serena was so happy.Right when she slipped on the shoe,it turned into a heart-snatcher.It stole Serena's heart.Uranus stated that it was a real pure heart.Neptune told Uranus not to.Uranus got mad.Serena was about to change into Sailor Moon,but her thingie got knocked out of her hands.Tuxedo Mask said don't worry,just run.They ran away,without no one seeing them.They saw Kaorinite pick up her thingie dingie.The two ran.Kaorinite spotted them.She started to chase after Tuxedo and Serena.They stopped.Tuxedo Mask said for Serena to run when she gets a chance to.He pulled out his stick.The monster pulled out her sword(actually..its part of her body)They fought,Tuxedo won.Serena ran to get her thingie.Kaorinite stopped her.The monster froze Tuxedo Mask.

(To Be Continued)

Episode 13:Birthday Blues (Part 2)

The scouts showed up to attack.Kaorinite said it was too late,and she said if you ever want to see him again,go to the Tokyo Tower.She disappeared with Tuxedo mask.They all got mad and saw two people walking away in the distance.It was Uranus and Neptune.They are all like,oh well.Then Serena runs off to Tuxedo Mask,but the sailor scouts say she shouldn't without a plan.She said she doesn't care and ran off.Amara pulled up in her car with Michelle and asked Serena if she wanted to ride.Serena said sure.On the way to Tokyo Tower,Serena and Amara were talking about life and stuff.They said that the world is always like this,one person is either helping,or being helped.They arrive.Serena walks in.She heard Kaorinite's voice.It said it will be her tour guide.She told Serena to get on the elevator.She went up.Once at the top,She sees Kaorinite,Tuxedo Mask(frozen),and the Heart-Snatcher.Serena said take her,not Darien.They stole her heart.Right when Kaorinite got it,Uranus and Neptune arrived and took it away.They found out that it really wasn't a pure heart,so they gave it back.Kaorinite says that Serena still owes her life.THen she stated that she was Sailor Moon.Uranus and Neptune were shocked.Then four dark shadows appeared.One said,"No she's not,I am Sailor Moon!".Then she said that cheap speech.It came to view,it didn't exactly have the right kind of hair.Serena said in her mind that it was Mina.She attacked and broke up the monster.Kaorinite called Serena a fake and threw the thingie at her.Then Serena laughed and transformed into Sailor Moon.She used Moon Spiral Heart Attack and destroyed the monster.It freed Tuxedo Mask.(Then i forget what happens..but Uranus and Neptune saved them)Then it all leads up to Uranus,Neptune are fighting Kaorinite.Then the sailor scouts come and they start to attack.Kaorinite said she had this stuff from Dr.Tomoe.So she poured it into the shoe,and it became the monster's sword.She fought with it.Then once they tried to attack,they couldn't cause she had a sheild around her.They said the only thing that would break the sheild was the Planet attack.Then they said by the time they gathered enough energy they'd be dead.Tuxedo mask came in and started to fight with her to buy the scouts some time.They used the planet attack and broke the sheild.Then Kaorinite laughed and threw ice at the sailor scouts to freeze them.Uranus remembers what Serena was saying earlier in the car.She then used Uranus World Shaking and hit the ice.It not only hit Kaorinite,but reflected the ice.It froze her and everything around her.Everything broke apart and crushed Kaorinite,making her fall all the way down the tower.Then Uranus and Neptune left.Later,Darien was saying how he was sorry that her birthday didn't go as well as it should've gone.Serena said she is just happy that everyone is Okay.Then Dr.Tomow recieved a telephone call saying that Kaorinite was dead.It was Eudial(I think).Dr.Tomoe said that she would be replacing Kaorinite.

Episode 14:Hello,Sailor Mini-Moon(Thanx to X Chibi Haruka X for the title)

(Summary written by:Varment4,AKA ariao:) )

In this ep there was the first appearance of Witches Five, Deathbusters, and the one and only Mini Moon.

In this ep there was a town festival that Raye was directing the talent show part of. One of the people in the talent show was this one women that beats on a drum. But lately she was becoming a little stage fright in her previous shows and wanted Raye to help her get through it. So Raye went biking to a restaurant to meet this women and crashed her bike on her way there. When she arrived and began talking to this lady, the crew of Usagi, Minako, Ami, and Makato were curious on what new best friend of Raye's, so they snuck in the restaurant hiding behind the waitress of Raye and the lady's. Finally while Raye was order was being taking the crew was caught and in trouble with Raye, and the poor waitress thought she was going to be fired for the big commotion.

After Raye explained what she was discussing with the lady, the crew became interested and now wanted to go to this festival, but for free. So Raye gave the girls a job of running this little fish catching stand. Every one of the girls liked working with the little kids besides Usagi cause she had to stand outside the stand banding on a wooden red fish toy. After a while of fish catching and fun Michiru and Haruka came to say hi to the girls, then went to catch a fish only giving it to a little kid, then they left to see the rest of the festival.

Usagi was getting tired of the little joke Raye played on her so she went searching for her. When Usagi did find Raye, Raye was on her way to check up on the lady going to play the drum. But on their way to see her and wish her good luck one of the deathbusters, Eudial showed up only to release the next monster. While Usagi and Raye were transforming to fight the monster Eudial got out the starseed extractor and poof no more crystal in the drummer lady's body. After transforming the girls started battling the monster only to be trapped with oversized drums around their wastes. While all of this is going on Sailor Neptune and Uranus shows up to see if the seed was a pure heart which once again it ended up not to be. So Sailor Neptune and Uranus leaves without helping Sailor Moon or Sailor Mars.

Then all of a sudden Mini Moon appears saying her line ("....I will punish you.."), after trying to use her Sugar Pink Heart attack against the monster which ended up not working, with her saying " always worked in practice.." Then trying once more it finally works with her shooting the monster in the butt with a bunch of pink hearts. After getting out of the drum around her waste Sailor Moon does her nice koo attack Moon Spiral Heart attack which destroys the monster. After the heart crystal is returned to the drummer lady, Eudial leaves and Mini Moon says to Sailor Moon and Mars that her Mom from the future told her to come back to the past to become a sailor scout.

After all that was done, it was time for the concert which the drummer lady plays really good during, with no stage fright at all. While Chibi Usa is on Usagi's back Michiru and Haruka comes up to them and ask who's the little girl that looks like Usagi? After saying we look nothing alike by Usagi, she explains that Chibi Usa is my younger cousin that has come to visit.

Episode 15:Tainted Tea Party

(Thankies to Kitty Maxwell again..for the whole summary)

Rini says cutely to the audience, "Hi, I'm Rini! I came back from the 21st century to train as a Sailor Scout!" She and Luna-P bow to Raye's place, the gang asks her why she came back. She explains that she has a letter from her mom. "You DO?" cries Serena, upset. Rini explains that her mom warned her not to be like Serena. Mina begins to read the letter- "'Hi everyone. I'm glad you took my request and can now train my dear Rini to become a Sailor Scout. Thank you so much.'...that's it." "That's IT?" wonders Raye. Mina then says, "Yeah...but I read it with my imagination! They're all SYMBOLS!" Mina holds up the letter, written HORRIBLY in Japanese. "Look, some of it was right but she erased it!" shouts Lita. Raye complains that she should'a used a dictionary. Raye wonders what Rini is supposed to train for..."To be a princess? Then she shouldn't get help from Serena!" "HEY!" Serena tries, tearing at Raye...Mina notices another note. "'P.S., Rini- please study, don't make the same mistakes I did.' That's all." Rini smiles, saying she won't be like Serena then she leaves. Rini smiles downtown... *flashback* "Now, Rini," Neo Queen Serenity says, "I want you to make as many friends as you can in the 21st century." "Friends?"Rini asks. "Yes. I want you to be happy." *end of flashback* Rini looks around, but kids just pass her by, when she sees a really NICE looking boy down the street. On the ground, she sees a Crayon Shin-chan doll (an obscene anime character!), and picks it up. She calls to him and asks if the doll is his, but the boy just starts dancing around her like an idiot. Then the boy say "Look, I want to show you something -" and the boy pulls down his pants - and his underwear - from the front!! Then his mother picks him up and scolds him! Rini walks down the street, upset, when she sees a really cool-looking boy, with an old-fashioned long haircut, and she blushes. Then she sees Darien and calls to him. She gives him a huge hug and tells him she's come back to be a sailor scout. Serena cries out that she was there first and Darien tries to reason with Serena...but it didn't help. On a park bench, Darien is being fed popcorn by Rini, but Serena wants to feed him too! They both force food down his throat! As he chokes, a voice says, "Looks like two parents upset at their cute kid!" "Amara! Michelle!" It is indeed the two, wearing BEAUTIFUL kimonos. Rini then says they look really pretty and that she loved her new cousins but Serena reminds her they're not her cousins..and that she is. Rini begins to fight with Serena saying she can't believe Serena's her mom, when Darien's ffod finally goes down. He puts his hands up, and they stop! Amara laughs, then asks if they wanted to have tea with them. Darien begins to put down the offer but Serena steps in saying, "Of course! Let's go for tea, and then we can get ice cream, pizza, cake..." The five sit at a traditional tea ceremony in a tea house! Serena is shocked that THAT is what Amara meant, and tries to copy her bowing friends, but just looks like she's in a "we're not worthy" pose! Then suddenly, the boy from before comes out! Rini blushes again. "His name is Tamasaburo, and this is the Yabra Koji Bura Koji Family tea house," Michelle explains. Meanwhile, in the lab,Tomoe, in a yukata of his own, comments on how relaxing tea making is. "So you want to get a pure heart of a tea server?" asks Eudial. A picture of the boy comes up on her computer. "We'll get one for sure this time!" Tomoe says, "And I'll make a perfect daimon for this job!" He places a tea kettle in the metal container. It is electrified, and the new daimon is taken, in its box, by Eudial in the station wagon. At the tea house, Michelle, Amara, and Darien sit on their knees, doing just fine...but Rini and Serena espeically are in pain! Rini's feet are too little, and Serena's are turning blue! Out of nowhere, Serena starts to scream! Looking awkward, she sits down promptly...meanwhile, Rini stuffs candy (actually Japanese odango) into her mouth but Serena shows her that the others are POLITELY cutting them with skewers! Rini blushes and hides! Rini, now upset, pinches Serenas' leg, and she HOWLS in pain! She does the same to Rini, and now both of them are howling like wolves! Tamasaburo says, "You can stand if you're uncomfortable!" The wounded girls cry out together, "We're FINE!" "Wanna see something cool?" says the boy. Suddenly, he begins to balance a tea cup on a wooden stick (like spinning plates)!! He explains that what he's doing is risky, considering the it's an antique tea cup he's balancing! Serena gets up to stop him but she just bumps into him! Darien, Amara, and Michelle all lunge for the cup...each gets a hand on it. "Whew!" sighs Darien. Later, at Crown's, Serena asks Rini if she likes Tamasaburo...making Rini blush. Rini explains her mom told her to make as many friends she could and to have important encounters. Serena then guessed Rini didn't have many friends in the future and offers to help her find some friends. Rini comments hat Serena would've "fowled everything up", which starts another fight. Darien puts a hand up and says that they need to apologize. And so, Serena puts out a hand, reluctantly, Rini shakes it. Serena walks Rini downtown towards the tea house, Rini in a red kimono and traditional Japanese shoes. "I'll learn to walk right and impress Tamasaburo!" "But don't mess up my old kimono," says Serena, and they begin to fight again...but not so seriously this time. Suddenly, a familiar car pulls into the tea house's garden, breaking a rock statue! Serena notices who it is and Rini easily climbs through the fence but Serena gets stuck. Luna starts yelling at her, when a bird flys onto her back. Meanwhile, inside, Eudial shoots her gun at the boy, taking his pure heart with ease! Rini cries, "Moon Prism Power"! Her little Moon Compact glows pink, and she tries to transform beautifully - but she falls flat on her face! Pink hearts instantly turn her into Sailor Mini Moon! Now up, she confronts Eudial, and gives a little Moon speech! Eudial calls for the tea-server-diamon Chagama to come out.Seeing Tamasaburo's heart crystal, Mini Moon grabs at it, but the daimon just wraps her up in a carpet of some sort! She is helpless...Uranus throws her attack at Eudial but she dodges it. Neptune then attack and hits Chagama. Sailors Neptune and Uranus introduce themselves. Mini Moon thanks them for helping her but Uranus says they didn't come to help her. Neptune picks up the heart crystal and says that the heart crystal isn't pure. She returns the crystal. Eudial tells Chagama to take care of this and takes off. Chagama looks for Neptune and Uranus, but they're both gone! The daimon, face-to-face with the Pink Terror, starts drinking tea, bored. Mini Moon fires up her attacks and fires. The hearts come out - but they don't go far enough! Disgusted, Mini Moon takes a step forward. The daimon yawns, when Mini Moon has finally moved up far enough! The pink hearts bombard the daimon, who, on her butt, pleads with the new Scout to stop! Suddenly, Sailor Moon arrives, giving her speech! Mini Moon complains that Sailor Moon's late. But they're both in trouble when the daimon throws scalding hot tea at them! Moon and Mini Moon dodge the attacks for their lives...when a rose knocks away the tea cup! Tuxedo Mask, standing behind a fence, gives his little speech concerning that matter. She takes off her robe to reveal a pants outfit. She begins to strip down - when Sailor Moon does hre Spiral Moon Heart Attack. The daimon is destroyed...meanwhile, in the shadows, Uranus holds Tamasaburo in her arms, protecting him. He sees Moon and Mini Moon..."cool." The next day, Rini is again downtown in Serena's outfit, Serena walking her. They see Amara and Michelle run off in a hurry to somewhere...inside the tea house, we see tamasaburo - in a Sailor outfit! A GIRL'S Sailor Outfit! "The protector of good manners and authority, Sailor Tamasaburo!" The girls run out, SCREAMING their heads off!