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Pokemon is practically Just

Team Rocket Headquarters:NEXT-Dis is da best Pokemon site ever!Team Rocket Rocks!

Digimon an episode guide and stuff.A game where you play Tai and Agumon..just little bits of stuff.. is da best Digimon site ever!Well one of the two..I recommend dis place!!Check out the Japanese Music!

Project Digi-Destiny-This is da other best Digimon site ever!It has a really great,i mean great great great Digimon Guide.Info on Season 2 and stuff.

Gundam Wing place is coolio!It has lotsa info and stuff!Pictures..and stuff.. has items to buy..some news..

Dragonball Z Great Site

Dragonball site used to be know..normal official site..but they just remodeled and this page ROCKS!!It's all Flashy..and it's got Krillin(my fav)..It's the best official site i've ever seen!

I can't find my other DBZ links..i'll search some more

Friend Sites

nothing..nothing much..

Burrito Brothers(Pokemon Parodies)-In case you didn't know,a long time ago i made up a group of four pokemon called the burrito brothers cause they liked burritos so much,it was Hitmonlee,Kadabra,Haunter,and Jigglypuff,anyways..don't ask about the e-mail address at the bottom...thats my old e-mail..and the computer drawn burrito brothers picture on the page at the bottom was drawn by one of my friends at Team Rocket HQ:NEXT,Lesia,so i need to thank her..did i mention this site is very old?it was last updated last year...maybe i'll put a pokemon parodies section up here..

Entrance to Anime Tsunami-it's da entrance..

Zane's Page-it is so the rest of my friend's webpages..

Julie and melissa's awesome page-cheap..they've made like 20 of these pages..annoying music..

(Now time for a quote!)" beautiful.."-Quoted by Me

A weird AOL page I made to go along with my profile-it''s got Yamato Ishida..or matt from Digimon on it..

One of those cheap pages that I made-Check out the Dinosaur..he's my friend..and..whatever.. -My friend,DianaMouse991's Sailor Moon Page,it is cool((better than mine at the moment))

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