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Gundam Wing

(Part of Anime Tsunami)

In this section,it is all Gundam Wing!Here we have Bios,Pictures,Sounds(a few),and other neat just hand it off to Duo Maxwell and let him take it from here..

Hello,I am Duo Maxwell,welcome to the Gundam Wing part of Anime Tsunami,in each section we will have a different character take over,except for Pictures..I think Relena is hiding somewhere in there,so here is the list:

Bios:Heero Yuy

Main Page:Duo Maxwell

Sounds:Quatre Raberba Winner

Pictures:Relena is in there(somewhere unknown of)

Mobile Suits:Trowa Barton

What is OZ?:Chang Wufei

That is I hope you enjoy this..and go back and visit the main page and other sections of Anime Tsunami,which (soon,hopefully)will be a great anime website.

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