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This site is always updating..So..if it's your second time or so on time here..I suggest that you reload on lots of the pages..especially the GuestBook..(The link on the DreamBook page to go back to incorrect and won't change for some reason..but in me on the right-click,then click back..Use the force,Luke..)

Welcome!This is the main page of Anime Tsunami!I changed this text because last time it was boring..I changed that annoying picture of Izzy from Digimon down there because it never came up..just like Mew on the Entrance Page.Well Soon(hopefully)I will learn frames and i will get all sections up and this will be a good site......well..ok then!Onto the Website.This is Anime Tsunami!It is about my favorite Animes. Sailor Moon,Dragonball Z,and Gundam Wing were all on the lineup of Toonami and are right now.All of these shows are on every weekday and every Saturday on Toonami's "Rising Sun".Pokemon is on Kids WB every weekday and every Saturday Morning.Digimon is on Fox Kids every weekday and Saturday Morning.Now..the updates are below the links to the sections down there.If you know how to do frames and you would like to help me,or if you have any sounds or pictures to donate,please e-mail me at,or click the link down there by the sections.There are a few sections about me,like the "About Me" section,and the "Quote of the Day" section,which Quote of the day includes some Anime,but it is all comedy lines,or lines that i have liked from Anime.Well,If you even did read you can go on to the Media,which i love media!Ok..go on..buh-bye!Sign My DreamBook(GuestBook) at the bottom of the frames to the left.Also...Please Vote for me in the Gundam/Anime is below..I'm not forcin ya though.. Note:On go back,press Capital A(shift+A) Note:If you are bored..go to my extras is Thanks!


Muahahahahaahahahah!I Have gone through several updates without posting them!I am so bad!!Well here's a big pile of updates..Lessasee.....Sailor Moon Section is *COMPLETE*..But of course it will update..Thanx to DianaMouse991 for like..most of that.Thanx to lotsa people for helping me with the Sailor Moon S summaries.I got a counter and at the moment..312 HITS!!Oh yeah!Okay..You might notice some weird blue balls following your cursor!They are attacking you!Nooo!!No wait..those are my friends. Guestbookie!I have at least 52 entries.Topsites,I have been Site of the Hour for a LONG TIME!!!And I am in second place,5 more votes till first place.I have become both a staff member and affiliate of Card Captorz HQ.TENCHI MUYO!!JULY 3RD!!Card Captorz airing every saturday after Pokemon.Did anyone see last episode of Digimon?I cried..but then I laughed at the cheap animation of Palmon running at the end.Anyways,I am gonna have a Card Captor Sakura section soon.Muahahahahahahahahahahhaah!And plus..I know that dumb Dinosaur won't work..poor dinosaur..  


Check out this cool picture that I's a dinoasaur watching TV..He's my friend... Muahahahahhahahahahahaha! >:D

Okay!!I am the actually one of my sibling's are.Lessasee...I'll tell you that later..first of all I have the Dragonball Z and Sailor Moon section up.Nothing in Dragonball Z yet..but in Sailor Moon i have the episode summaries for Sailor Moon S.I have the Special Thanks to.. section up.I also got the About me section up.Lessasee..Oh yeah!My friend DianaMouse991 is helping me big time..I got frames up and everything(pretty background,see?)And now here is the best part..which I am happy and mad too..I  am mad because one of my siblings have met the voice actor of Frieza(Dragonball Z)at a Dinner Theatre,before the show.Okay..but now I am really mad..but really Happiez.My sibling(I like that word,don't you?)has been going to a theatre camp for the past 3 days(got the rest of the week and another week to go)..and today the sibling(haha)had a guest(a voice actor)...and it happened to be the voice of Krillin..MY FAVORITE DBZ CHARACTER!MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!And (lets start calling it,"The Sibling")"The Sibling" got his autograph for me.He signed his real name and under that,Krillin.I am so happy..thanks to "The Sibling".He also does the voice of "TOM",the host of Toonami.Yay..I am glad cause it is Krillin..I am also glad cuz somewhere last year during October I sent the Toonami guy(Tom)a letter and asked for his autograph.AND NOW I GOT IT!I AM SO EVIL!!6/10/00 Yep..the stupid background got screwed up and it won't this page can't be colorful..but it doesnt have to be because,,this page isn't important..the Anime pages are!so bye!


Guess What?The stinkin picture of Sailor Jupiter and the new background didnt work!I AM SO MADD!!I am just going to get rid of it and the mew along too!But hopefully they'll be in the pictures section.


Well..I made up my mind to have a "Special Thanks To"section.And the other day I had to get a new keyboard and i'm having even more typos.I changed the background,entrance text,and the entrance picture(Sailor Jupiter).Did any of you hear about "Tenchi Muyo" coming to the Toonami Line-Up?I am gonna watch it and probably make a section about it.Well that is all today!So..Bye!wait..i think i'm gonna put up the Special Thanks To section up and make a main page for one of the!

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