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About Me

(above:Gundam Deathscythe,Pilot:Duo Maxwell from Gundam Wing)

Well..I am 3000 years old,I am wrinkly and green,and i have pointy ears,and I used to be a Jedi,and part of the Jedi Council.If you want to meet someone talented,go see Luke Skywalker.My name is Yoda..hahahahahahahahaha.Not really.Heres my profile..

Name:Why should you know?Oh..i guess you can call me Quatre..or James..

Pets:3 Dogs..muahahahahaha..I ate my other pets,they were birds..

Hobbies:Drawing..writing stories..getting on the computer and workin on Anime Tsunami.S'fun!Also I like to look at Anime Websites.

Do you have a pet turtle: I wish..and maybe a frog too..

Favorite Movie: I liked "The Tree Of Might",that was Dragonball Z,my other favorite movies are "A Night at The Roxbury","Blues Brothers","Galaxy Quest",I also liked "The Matrix" and even though it was weird,"Music of The Heart"

Favorite Song:Well.."The Real Slim Shady"-Eminem,"Cowboy"-Kid Rock,"Carry On"-I dunno but it was on Sailor Moon,"Chala Head Chala"-Dragonball Z,"Just Communication"-Gundam Wing,"White Reflection"-Gundam Wing,"Jigglypuff's Song"-Jigglypuff(Haha),"Break Out"-Foo Fighters(sorry..its kinda catchy),"No Strings Attached"-N'Sync,"It's Gonna Be Me"-N'Sync,"The One"-Backstreet Boys(sorry!),Plus lots and lots more..

Color of Hair:Purple(hahahaha)

Color of eyes:Brown

Favorite Anime(s):Gundam Wing,Dragonball Z,Sailor Moon,Digimon,Pokemon.but my favorite is Gundam Wing..

Favorite Anime Character(s):LOTS!!Lemme just say Quatre Raberba Winner(Gundam Wing),Krillin and Vegeta(Dragonball Z),Lita and Ami(Sailor Moon),Agumon(Digimon),Charmander and Jigglypuff(Pokemon)

Other Favorite shows:uhhh..Saturday Night Live,Whos Line is It Anyways?,FRIENDS,uhh...other stuff..

Thats it!Bye Bye!

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