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Viewers' Rides!

Now that you've seen my rides, I wanna see yours! Send me a high quality pic, along with any info you have on it, and I'll throw it up here!*

One fine specimen of automobile: The Adam Blainer Mark VII. I think what makes this car real special is that it is actually driven by Adam K. Blain. Whether they will admit it or not, both Tom and Adam are always in subliminal competition. Tom's is arguably faster, but Adam's takes the cake in the "Pimped Out" category: Ghetto thumper system, alarm with key, LSC package, and...Sunroof. I guess L. Blainer (Little Blainer) is driving it around now, and many are just awaiting the inevitable. We all know about women drivers....they are GREAT drivers! By the way, this picture was taken 5/29/99, and I also believe Adam converted this photo into a Postal Stamp (hence the perforation markings to the left). Wish you were here! (?)


Here is a BADASS picture sent to me by Herbo. Get the broads out of the picture, they're in the way. Clockwise from bottom: The General Lee, KITT, The A-Team Van, the Ecto 1, the Batmobile, and...The Coyote from the show "Hardcastle & McCormick." A fellow Mopar guy named Paul explained this to me...Thanks Paul!

Tom's Mark VII


Here is a picture of the famous Mark. It is the 2nd Mark Tom has owned. The first one, a black '89 was way faster and a cool color. Then it got t-boned in the driver's side by Mikey's GMC Suburban (which was going 45 mph)...Tom walked away with sore knuckles and a stiff neck. This is American car making at its best. Had Tom been a ccar of lesser quality, he would be a distant memory right now. Mark #2 is a '91. It has a sweet sound system, 5.0 liter Cobra Motor, smooth leather interior, and goes like a bat outta hell. Tom plans to make this thing a real screamer with a 347 stroker 302 when he has a positive cash flow. I wouldn't doubt this for a second..all he has to do is coax his dad into helping him build the motor (Mr. Magarian is a genius with cars).

In the meantime, Tom is content to cruise the Mark at 186,000 MPH (300,000 meters per second). Tom hits the "light speed" button, instantly propelling it to distant galaxies like the Millenium Falcon. The bottom pic is the Mark in Light Speed Mode.

Ron's MGB

Here is a picture of RJ Stani6's 1974 1/2 MGB. This thing is one cool ride, unique for sure. It's only got two seats, and not very large ones at that. If you are 6'1" and above, you may not enjoy a ride in this thing. It's an excellent mobile for Ron, though. Under the hood is a 1798 cc 4 banger, and 2 SU carbs (Skinner's Union). It also has Crane Electronic Ignition, K&N air filters, and new Ansa exhaust. Don't ask me what all of this crap means, it's Brittish stuff. It corners really good, and you get a real cool James Bond feeling when you cruise in it. The body is rust free, all the chrome is really shiny, and has one of the coolest features I've ever seen: 3, count'em THREE windshield wipers!! What will those crazy Brittish Bastards think of next?

Aaron's 1991 Caprice

Ok, I know, it's a Chevy with a 350, but Aaron is making this thing BADASS. It's already a certified retired cop car (from i dont know where), and at 100,000-plus miles, the already crappy 350 really puts the "tired" in "retired." It runs around a high 16 (hey, that's almost on par with the Fury's performance!), so Aaron decided to make a hot rod out of it. A "sleeper," if you will. Aaron's getting a built-to-the-hilt 383 stroker made, using an upgraded fuel injection system for breathing. With a newly Race overhauled 700R-4 trans behind it, this baby is expected to run in the 12's and still pass emissions. Stay tuned, I'll keep the project's progress posted. (Say that 3 times fast.) The car already has front and rear sway bars, cool cop wheels and - a fully functional pushbar!! Aaron's already gotten the engine underway, and constantly complains about "not having any money." Words of advice: toy cars aren't for the weak hearted or the empty-pocketed.

Shawn's 1970 Lemans Convertible

If you ask Herbo about anything specific on his car, his response will probably be "I don't know." I do know that it has a Pontiac 350 with a 350 trans (NOT a 400, as his fake badges suggest), and a one-legger rear. Shawn uses this poor car to drive in Northwestern Winters, and every last patch of bondo that made it look good has fallen out. It has gone from a 20/20 car to a 60/60 car. Nonetheless, it runs like a champ with 135K miles. Me and Herbo cruise for chicks in this thing, too bad stupid girls nowadays love Backstreet Boys that drive POS honda's (of course, diabetics in classic cars probably never pulled that many girls anyway) Just Joking. Herbo keeps the classic car candle burning. Way to cruise Herb, way to cruise.

Adam West's Batmobile

Adam writes: "This thing is too much fun. I use it to do burnouts in Gotham and terrorize all the Honda Whores. Every so often, I'll get the Batman Suit and cruise around for ladies. Burt Ward isn't allowed in it."

Hey Batman, thats a pretty badass car! Or should we say "BAT-ASS?!"

* Older cars preferred. If you don't own a an old car, it must be American/European made and rear wheel drive (and not "pimped out - see the car definitions site) No post-1970 Camaros or Monte Carlos (of any year). Thanks, and keep America's roads clean!