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A victory for all!

This is what all DPHC cars would look like if I had my way, but alas, we have to see these super cool dudes cruise their super cool-ass cars least this one got what he deserved. Des Plaines Honda Club is a crew of shit. Actually, DPHC was a term invented by DP skaters, which the Honda kids interpreted it as "Des Plaines Honda Club." Although you don't need a Honda to be in DPHC (since it's really Des Plaines Hard Core "Racing" now), we use Honda Club as a derrogatory remark. The Honda kids claimed "DPHC" when the skaters got tired of being associated with this club of pansy-ass spoiled kids that have mom and dad buy them everything. To the person that got rear-ended by DPHC boy here, WAY TO GO, MAN! Sorry about your car though, unless it was a good solid American car, in which case there is no damage.

Sadly, there are some good cars with "DPHC" stickers, namely a few Mustangs (one of which is rumored to run in the 12's), probably some Camaros, and even a guy on my block who has a drag spec'c '79 Chevelle Malibu and a Bimmer. But why, WHY would you be part of a club that recognizes and glorifies SLOW ASS Front wheel drive pieces of shit? I'm sure the guys with good cars in "DPHC" give the Honda owners crap for having slow cars, as well they should. We tried to make our own "club" (if you can define a club by a cheesy $5.00 sticker) with the letters "AARC" (All American Racing Crew) but the sticker guy wanted more than we were willing to put thats that I guess.

Hey Honda kids: Go fuel up on premium rice and have some outlaw drag racing on Lee Street, running 18 second quarters! YEAH!!!!!