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New Pictures!

Bill Corcoran is the proud owner of more than a few sweet 68 Furys. I found the owner through my website, I never would have forseen that. figure. Anyway, above is one of his steeds, a real pretty 68 Sport Fury I spotted at Carlisle. According to Bill, "I purchased it from the original elderly owner with the usual rust and rot on the lower quarters and right fender along with some frame rot & trunk rust. The interior is original and the drivetrain only had 42k on it when I got it, 47k now. The car has a lot of NOS trim and parts on it. I still need to finish under the hood with some paint and detailing but it is almost as correct under the hood as I can get it. This is an early production car built on 8/8/67 which explains the lack of the new for 68 hood ornament, the stripe delete and 67 seat belts, horn button & vent knobs." Is that cool or what? Below is his show winning 68 Sport Fury..

DROOOOOOL!!! Bill explains, "it's another 68 Sport Fury, green with a black top that is a 383 car that is unrestored and wears 80% original paint. It won it's class in the rainfest Carlisle weekend." SWEET! Finally, Bill is "looking at a 68 Fury 3 ragtop 318 car next week and may be buying a 383 Fury II 4 door with a 383 from down south. Can you say cop car??" Hahahha, AWESOME!!!! (And you thought I was a '68 Fury Freak......)

A way sweet 68 Vert. I talked with the owners, they were real neat. Check out the 68 Newport wagon next to it!

Here is a shot of the author taking the Fury for a spin around the block. Lots of stuff is shambled about, like the backseat panels are gone, wires are everywhere, but it WAS moving under its own power, which is no longer a rarity in this day in age.