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Ahhh, the workhorse / ENEMY!!!! That's RIGHT! Small-blocks are for Darts and Chevys. I don't know why anyone is proud to say they own a 318, or even a 360. The 318 was the small econobox mill that was built for hauling, good mileage, and endurance, which it DID do fine, and it probably gets SLIGHTLY better gas mileage than a B block. However, now that you've taken your 318 out to have the body painted, throw the whole 318 away and get yourself a 440, or heck, even a 383 or 400. You will want to pay extra for gas when you stand on it and feel your head snap backwards with enough force to break your neck. More info on the swap later, I promise.

So, lets examine the performance bloopers in this photo alone:
- 2 Barrel Carb? If you claim to be a hot-rodder and still run your car with a 2 barrel, you should be shot (I said A 2 barrel, 6 packs are obviously excluded from this claim and are encouraged). Even the 273 had an optional 4-barrel! And 360's, although equipped with 4-barrels, are just as crappy as the 318.
- The fact that an A-block is sitting between the fenders of 4000+ lbs!! Choked heads and induction, cast crank, etc. Just look at those insignificant exhaust ports! Ok, I know that some 383's had 2 barrels and cast cranks, and I'm not that up to speed on 400's (they shouldn't even be recognized as muscle car engines), but they beat the tar out of a small block.
- Points distributor, 30 year old coil - I sure had fun tearing those out.
- Aksew Wiring - That needs to be taken care of.......
- More to come!