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Here she is, dog-dished and trimless. Woo HOO!!! When I first took the trim off, I thought, "Oh man, what have I done?" But now I realize it is the only choice. I think the trim was sort of cheap looking anyway. But now, it looks so stripped down and stealth. Like a street sweeper. Yes, I still have all of the trim. Of course, Furys never had the go fast image, but anyone who has ridden in one of these babies with a cackling 440 under the hood will tell you otherwise.

Everyone knows dice hanging from the mirror are good for 20 horses. DUH!

What an RB looks like between the rails of a Fury. Many of you guys are still putzing around with 318s. Sure, they are reliable, slightly more economical, etc, etc. But, a similar car equipped with Ma's biggest motor is going to dust you at a stoplight, guaranteed. As an aside, the plasitc baggies all over the motor are sealing the 440's open wounds for the winter, so a minimal amount of rust / crap gets in there

The Fury's driver side profile, and the Fury Launching next to it! (Right into the garage) Also, the view of the Fury if it appeared in the current Wilwood brakes ad, featuring a 69 'Bee.

I told you my exhaust was awesome!!! To be honest, I did my best to salvage as much of the Chrysler's exhaust as possble. When it crumbled to very small rust pieces, Aaron (fellow car guy) and I had some fun making "Super Stock" exhaust with the Sawzall. And, check out the weeping 8 3/4" diff....better get that checked out. Finally, the nice clean gas tank.

New dog dishes. Picked em up on ebay for $50 shipped. They are in real good shape and will be replacing the baby moons on there now.

This is actually on the doors of the Chrysler, but I think the Fury needs some too. What do you think?

Not my real plate, but oh, how I wish it was.

Do you see why my parents hate me now? Heheheheh!!