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Here are a few pics of my pride(s) and joy(s). This first one, a 1968 Plymouth Fury III 2-door hardtop was purchased mid-October of 98.

THE PLAN (4/5/01)

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Here she in all her "splendor." It's also '68. Yes, the body is shot, but unless this guy rolled the odometer back, it reads (only) 120,000 miles..which is not too bad. I suspect it is less than that, since the speedo's drive gear is incorrect and over drives it by 33 percent. I won't bore you with the details of how i determined this, but you can email me and I'd be glad to tell you (if you have nothing better to do).

This car's drivetrain is awesome. 440TNT / 727 / 8.75. The rust holes in the body also mean holes in the factory dual exhaust, which make for an awesome muscle car rumble at idle and a General Lee-like roar at full throttle. Hey, who needs Flowmasters?!? It easily smokes the 8" wide rear tire (open dif), and it will stay lit if I keep it in first gear, until the tire explodes, my trans blows, or the motor throws a rod. Needless to say I have not pushed things this far, and plan to yank the combo and drop the Fury's (almost) rust free body over it.

What will I do with the 300's body? Sell it? Get it towed? Pack it with explosives and roll it into a POS Honda? The world may never know, so I'll keep things updated here.

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The "ALMIGHTY" '88 Voyager!!!

I may love this van even more than the Fury, if not just as much. This brave little guy was the staple of my transportation diet for slightly over 2 years. The memories in this thing are too much: from hardcore burnouts in the MW parking lot to loading it up with traffic horses and unloading them on Musial's lawn to loading it with used lawnmowers and placing them on Honda Whore's lawn, the Voyager was an awesome machine. My father and I made the trip to (and from) Carlisle, Pennsylvania in the Voyager for Chryslers at Carlisle '99. Note the bone stock, unrestored interior and numbers matching engine/trans!

Unfortunately, my dad sold the thing while I was away at college..for $200!!!! I was pretty pissed, but hey, that's what you get for having a Non-car-guy dad.

Furious Tony Bob