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C-body exhaust

This has got to be the easiest and most common sense thing ever. There are a couple of tricky little things that you just want to smash off, but hang in there, I'll get you through it.

First, determine whether or not your car has the original exhaust. It probably isn't, but in the event that it does (and is in good condition, and you care about concours restorations), you might want to save everything. In my case, its going to be glasspacks and a $100 Midas hack job until I get headers. Everything is really just straight-forward, unbolt as much as you can, or if you don't care about saving everything, just cut away with a good power-saw and a good blade.

Once you get up to the engine, things get tricky. On the 318, I removed the oil filter to wrestle the pipe up and out (on the passenger side). What you really have to watch / consider is that if you have the stock manifolds, they are bolted TOGETHER (I think) via a hose and a bolt at the firewall end of the manifolds. The bolt head faces the firewall, and I didn't catch this bastard for a while. They are pretty hard to wrench out, so get some loosener. And, thats just about it. Safety first!