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My "Honda" Thoughts (1/18/00)

Well friends and foes, I've done it. I've successfully proven that no matter how much you try, you can't get in the way of a 100% legal site. For those of you who don't know what I speak of, I will summarize. My original "Anti-Honda" page went up for a day, and during this time, it racked up rave reviews & bad news. My friends and family were being idiotically questioned (by a certain wannabe - policeman that is employed at my old high school, who by the way has no jurisdiction beyond the school's parking lot) in the matter of my site's outwardness. This "policeman" questioned one of my good friends and my own sister as to whether or not they had anything to do with the site, and whether or not I was planning to "blow up any Honda dealerships." Anyway, I did apologize for the "threatening" remarks (see the apology), and I also modified the rest of my page so it does not contain any threatening comments to any high school lambs.

About the actual "Honda Page" being taken down, it was solely based on the fact that my parents asked me to remove it, not because I was scared of "charges" that either my old high school or disgruntled Honda Owners could somehow bring against me. My site is and still is and still was 100% legal, so I'd like to just point that out.

Also, about threats. I was fortunate enough to have a conversation with one of the owners of a Honda on my page. Read it carefully! And no, this is not made up a bit. (I am Skantron2, and the other kid's name is withheld.)

Skantron2: Honda power dude!!!
Skantron2: did you hear about that kid anthony priore?? what a fuck!!!
Skantron2: he made some shit ass webpage about our awesome cars
(Name obviously withheld): whose this?
Skantron2: I go to (a neighbooring school), im friends with a friend of some girl
that goes there.....anyway i got the link
Skantron2: joey carrascre
(Name obviously withheld): that goes where?
Skantron2: goes to (my old highschool)
(Name obviously withheld): Howdo you know me?
(Name obviously withheld): oh, cool. yeah I know the kid.
Skantron2: a real fuckass right?
(Name obviously withheld): yeah, I was in that. The first white CRX with the Oakley sticker and the eyebrow. What kinda car do you have?
Skantron2: i got a Integra type-R, you're car didnt look bad, what did
you do to it?
(Name obviously withheld): I put a V-16A engine in it but I kept the body stock for now.
Skantron2: v-16?
Skantron2: 16 valve?
(Name obviously withheld): the funny thing is ure the bitch ass that made the web page, am I right?
Skantron2: what you talkin bout dogg?
(Name obviously withheld): bull shit
(Name obviously withheld): I'll fucking kick your ass.
Skantron2: dogg, you dont talk to joey carrascre
Skantron2: that awy
Skantron2: way
(Name obviously withheld): What the fuck u gonna do? Nice typing genious.
Skantron2: nice spelling, "genious"
(Name obviously withheld): and?
Skantron2: ummmm, "genious" is spelled "genius"
(Name obviously withheld): thanks.
Skantron2: seriously, did you like my page?
(Name obviously withheld): no.
(Name obviously withheld): alot of people hate you right now.
Skantron2: dude, Joey Carrascre has tons of friends
Skantron2: nobody hates me
(Name obviously withheld): Racecar Melody?
(Name obviously withheld): ure band sux
(Name obviously withheld): carrascre? <--=---Racecar?
(Name obviously withheld): nice try fag.
Skantron2: man, i dont know what you are talking about
Skantron2: how did you derive "racecar" from "carrascre"
Skantron2: plus, racecar melody must be awesome, they are named after race hondas
(Name obviously with held): (another owner of another Honda) already has the police involved, so ure in some shit.
Skantron2: right
(Name obviously withheld): okay, don't believe me. We'll see, faggot.
Skantron2: the police explorers, watch out, not to mention the fact that there is nothing illegal on there dogg
Skantron2: we sure will, dogg
(Name obviously withheld): no, but there is a threat about the maroon tercel? punching in the face?
(Name obviously withheld): Later Doggg. sweet dreams.
Skantron2: i dont know what you are talking about

My problem was using my AOL screen name, because midway through our conversation, he found my profile, which gave me away. Did you catch that threat??

(Name obviously withheld): "I'll fucking kick your ass."

Oh man, sounds like I should press charges and be real scared too. Also notice my favorite part, where he insults my typing skills, then spells "genius" wrong. Here is the remainder of the conversation (note: writer's embellishment - for you smart Honda kids, it means "made up"):

Skantron2: wait, don't're gay right?
(Name obviously withheld): of course, but just cause I take it up the ass doesn't mean that you are getting away with this!! Skantron2: alright man!

Why did this kid actually tell me that he was gay? Oh well, whatever. Also, on the subject of threats, some other Honda kid signed my guestbook and threatened me. So that's two.

So, I hope this clears up the "mystery" about the old Anti-Honda page, since a lot of people asked about it. After I found the RiceBoyPage, I realized that my petty pile of crap was a drop in the bucket. Im not going to say anything, all I can say is that I'm working hand in hand with him, and just be sure to keep updated on the Rice Boy Page!!

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