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Updated 10/20/00

Well guys, I got some great pics, and guess what! they came out pretty well! Without further crap, here are very small thumbnails (arranged in no particular order) which open up to some pretty big pictures.

Who hates Hondas? Answer: ME!!!!!

Here is a shot of the armrest - good shape here, but the part where your arm "rests" is torn.... didnt get a shot of that. The top rest part would have to be reupholstered (or lived with), but the bottom is very nice.

The dash, when It was in the car

...Out of of the car. Still in VERY good shape, no cracks, rips, etc in the dash pad. There is a tear in the ash tray covering, as you can see. I did take a shot of the instruments, but the photo came out very blurry and useless. All the wiring, vacuum hoses, etc, are all intact. I pulled it out in as close to one piece as I could.

The backseats, when they were in the car.

The back seats, taken out. A close up view of each side. Any dirt you see is literally dirt. I spent very little time prepping them for photos, since my time at home is pretty limited. Whatever dirt I decided looked the worst came off without a hitch at all, using a light mixture of windex and sometimes WD-40 for stickier things. Very clean, mint condition.

Once I realized how much film the above stint took up, I had to cut down. The top is almost as perfect as the bottom. I didn't notice the small tear (pictured) until I took the cover off, which means it could be repaired to stop the tearing and would be covered completely by the black speaker cover. This is THE only flaw / imperfection of the entire backseat.

This is the plastic cover that attaches to the driver and passenger buckets. The driver's side one has minor cracks (no longer than a half inch) along the bottom. The passenger side is obviously in much nicer condition. Can get more photos up if sweet talked or bribed, hehe.

The steering wheel / column combo. The steering wheel has no cracks, etc, and is in really good shape. The column needs a new cancelling cam, and would need a repaint to go in a nice car.

Rear speaker cover. The flash turned the black to a light gray, as you can see. It is in very nice shape, only one small crack in a grate. A dab of super glue and an eye for detail would make this piece perfect.