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Silly C-Rodder;

From the desktop of Anthony Fury (May 17th, 2001):

What an exciting past couple of days! Saturday and Sunday were spent cruising around, and Monday I drove it to work without incident (except for the fact that it was sunny in the morning, then conveniently started raining by noon, nearly stranding me without headlights and dripping some water into my weather-stripless trunk). Tuesday was the same routine, until I put a K&N air filter on, gained like 40 HP (you should see the old filter), and instantly snapped the rear U-joint! Luckily I was near enough to home to limp it back. $90 the same day, I had a nicely balanced driveshaft with 2 new HD U-joints...this will be fine until my Strange Driveshaft and Rearend go in later this summer (pending the un-failure of my car's vitals). Hmmm, what else. Oh, I re-engineered the Accel Plug kit to fit my car, since Summit messed up and sent me some wacky GM boots. I cleaned up the bay's wiring and added a Crane Vacuum Boost Cannister, which did improve brake feel. What it did not improve was the 30 year old original drums and god-knows-how-old shoes, springs, etc. I also need to fix my headlights (fixed the pass. side park lamp yesterday), obtain a new rear-window glider, then put it all back together and cruise with my fingers crossed the whole time!! Just kidding - with the old air filter, she did 3-gear burnouts and hooked at 60 - can't wait to see what new plugs, wires, and filters are going to do! That's all for now.

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