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Raverz source for information in the Northwest


sawry I haven't been keepin' this up to date and all, but trying to get into med school is a lot more time consuming than I thought! hehe I just slapped together all the parties I know that are going on here though. If there is a party u want to know about just email me and I'll stick it up online real quick...promise!! SMILE!

~ c r y s t a l e n e ~

I'd like to credit for all the Canadian Rave flyers posted on this site. They have an extensive website about all the happenings in the British Columbia area..go check 'em out!



Expressions of Music - Seattle - 106 First Ave. North - Open Turtables 21+ ID required - 206.284.5003


Liquifi: EMP - Seattle - Liquid Lounge 325 Fifth Ave. North - No Cover 21+ ID required -

Groovy - Seattle - The Spot 4209 University Way NE - All Ages 10 - 4pm 7$ w/ can food 10$ w/o - July 31.01 - Grooverobber, Lil Mz. Booty vs. Arsenal, Phate vs. Chunky, Dak vs. The Dowlznick, SkyCriesX

Digital Hardcore - Seattle - 116 Stewart St. - Every Tuesday in August @ Gibson's Bar & Grill

The Baltic Room - Seattle - 1207 Pine Street 206.625.4444 21+ 5$ Cover - July 31.01 - J Majik & Eva.


Politics - Seattle - 821 Pacific Avenue South - 253.383.1123 - July 25.01 - Donald Glaude, Dj Dab, Omar, DJ Flave, Echko, Detonate, Patchouli, Makiah, OZ, 101 Crew, Dank, Suga Jones

bliss - Seattle - The Last Supper Club 124 S Washington - 206.748.9975 - July 25.01 - special guest


Bump - Seattle - 1921 Fifth Avenue - Every Wednesday - DJ Vital, DJ Lux, Soothsage, DJ Riz, DJ Mopho, Killa Bee, Miss Kick, Matt 'Fatty' Evans

Rotation - FX 823 SW Front - 18+ Full Bar w/ID - July 26.01: Kuma, DJ Theory, Drunken Monkey - Aug 2.01:DRC, Rice, Mark Charlesworth

Downtown - Seattle - Contour 807 1st Ave. - July 26.01 - Phillip Eno

Spundae - Seattle - The Last Supper Club 124 S. Washington St. INFO: 206.748.9975 21+ 15$ @ the door Aug 09.01 - Cass Aug 16.01 - Lee Burridge


Crucial - Seattle - Vito's 927 9th Ave @ Madison 206.682.2695 21+ w/ID 10pm-2am. July 27.01 - Elijah & DJ Doug

Club Capo - Seattle - 1516 2nd Ave. 10pm-5am 206.994.6083 or 206.622.4344 Featuring BPM, Mike Stevens, Wesley Holmes, Dave Zam, Carlos Mendoza, Peter Christianson, Brent Laurence, Nobel, Big Starr, Chloe every Friday night.

Inevitable Kaos - Seattle - All Ages 4209 University Way NE $10 10pm-5am 206.505.1553x1531 (no glowsticks, vicks masks, e bombs, binkies) July 27.01- Nitsuj, Slantooth, Arsenal, Dowlznick, Yaka, Dak

Friday Nights at Tommy's - Seattle - 4552 University Way NE 206.634.3144 July 27.01- Wesley Holmes live broadcast on

Friday, July 27.01: Seattle - Process - Presented by Organix @ Club 23 West Cordova 8$ Cover 9pm - 2 am w/ Christopher Schmidt

Saturday, July 28.01: Kirkland - Kingdom Session - Free Admission located @348 Kirkland Ave. from 10am - 5pm Featuring DJ XTC and DJ Mikster

Saturday, July 28.01: Seattle - Off The Hook - Presented by Khaos Productions - 10pm-6am @ NAF studios Featuring: DJ Rectangle, DJ Enrie, Taj, DJ Roman, The Mixxdknuts - DJ Feisty - Jay the Mover, Adam J, SoulSlinger - MC TC Izlam, Siren, Eva, Zacharia, Nitsuj, Slantooth -n- Demo, Popeye -n- mc Ric, DJ Flave, Adonis -n- Miss Funk, Lil Mz Booty, Ryle, Aaron Simpson, Jan Lee - Patrick Hernandez TICKETS are 25$ at the door. INFOLINE: 206.540.1515

Sunday, July 29.01: Seattle - Substance - @The Mercury 1009 E. Union 21+ 5$ at the door. 5-11pm Featuring: Mark e. Quark, Mike Stevens, Linda Kennedy, Eli Huntington

Sunday, July 29.01: Seattle - The Baltic Room Presents Gilles Peterson with DJ Nasir.

Friday, Aug 03.01: Seattle - The Electric Spook Parade - Presented by Lotu5 & TMG Featuring: Prophei, Psytrip, Tswirl, Adam Ohm, Anon, Vajra, Ki, Muschi, Chloe, Nathan Solberg, Advent INFOLINE: 206.680.5546

Friday, Aug 03.01: Portland - A.D.D productions presents "Citrus", with Dj Simple, Kos and Xavier on a 2x4, Dj ICEY, Joey Mazzola, and Woodrow Low, Goliath with MC Dave, Eva, AK 1200, and Chea.

Friday, Aug 03.01: Seattle - Import Revolution Pre-funk Party - Aristocrat's 4th Ave S & Main St.

Friday, Aug 03.01: Seattle - Experience Music Project - Community - For Advanced Tickets call 206.770.2702 or 1.877.I-LISTEN INFOLINE: 1.877.EMPLIVE or visit Featuring: Electric Skychurch, DJ John Kelley, DJ Singe and Verb, Hana, No Futuro, Chloe

Saturday, Aug 04.01: Seattle - Super Fly - Presented by Intervention Productions Featuring: Frankie Bones, Donald Glaude, Wilhelm K, Enemy, DJ Detonate, DJ Trip, K (Polar), Rinse, MC Jamalski, Recka, Slantooth, Demo, Shaun Pinn, Mark White, DJ Freeze, Igro, Emily Song, Minifunk, Miss Funk @ NAF Studios INFOLINE 206.760.7660 or 877.337.7660 (70's dress up theme)

Tuesday, Aug 07.01: Seattle - Liquifi @ Liquid Lounge EMP 21+ w/ID Featuring Zacharia & Subconscious

Friday, Aug 10.01: Seattle - Revelation - Presented by Underground Construction Music Featuring: Bam Bam, Mystre, Double Impact, Ryle, Jimmy Hoffa, Flave, Wheelz, lil mz booty, dj federal, ki vs. naha, aaron simpson, echko, bradley paul, wik, nick twisted @ Club Insight 333 Elliot Ave. W. 18+ w/ID 10pm-5am INFOLINE:206.444.0565

Friday, Aug 10.01: Seattle - Experience Music Project - Community - For Advanced Tickets call 206.770.2702 or 1.877.I-LISTEN INFOLINE: 1.877.EMPLIVE or visit Featuring: Deiselboy, Bad Company, Stakka & Skynet, Eva, Nitsuj, Slantooth, Demo

Saturday, Aug 11.01: Seattle - Heaven - Presented by AM Productions - Featuring DJ Funk, Spacegirl, Woodrow Low, David Michael, dAb, Bradley Paul, Wik, DJ Wiggles, DJ XL, Lil Mz Booty vs. Arsenal, McPhilly, Gene Lee, Scott Sways, DJ Echko, Tearle Eide, Siren, RAW, Zacharia, Eva, Teej, MAK*ONE*O INFOLINE: 800.357.4694 or 425.886.0331 @ NAF Studios

Saturday, Aug 11.01: Seattle - Visions - Presented by OTE Records Featuring: Darude, George Acosta, Mixin Marc, Kevens, Deepsky, Miss Yetti, St. John, Kenny Figueroa, DVT INFOLINE: 206.409.3395 or

Saturday, Aug 11.01: Eugene - Evil - Presented by Lizard King.

Saturday, Aug 11.01: Bothell - A Lil' Sumthin' Sweet - Featuring DJ SENTRIK WHEELZ (Abducted-Sea) WIK (AM Crew-Sea) DJ ECHKO (Phat Bastards-Sea) LIL MZ BOOTY (Equality-Sea) DJ FLAVE (Phat Bastards-Sea) JEFFREY DIAXX (F8-Sea) JUSTIN ALEXANDER(AKA DJ JAB) (F8, Eden-Sea) AARON SIMPSON (F8-Sea) INPHAMOUS , and FREE WEED,Select and limited presale @ $8!!! -Email for presale info and directions

Saturday, Aug 11.01: Seattle - DJ Westbam & DJ Flave - @ The Showbox 21+ w/ID 10pm-2am 1426 1st. Ave.

Tuesday, Aug 14.01: Seattle - Liquifi @ Liquid Lounge EMP 21+ w/ID Featuring John Howard & Joaquin Garcia

Friday, Aug 17.01: Seattle - The Dark Crystal - Featuring: Mekka Jesiah (A Phractal Sensorium Project) Tawney Arsenal (Equality) Lockdown45 Xiayu Jacob Trance (KGRG) Axiom (Kenetic) Ro$$ Bright Elixer (Mew) Jimni Cricket (Funshine) and a lot more to be announced... $15 at the door, $10 with a costume from or inspired by the movie. info# (206) 366-2233

Friday, Aug 17.01: Seattle - Experience Music Project - Community - For Advanced Tickets call 206.770.2702 or 1.877.I-LISTEN INFOLINE: 1.877.EMPLIVE or visit Featuring: Bad Boy Bill, Jesse Saunders, Derrick May, Juan Atkins, Wesley Holmes, Roman, Vince Lawrence, Peter Chistianson

August 17,18,19,20.01: San Francisco - Fusion Festival - International Music Festival Featuring: Atmos, Process, Shakta, Medicine Drum, Bus, Zen Lemonad, Bufo, Penta, Biodegradable, Kode IV, Water Juice, Deeper in Zen, Eagle Spirit, Anti, Ollie Wisdom, Gus Till, James Munroe, Mark Allen, Dimitri, Surreal, KJ, Dutch, Varja, James Meadow, Tim, Jon Mark, Wyse, Tipper, BLIM, Meat Katie, Iosui, Soto, Digitalis, Dimitri Dkn, Dom Elton, Adam Ohana, Amanda, Bassplugger, Anon, Dov, Storm, Antonio, Felix the Dog, Ms. , Chika, The Geometrist, Clockwork, Lucas, Amnon, Alex Windsor, Single Cell Orchestra, Mobius Ft. Bob Brailove, Twerk, Tsujin, Lorin, Sean Williams, Cozi, Dragonfly, Jovis, Galen, Rob Rayle, Kenny, SFDatman, Jermiah, Masonic, Dob, Tswirl, Garret, Sir Eel, Jeneye INFOLINE: 415.820.3255 or 510.496.2711

Saturday Aug 18.01: Seattle - Grooveside Connection - Presented by GrooveSide Entertainment FeaturingEast Coast Boogiemen, DJ Flave vs. DJ dab, The Professors, The Mixxd Knuts, Vishnu, Mike Anthony, Star Eyes, Dig-Dug INFOLINE: 206.648.2875 15$ w/can food 20$

Saturday Aug 18.01: Seattle - The Sixth Dimension - @ Consolodated Works @ 410 Terry Ave N. Featuring: Omar Santana, MC Sypher, Naha, Jimmy Hoffa, DJ Smile, DJ Satan, Kuma, Jak, Maximus, Doug Bradley vs. Delirium, Adonis, Slantooth + Demo, Zacharia, Dialysis, Wyl'E Tickets are 20$ @ the door. Presales at Platinum Records. INFOLINE 206.222.3449

Tuesday, Aug 21.01: Seattle - Liquifi @ Liquid Lounge EMP 21+ w/ID Featuring Johnny Fiasco & Jon Lemmon

Friday, Aug 24.01: Seattle - Soul Vibrations - Featuring DJ Bo, DJ Chrisko, Pig-Pen, Cloud9, Skunk, & Animal Tater, Dirty Steve, DJ Simple, Charlie B, Jizosh & Bo, and more...@ the new Superhighway. The cover is $10, with no re-entry fee

Friday, Aug 24.01: Seattle - Experience Music Project - Community - For Advanced Tickets call 206.770.2702 or 1.877.I-LISTEN INFOLINE: 1.877.EMPLIVE or visit Featuring: Nortec Collective, Monk, Jackal & Hyde, Donald Glaude, Logic Probe, John King, Smile

Saturday Aug 25.01: Seattle - Love Boat 2 - Presented by AM Productions Featuring Donald Glaude, Woodrow Low, David Michael, Big Teej & Scott Swaze, Wik, Simon, Wesley Holmes, Brian Lyons 21+ w/2 full bars @ Pier 56 Boarding starts at 10, Departs at 11, goes til 3 AM Presale Tix 25$ INFOLINES: 800.357.4694 & 425.886.0331

Saturday Aug 25.01: Seattle - Unite Mekka Festival Presented by Spundae & USC @ the Stadium Exhibition Center doors @ 9pm Featuring BT, Armand Van Helden, Deep Dish, Derrick Carter, Junior Sanchez, H-Foundation, Dig-Dug, Josh Wink, Scott Henry, Donald Glaude, Simply Jeff, Taj, Jay the Mower + Feisty, Dave Ralph, Sandra Collins, Jerry Bonhjam, Micro, John Debo, Dave Trance, James Christian, DJ rap, Dom+Roland, Tech Itch, Shimon, Dieselboy, MC Jakes, Eva, Wly'E, Demo TICKETS 40$ Presale 45$ @ the door INFOLINES: 888.221.7491 / 506.516.8660 / 503.321.5060 / 415.764.2922

Tuesday, Aug 28.01: Seattle - Liquifi @ Liquid Lounge EMP 21+ w/ID Simply Jeff & DJ Smile

Friday, Aug 31.01: Seattle - Kaboom! - Presented by AM Productions - Featuring DJ Enrie, Ron Reeser, Roman, Adonis, DJ Echko, Scott Swayze, Slantooth, Eva, Big Teej, DJ Syze, DJ Turbulence, Woodrow Low, David Michael, DJ Flave, Wik, Tearle Eide @ Club Insight 333 Elliot W. $15 @ Door INFOLINE: 800.357.4694 or 425.886.0331

September 01,02,03.01: Washington - Phase 01 - Presented by Groundzero - Featuring over 50 DJ's TICKETS $40 for the first 5000, $60 thereafter, $100 VIP

Friday, Sept 07.01: Seattle - Radiation - Presented by Bagga Productions Featuring Simply Jeff, Donald Glaud, Roman, Delirium, DJ Wheelz, Ryle, Flave, Zacharia, Nitsuj, Lil Mz Booty, the Gerrixx, Ariom, Dru Allen, Andrew Cox, RJ Sorbello, Aaron Simpson, DJXL, Nervous Breakdown, Hitmaster, Cue T, Shaun, Terra Xyman, Empath, Inphamous, Vize @ 333 Elliott Ave. W.

Friday, Oct 12.01: Seattle - Klub Stompin - Presented by EKK Productions - Featuring Josh da Funky 1, George Centeno, Darren R, DJ Federal, DJ Flave, Jimmy Hoffa, Professor Bounce, Mixxd Knutz, Lil Mz Booty, Adonis, Ryle, Echko + more...Club Insight 333 Elliot Ave W 10PM - 5AM 18 and over Club Insight 24hr Info line 206-369-5904.

Saturday, Oct 13.01: Seattle - Two Proper - presented by 27/28 and KGB industries Featuring THOMAS KROME ...(flyers aren't out yet)...TBA... 206-666-7464

E-Mail: C R Y S T A L E N E @ H O T M A I L . C O M email me if you have any suggestions about what I should post up on the site or if you have any events you want up...or just email me to say hi! This site is updated frequently. A brief thanx to all those who have sent me the info to keep everyone informed. I'm open to any suggestions! PLUR

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USC 5 was off the hook all thanks to DJ Humpty Vission! Thanks for keeping the vibe positive you guys!

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