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Creative Splurge!

At Portland Friends Meeting, Maine, October 17-19, 2003

“Eighty percent of success is showing up.”

Woody Allen

So show up!

Come share things you find creative and maybe experiment with some new ones.

Music, art, writing, movement – playing, thinking, laughing, talking – splurge!



Quakerism and World/ Politics

At Hartford Friends Meeting, CT, November 21-23 2003

Bless what stirs in us compassion . . .what shows us our face in a stranger,

who teaches us what we clutch shrivels, but what we give goes off in the world carrying bread to people . . .

Let us lift each other on our shoulders and carry each other along.

Let holiness move in us.

Let us pay attention to its small voice.

Let us see the light in others and honor that light.

Marge Piercy

What stirs you?  What vision do you want for the future?  What understanding are you seeking? Quakers are out there working in the world and we can hear from them.  We can begin to see where we fit.  We can see where political and spiritual share common ground.  We can celebrate our community, talk, laugh, sing.  Being a loving community is counter-cultural!  Come be with us. 



Mind Body and Soul

Young Friends Midwinter, M L King weekend, January 16-19, 2004

At Friendly Crossways Youth Hostel, Littleton MA


Having some extra time (this is a Friday to Monday retreat) means we will have more time to explore our theme, an open-ended time of centering, learning more about ourselves and each other, getting it together to get through the winter.   Programs, worship, workshops, talks by the fire, walking, sledding (think snow), playing, talking – it’s one of our favorite events for the year.


Because it’s longer and we’re meeting at a commercial facility, it costs more:  $125. (with a $25 discount for sibs).  But as is the case of all Young Friend events:  don’t let that get in the way of your coming.  Ask for the financial aid you need. 

General Information about these retreats:


Retreats start at 7:30 pm on Friday night and end around 1:00 pm on Sunday.  (Midwinter will start with supper on Friday night and end with lunch on Monday)

Friday nights we play games, get to know each other a bit and meet in smaller affinity groups.  Saturday morning there is singing, worship. Program, and after lunch there is a large chunk of free time for games, napping, reading, and hanging out.  Late afternoon, there are usually interest groups – a chance to explore some aspect of the topic in greater depth with a small group.  After dinner, there is more singing, evening program and affinity groups meet again.  Sunday morning is busy with cleaning up the meetinghouse, doing some final closing and evaluation as a group, and worshipping with the host Meeting.


Retreats cost $40.00, with a $5.00 discount for each sibling from a family attending (ie, you and one sib would be $70.00).   Midwinter in January, being longer and at a commercial facility, costs $125., with a $25 sib discount.   Young friends has scholarship money, so don’t let cost stand in your way.  Contact me, Chris, or pay what you can at the retreat. We really want you there.



Things to bring (PUTTING YOUR NAME ON THINGS is a really really good idea):

1.  Sleeping bag and pillow

2.  Towel and soap.

3.  Mug with your name on it.

4.  Toiletries and any medicines

5.  Comfy clothing, layers work best so you can adjust for different temps.  Rainwear, outdoor shoes advisable.  Check the weather.

6.  Night clothes you don’t mind being seen in.

7.  Musical instruments, journal, camera, games, cards, frisbee, etc.

8.  If you are someone who falls asleep better listening to music, it is ok to bring a walk/discman, but please only plan on using it quietly, by yourself at night.  We ask people not to be “plugged in” during most of the retreat. 

9.  Cell phones.  If you carry a cell phone, please do not plan on using it during the retreat.  It’s great to call your folks to let them know that you arrived safely, but just like e-music, it could be a barrier to you being part of the community during the weekend. 




The deadline for my receiving your forms (registration and health form) is SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 27.  I will evaluate all forms received by that time equally.  We have had waiting lists for retreats in the last two years and maybe we will this year as well, so please get your form in by the deadline.


Make sure that each person fills out their own forms – no siblings on the same paper, please. 

When you get a confirmation for the retreat (which will have directions to the meetinghouse and a ride list), you can send in the registration money.   We really appreciate getting payments ahead of time because it makes things easier for the registrar – and remember that you just need to pay what you can, don’t sweat it.


Contact me with questions or comments.  I look forward to seeing you!

Chris Jorgenson, 22 Cherry Street, Somerville MA 02144   617-625-4494



We are always looking for new staff or people who might be interested in presenting part of a program or interest group.  Look around your home meetings – who might be someone who could lead a workshop at a retreat this year? Most adults are really pretty flattered when teenagers ask them to come to a retreat.

Mail this form filled out and signed on both sides to:

Chris Jorgenson, 22 Cherry St., Somerville MA 02144 as soon as possible, but arriving no later than September 27.


name___________________________________________________     grade ________
birthdate ______/_______/_______

street____________________________________________  city_____________________state_____
zip _ _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _

phone  (________) ________-__________  meeting?________________________
e-mail address?*___________________________

*email addresses change often – please list your current address.  Don’t list it if you don’t check it.

family doctor:______________________________________________ phone #______________________________

medical insurance co:________________________________________ plan/ policy # _______________________________

in whose name ______________________________________________


Emergency contact #1:


Relationship to YF: _______________________

Phone: __________________________________

Emergency contact #2:

Name: ____________________________________

Relationship to YF: _________________________

Phone: ___________________________________


I give permission for my child to participate in the NEYM Young Friends retreats October 17-19, 2003, November 21-23, 2003 and January 16-19, 2004.  I release New England Yearly Meeting, staff and volunteers, from liability for any injury or illness that my child may sustain during this retreat.  In the event of an emergency, I authorize an adult leader to consent to any examination, diagnosis, treatment or hospital care advised and supervised by a licensed physician, surgeon or dentist.  I expect to be contacted as soon as possible.

Signed: _________________________________________     print name: ____________________________________

                signature of parent or guardian, or self if 18 years old or older                      tel # during the weekend:___________________________



Please answer the following questions as completely as possible so that we will be best able to best care for your child.  All of this information will be confidential.:

1.  Describe allergies, if any:




2.  Describe any medications your child is currently taking.  We do not have medical staff to administer medications.  Please telephone about any conditions that will need staff attention.  







3.  Please describe any physical, learning, behavioral, or emotional disabilities/ differences that staff should know about in order to help your child be a member of our community:









Registration form for NEYM Young Friend retreats, fall-winter 2003-04

Mail to Chris Jorgenson, 22 Cherry Street, Somerville MA 02144

to arrive by September 27, 2003

(Please have siblings fill out separate sheets)


Name _____________________________________________________ 
Grade ______


Email address, if any: ______________________________________________ 

(don’t’ list it if you don’t check it)


I would like to register for the following retreats:


Place check mark where appropriate


_____ Creative Splurge, Portland Meeting ME, October 17-19

_____ Quakerism & World/Politics, Hartford Meeting CT, November 21-23

_____ Mind, Body, & Soul, Friendly Crossways, Littleton MA, January 16-19, 2004


Of the retreats you registered for:

Which would you most want to go to?  ___________________________________________

Which would you be the least sad about missing?  __________________________________

Are there other people (siblings, people for getting a ride) that affect your coming?


Please read and sign the following:

I understand that attending a Young Friends event means I commit to participate fully in the program, to help form our community, and to abstain from using alcohol or illegal drugs, or being sexually intimate.  I also understand that if I am unable to attend a retreat that I will immediately contact Chris so that a Young Friend on the wait list can take my place.


Signed by the Young Friend: __________________________________________


aaaHave your parent/guardian fill out and sign the other side and send it in soon!  aaa


Directions, ride list, and which retreats you are signed up for will be sent out the week after the September 27 deadline.