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Upcoming Events

Sept 26-28 YF Officers and Ministry and Counsel Retreat at Allen’s Neck MA
Oct 4 Committee Day (for YouthQuakers and perhaps for YF reps to Youth Prog Comm)
........ at Cambridge Friends School
Oct. 10-13

Young Quakes Conference (FGC) – Kingston Springs near Nashville TN

Theme:  “Strength in Vulnerability”


Oct 17-19            Young Friend Retreat at 
          Portland Meeting, ME 
            Theme:  “Creative Splurge!” 
Nov. 21-23

Young Friend Retreat at Hartford Meeting, CT

    Theme:  “Quakerism and World/Politics”


Dec 27-Jan1 YouthQuake 2003 – Estes Park, CO
Jan 16-19 Young Friends Midwinter – 
Friendly Crossways, Littleton MA
Theme:  “Mind, Body, and Soul”

 Complete 2003-2004 NEYM Calendar