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  Although I bet most people coming to this site are YF's, I think it's necessary to explain what the Young  Friends are for those who don't know. New England Young Friends is a community of high-school age Quakers in New England. We participate in several retreats and other events during the year to help educate us in, to help us understand, and to help us cope with different aspects of life, ranging from religion and spirituality, to sexuality.

Update: Dear Friends, please accept my sincerest apologies in regard to my lackadaisicalness in regard to the maintenance of this site lately. That said, BAAM! I'm happy, i've put a couple of pictures up from mid-winter, and more are gonna be up tomorrow, i've fixed the crier links, and have added some stuff to YFE as well, if you would like to report any dead links, all my contact info is on my page. I've added some new links, which for the next couple of weeks will remain on the main page here. ummmmmmmmm..... yea, hope all of you have sent in your forms, i have a copy online right here if you lost yours. well, love and light, and ill so some more stuff later 
12:25 am, 2/5/03 


I have started to make a slightly more aesthetically pleasing main page. umm, click here to see it, and send me some feed back
Someone finally sent some things in to YFE. : ) If you want to see it or if you are confused then click here.

Yay! holly sent me pictures!!!

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