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NEYM Site:                NEYM

Links to Meetings:       Amesbury Monthly Meeting
                                  Framingham Friends Meeting
                                  Friends Meeting at Cambridge
                                  Hartford Monthly Meeting
                                  Mattapoisett Monthly Meeting
                                  Middlebury Vermont Monthly Meeting
                                  New London Monthly Meeting
                                  Northampton Friends Meeting
                                  Plainfield Friends Meeting
                                  Smith Neck Friends Meeting
                                  Smithfield Monthly Meeting
                                  Sandwich Monthly Meeting
                                  Worcester-Pleasant Street Meeting

Other Links:              Beacon Hill Friends Hou
                                Faith and Practice Revision Committee
                                First Day School and Parenting Resources
                                Friends Camp
                                Friends for Restorative Justice
                                Friends in Unity with Nature
                                John Woolman and the Global Economy.
                                Junior Yearly Meeting Retreats
                                Living with Oneself and Others
                                Moses Brown School
                                New England Friend
                                New England Friends Home
                                New England Yearly Meeting Archives
                                NEYM Board of Managers of Pooled Funds
                                NEYM Christian Education Newsletter
                                New England United Society of Friends Women International
                                Quaker Studies Program 2001-2002
                                Peace and Social Concerns Committee
                                Permanent Board response to the events of 11 September 2001
                                Prison Ministry Committee of RI/Smithfield Quarterly Meeting of Friends
                                Salem Quarter
                                Traveling Ministries Forms
                                Traveling Ministries & Intervisitation Program
                                Friends World Committee for Consultation
                                Friends General Conference
                                Friends Peace Teams Project
                                Friends United Meeting.
                                QUIP Quakers United in Publishing
                                American Friends Service Committee
                                AFSC-western MA
                                Friends Committee on National Legislation
                                Quaker Information Center
                                William Penn House
                                Calendar of Friends' (Quaker) Yearly Meetings
                                Fellowship of Friends of African Descent
                                Friends Committee on Restorative Justice
                                New Foundation Fellowship (USA)
                                Pendle Hill, a Quaker Center for Study And Contemplation.
                                Information on Quakerism
                                Quaker-Y email list for youth ages 9-15
                                Religious Society of Friends WWW site
                                Right Sharing of World Resources
                                Woolman Hill