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Some Dreams
Were Never
Ment To
Come True

We're all mad here... 
Just a quick update... I started taking classes for my GED and Im in drivers ed now!!!! woohooo!!!!!! hehe... I have tons of pix and stuff to put up so I'll get to that soon... TTYL

Happy Birthday Ian xoxoxo

Happy Birthday Steve!

Woohoo!!!!Only 1 month and 16 days till my b-day!!!!! :D Speaking of b-days... we had an awesome time at Poppy's last night. Happy Birthday. :) As soon as I figure it out Im gonna make a page for birthdays....Dont hold your breath. Oh, and Happy 4th. Toodles!

Im still working on all the graphics, blinkies will be here soon too :) Cant wait!!!

Just a little journal thinger :)
Today I applied for a few jobs and I got to babysit Janelle. She tought me how to play Slap Jack.
We each one a game. I made pizza for dinner, well, I put it in the oven, Digorno (sp?) made it. Janelle couldnt seem to grasp the concept of not ordering a pizza.
We watched Harry Potter 2 and made chocolate fudge pudding with dark and white chocolate chips in it O:) and I gave her a lil extra, cuz mum's not home :)
But she didnt eat it all, so we saved it. We made pix for Ms. Bend and Janelle ended up putting me to bed!JK. But I do think I fell asleep before her :\
There you go! My day in a nutshell, kinda.

Hey everyone!!!
Still not much to say... just wanted to tell you to make sure and leave a note in the chatter box below. Thanks!!!!.
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Dont forget to come back... Im constantly adding things! TTYL