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Tupac Poems

The Power of a Smile

The power of a gun can kill

and the power of Fire can Burn

The power of wind can chill

and the power of the mind can learn

The power of anger can rage

inside until it tears u apart

But the Power of a Smile

especially yours can heal a frozen Heart


(The Rebirth of My Heart)

(dedicated 2 Renee Ross)

First there was nothing

Not even the faint echo of a song

Loneliness was daily 4 me

until u came along

There was a gleam of stars in your eyes

I thought I'd never feel this way again

But u were the one 2 reach into my heart

And find in me a Friend

I could not ignore the magnetism

that I felt when u were near

And any problems plaguing my mind

would suddenly disappear

It was the rebirth of my heart

The day u became my friend

Because I knew from the moment

I held u that I would find love again

Love Within a Storm

We mad love within a storm

in the midst of passion and chaos

somewhere, somehow our true bond

of friendship was lost

In the eye of the storm

The rain always falls harder

Those who prevail this trauma

will learn 2 bring their love farther

But now the storm has passed

and the seas of our friendship R calm

But as long as I live I will remember

the love within the storm

What Can I Offer Her?

All of my life I dreamed of meeting one

with immense beauty, and once I found her

I would charm her and she'd be mine


I have found her and indeed she is all

I wished for and more but she is

not charmed nor intrigued. Then I

think 2 myself "What can I offer her?"

The tears warm my eyes and blur my

vision. I stick 2 my stance of bravado

and give her the same uninterested look

she gave me. She was so beautiful

But what can I offer her.


u R the omega of my heart

The foundation 4 my conception of Love

when I think of what a Black woman should be

it's u that I First think of

u will never fully understand

how Deeply my Heart Feels 4 u

I worry that we'll grow apart

and I'll end up losing u

u bring me 2 climax without sex

and u do it all with regal grace

u R my Heart in Human Form

a Friend I could never replace

The Tears In Cupid's Eyes

(4 Jada)

The day u chose 2 leave me

u rained constantly outside

In truth I swore the rain 2 be

The tears in Cupid's eyes

Cupid's Smile II

I ran outside 2 feel the rain

and I stayed outside awhile

when the rain was done along came the sun

and this was Cupid's Smile!

What I See!

With my eyes closed I can c

we have a chance 2 discover ecstasy

but the clouds of doubt have made u blind

so u R afraid of the emotions that u may find

I know that you've been hurt before

but this is no excuse 4 u 2 ignore

the seed that cupid planted, in hopes that we could sow

This infant emotion deserves 2 breathe so why won't u let it grow

A neglected flower will wither and on it's own it will surely die

But with honesty, passion, and mutual respect we can soar beyond the sky

So please don't follow what u c follow the rhythm within

your heartBelieve in me though u cannot c what lies within the Dark

In the Midst of Passion

In the midst of passion 2 figures stand

emerged in ecstasy joined hand and hand

words R unnecessary feelings R heard

the body takes control deaf 2 words

It is at this stage that I think of u

in gratitude 4 this joy u have exposed me 2

Each Day is Bright with you as the Dawn

with the collapse of each night a strong bond is born

In the midst of passion I remember your kiss

I reminisce about your touch and suddenly miss

the scent u wear and the tone of your voice

Only u can be my choice

In the midst of passion

I c u & me

Lost in constant ecstasy!!

2 People with 1 Wish

There were 2 people with one wish

2 live a Life filled with Love

2 GOD they would pray that 2gether they'd stay

under the stars above

But someone else made a wish

at the same time on the same breath

And although the wish 4 love was granted

so was this evil wish 4 Death

now I make a wish

sealed with tears and laughter

It is my wish that these 2 loves

R reunited in the hereafter

Hours Pass By

I think of u in my arms

and what it would be like 2 make love

I think of u raising my SEED

and what they'd be made of

I think of how alone I was

before u came 2 be

I think of the joy I felt

when u said u thought of me

I'm proud 2 be the heart u

choose 2 make a friend

hours pass by and cupid cries

until we meet again

Just a Breath of Freedom

(4 Nelson Mandela)

held captive 4 your politics

They wanted 2 break your soul

They ordered the extermination

of all minds they couldn't control

4 u the fate was far worse

than just a brutal homicide

They caged u like an animal

and watched u slowly die inside

As u Breathe your first air of freedom

on the day u become a free man

Raise your Regal Brow in Pride

4 now you R in God's Hands

The life of many were given

so that the day would one day come

That the devils in Power at Pretoria

would pay for the evil crimes they've done

For Mrs. Hawkins

(In memory of Yusef Hawk)

This poem is addressed 2 Mrs. Hawkins

who lost her son 2 racist society

I'm not out 2 offend the positive souls

only the racist dogs who lied 2 me

An American culture plagued with nights

like the night Yusef was killed

if it were reversed it would be the work

of a savage but this white killer was just strong-willed

with the blood of Malcolm in my veins

America will never rest

if Yusef dies in vain!

The Sun and the Moon

Your ways R similar 2 the rays of the sun

Warm 2 many but 2 strong 4 some

The more u R needed the brighter u shine

Watched 4 2 long and your brilliance will blind

The eyes of mortal men who threaten u with doom

They regret 2 c u set but it is time 4 the moon

Government Assistance or My Soul

It would be like a panther

asking a panther hunter

4 some meat, all

High school dropouts R not DUMB

All unemployed aren't lazy

and there R many days I hunger

But I would go hungry and homeless

Before the American Government gets my soul

Family Tree

(4 Mother)

Because we all spring

from different trees

we are not created equally

Is the true beauty in the tree

or in the vast forest in which it breathes

the tree must fight 2 breed

among the evils of the weeds

I find greatness in the tress

that grows against all odds

it blossoms in darkness

and gives birth 2 promising pods.

I was the tree who grew from weeds

and wasn't meant 2 be

ashamed I'm not in fact I am proud

of my thriving family tree

Or My Soul

(dedicated 2 Moms)

(dedicated 2 the Powers that B)

The choice is no stranger 2 poverty

your soul or Government Assistance

I'm 18 in a country with no path

4 a young unaddicted Black youth with a Dream

Instead I am giving the Ultimatum.

When Your Hero Falls

(4 My Hero My Mother)

when your hero falls from grace

all fairy tales R uncovered

myths exposed and pain magnified

the greatest pain discovered

u taught me 2 be strong

but I'm confused 2 c u so weak

u said never 2 give up

and it hurts 2 c u welcome defeat

when your Hero falls so do the stars

and so does the perception of tomorrow

without my Hero there is only

me alone 2 deal with my sorrow.

your Heart ceases 2 work

and your soul is not happy at all

what R u expected 2 do

when your only Hero falls


strength is overcome by weakness

Joy is overcome by Pain

The night is overcome by Brightness

and Love-it remains the same

U R Ripping Us Apart!!!

(dedicated to crack)

Before u came the triangle never broke

we were bonded and melded as one

But as the 2 pushed u away

The one got weak and embraced u

and now u R ripping us apart

The worst feeling of helplessness

The greatest pain has rested in my heart

The vision of heaven fades

My Hero has been defeated by you

and now what can I do

watch as u destroy us

and our love is finally through

I know the worst is here

I feel it in my Heart

u got into the circle

now you're tearing us apart!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A River That Flows Forever

(4 Mother)

As long as some suffer

The River Flows Forever

As long as there is pain

The River Flows Forever

As strong as a smile can be

The River Flows Forever

And as long as u R with me

we'll ride the River Together

Tears of a Teenage Mother

He's bragging about his new Jordans

the Baby just ran out of milk

He's buying gold every 2 weeks

the Baby just ran out of Pampers

He's buying clothes for his new girl

& the Baby just ran out of medicine

u ask for money for the Baby

the daddy just ran out the Door

Where There Is a Will....

Where there is a will

there is a way

2 search and discover

a better day

Where a positive heart

is all u need

2 Rise Beyond

and succeed

where young minds grow

and respect each other

based on their Deeds

and not their color

When times R dim

say as I say

"where there is a will

There is a way!"

Liberty Needs Glasses

excuse me but Lady Liberty needs glasses

And so does Mrs. Justice by here side

Both the broads R blind as bats

Stumbling thru the system

Justice bumped into Mutulu and

Trippin' on Geronimo Pratt

But stepped right over Oliver

And his crooked partner Ronnie

Justice stubbed her Big Toe on Mandela

And liberty was misquoted by the Indians

slavery was a learning phase

Forgotten without a verdict

while Justice is on a rampage

4 endangered surviving Black males

I mean really if anyone really valued life

and cared about the masses

They'd take 'em both 2 Pen Optical

and get 2 pairs of glasses

How Can We Free

Sometimes I wonder about this race

Because we must be blind as hell

2 think we live in equality

while Nelson Mandela rots in a jail cell

Where the shored of Howard Beach

are full of Afrikan corpses

And those that do live 2 be 18

Bumrush 2 join the Armed Forces

This so called "Home of the Brave"

why isn't anybody Backing us up!

When they c these crooked ass Redneck cops

constantly Jacking us up

Now I bet some punk will say I'm racist

I can tell by the way you smile at me

then I remember George Jackson, Huey Newton

and Geronimo 2 hell with Lady Liberty

The Promise

"I will give u liberty, but first give me your spirit,

This I must confiscate because the evil fear it."

I too would be afraid of passion governed by reason

An open mind 2 trying times when corruption is in


The promise that they claim

2 be completely true

is hypocrisy at its finest

A trick 2 silence u

never will I believe a promise

from the masters of the Art

Trickery does not succeed

with those with Honest Hearts


(dream poem)

Backed into a corner

alone and very confused

Tired of running away

My manhood has been abused

Not my choice 2 be so blunt

But u must fight fire with flame

I allowed myself 2 run once

and was haunted by the shame

if I must kill I will and if I must do it again

I would but the situation is a no-win


I'm going in2 this not knowing what I'll find

but I've decided 2 follow my heart and abandon my mind

and if there be pain I know that at least I gave my all

and it is better 2 have loved and lost than 2 not love at all

In the morning I may wake 2 smile or maybe 2 cry

but first 2 those of my past I must say goodbye

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