"Daddy's Toy"

Daddy always says I was born to fuck. He should know, he trained me that way. Seems like sex has always been a part of my life. I started masturbating really young, and just couldn't keep my tiny fingers out of my little wet bald cunt. I won't tell you how old I was when I had my first cum, but I was YOUNG!! Now, I was constantly crawling into my daddy's lap and teasing his big prick through his pants. I used to love to snuggle down and rub my bottom against it and feel it grow hard under my panties, making my little twat warm, too. Daddy's cock was really big and hard as stone a lot of the time. My Mom would look over at me in his lap and say, "Aren't you a bit big to be in your daddy's lap?". I think she was just jealous of me.
Daddy loved to play with my long blonde hair and bounce me up and down on him. I know he used to cum a lot when we did that. After he'd cum, if we were alone, he'd rub my pussy through my panties until I would shake and cry out with my cum, too. I knew what fucking was, cause I saw my parents fucking a couple of times. It looked like fun to me. One time I stood there while my mom sucked my dad off. She didn't see me there, but Daddy did. I watched her lick his balls and slide her mouth up and down his big shaft. He smiled at me and let me watch until he shot his load into her mouth. I wanted to do that, too, but Daddy said that Mommy wouldn't like it very much.
One day I came home from school and found my dad sitting in the living room alone, reading a letter. He looked really upset, so I asked him what was wrong. He said that Mommy had gone away with someone and wouldn't be coming back. He said that it was just going to be us from now on. I cried and Daddy pulled me up into his lap and kissed and kissed me. He said it would be ok, but that he was going to need a new wife right away to take care of his needs. I looked up at him and said, "Can't I be your new wife, Daddy?". Daddy said that I was a little young, but I told him I would take really good care of him, I didn't want any other women in the house with us. He said that I would have to do the things that I saw him doing with Mommy, and even more than that.
I answered him with a kiss on the lips. Suddenly, Daddy put his arms around me and started kissing me deep and hard, probing his tongue into my little red mouth. I was feeling funny down in my pussy when he did that. He picked me up in his arms and carried me up the stairs to his bedroom. He lay me down on the bed and slowly took my clothes off.
First he unbuttoned my white blouse to reveal my swollen little nipples. He sucked each one, hard, and nibbled on them with his teeth. I was going crazy feeling my own daddy suckle on me; I could feel my little cunt start to throb. He then sat on the bed and took off his shirt and pants, just leaving his underwear on. I could see his swollen cock peeking out of the top. He pulled off my plaid skirt and pink cotton panties, smelling the panties in his hand. He said, "Your little twat smells so sweet, I can hardly wait to eat it, but first come here and pull my underpants down."
I felt so grown up sliding the jockey shorts down over my daddy's thick shaft and tossing them on the bed. I said, "Am I your wife now, daddy?". He said, "No not yet, but we'll practice now...if you do everything right, later we'll have a nice wedding." He was stroking his cock slowly while I looked at him, then he put his hand behind my head and pulled it over to it. He said, "I know you saw Mommy do this, just lick my balls and cock, nice and slow."
I did as I was told, licking and kissing his big hairy balls and up the shaft of his huge cockmeat. When I reached the top, he grabbed my head and shoved his cock deep into my mouth. I gagged a little, but tried to keep up with his hard thrusts into my tight throat. I looked up to see him smiling down at me and I knew I was doing it right. I was sucking my daddy just like a real wife! I was so proud of myself! Daddy started to moan and talk dirty to me, saying, "That's my good little slut, be Daddy's cocksucker, that's a girl, make Daddy cum in your mouth."
All of a sudden, Daddy's hot sperm came gushing up through his fat cock and started pouring into my mouth. I gagged on it at first and some of it dribbled out of the corners of my mouth and landed on my swollen little nipples. Daddy said, "Now honey, a good wife doesn't let her husband's cum get away like that, you have to swallow it all.". He took his finger and took the globs of cum one by one off my tender tittiess and fed it all to me. I sucked and licked his fingers like a good girl.
Daddy's cock went limp almost right away, but he said that with my hot little cunt around, it wouldn't be long until he would be ready for more, and while we were waiting, he needed to prepare my virgin twat for an adult-sized cock.
He had me lie back on the bed and spread my legs really wide. He got between my legs and took his index finger and started working it into my pussy, little by little. He had to push a little to get it in, it felt a little rough and I squirmed around, trying to help him get it all the way into me. My pussy was juicy from sucking his cock, so that helped, but I was sooo tight I didn't know how he would get his big rod into me.
He finger fucked me for at least an hour, stretching and prodding into my tiny pussy, finally getting two fingers into me and spreading them so I would open up for him. My daddy's cock was full size again by then. He said, "I don't think my cock is going to go in there yet, let me try something else.". He reached into the night stand and brought out three dildos, each one a bit bigger than the other. The first one was about 4 inches or so. He pushed it up into my hole, and turned on the vibrator button. I went wild, bucking and thrashing around on the bed while Daddy watched and smiled his approval. He removed the first dildo and worked the 6" one into my little slutty twat, and I couldn't help it, I came all over it, almost coming up off the bed while I screamed and screamed with pleasure.
After a while, he managed to get the third one in, at 7" it wasn't easy, but I was so juiced up he didn't have too much trouble. Daddy's cock was so stiff by then, he said he couldn't wait any longer, he had to have my cunt. I spread my legs around his big body and he shoved his cock all the way up into my pussy. He put his hand over my mouth to help muffle my yelling as he tore through the last of my cherry. Then he pushed my knees up to my chest and starting thrusting his cock as hard as he could in and out of my twat. He was saying, "Oh, you're Daddy's little toy, you are such a hot little bitch, your cunt is so fucking tight, I could fuck it forever". I was still in a bit of shock from the force of his cock, but when he told me to move my hips to help him pump, I did it, just like a good wife. I was so happy to be giving so much pleasure to my Daddy!! Daddy was groaning really loud and shoving his cock up so far into my pussy I thought he would go right through it into my stomach. He was actually lifting me up off the bed about 6 inches with each thrust.He came almost right away from the tightness of my baby cunt and I could actually feel his cum spurting up into my belly!
Daddy rolled off of me and collapsed on the bed. He told me to lick the cum off his cock and clean his balls up, too. He said that all good wives do exactly what their husbands tell them to do, so I got right down between his legs and lapped up all the cum mixed with my pussy juice off his cock and big, hairy balls. Then he told me that he couldn't believe it, but he wanted more, and I should get him hard again. He turned over and got up on his knees and told me to lick his asshole for him, that Mommy always did that for him when he wanted to get hard again real fast. I hesitated a bit, but he said, "Do what your husband says, bitch!!!", and I stuck my tongue out and started licking his ass around and around in little circles. Daddy pushed back onto my face and told me to put my tongue inside him and tongue-fuck his asshole, and while I was doing that, I should rub his balls and cock with my hands. This time I obeyed like a good girl and Daddy's cock was hard again after about 10 minutes of my inexpert tonguing.
He turned over and told me to suck his cock again. I climbed up onto him and he had me face my pussy towards him and start sucking his purple knob. He grabbed my head and pushed it down onto his cock until I was gagging on it. Daddy said that I had to learn to take a cock deep to give the right satisfaction to my husband. He was pushing my little head up and down by grabbing a handful of hair, but after a couple of minutes I was able to keep it up on my own without his help. Daddy then started to finger me hard. He pushed two fingers up my cunt and started twisting them around inside me. Once his fingers were really wet, he took his middle finger out of my little juiced-up cunt and pushed it up my tiny asshole, all the way. I started to come up off his cock to yell, but he just pushed my head back down onto his rod and told me not to stop sucking until I was told to stop. He said, "We have to get this ass opened up, so your husband can be pleasured with it, too!". He told me to relax my ass so he could get another finger in, but I was starting to fight him and he slapped me hard across the ass and told me that we could do this with his cock if I wanted without him taking the time to open me first, but that I wouldn't like that too much. I made myself relax, cause I knew how it would feel to get Daddy's huge cock up my virgin ass with no preparation at all. Daddy took his time, working another finger into my tight bung hole, then using the series of dildos as he had with my cunt. My little ass was being stretched to the limit, and I started to cry a little, but I kept sucking his cock as I was told. I could tell that he was going to fuck my ass really soon, his cock was already as big as it could get and it was leaking precum into my mouth.
Finally Daddy grabbed me and pulled me off him and told me to get up and straddle him, facing away from him. He grabbed my hips and had me bend over so that he could lube my tiny asshole before he fucked it. I felt the lube around my ass and he even squirted a bunch of it up inside me, too. Then he took hold of my hips and told me to get ready to be fucked. He had me lower my ass to his cockhead, then slowly pushed me down onto him, about an inch at a time. I felt my ass tear as his massive head forced its way up into my tight backdoor. I tried to not yell too much, but it hurt a lot! Finally Daddy shoved me the rest of the way down onto his cock and I was too surprised to scream. He pulled me back so that I was lying on top of his chest and he put one hand over my mouth and with the other slid me on and off his thick stiff cock. I couldn't believe how much it hurt, but I tried to be good for my daddy, I could tell he was loving every minute of it. He was whispering in my ear how good I was making his dick feel, and how if I did it good to him, he wouldn't have to send me to live with my mom. I wanted to stay with my daddy and please him, so I started to move myself for him, sliding my little ass up and down his rod for him.
Daddy sat up all of a sudden and started to lift me up and down on his cock faster and faster, while he slid over and put his feet on the floor for better leverage. Then he grabbed me around the waist and stood up. I slid all the way down onto his cock and daddy grunted with pleasure. He turned around and told me to put my hands on the bed as he let go of my waist and grabbed me by the ankles. He spread my legs wide, holding them up to his shoulders and fucked me deep and hard. My virgin ass was on fire from the rough fucking it was getting. Daddy said that it would get easier every time, that the first time was the hardest, but I had to learn to get used to it so that I could be a proper wife to him and have a wedding. I had to pass this test he was giving me so that he could keep me. He said that it would get him off much better if I would talk dirty to him and tell him how much I wanted his cock in me. He had me repeat all the things he liked to hear over an over again. I was a little embarrassed at first, but I quickly got used to asking my daddy to fuck my slutty little asshole, begging him to shove it in harder and deeper. I told my daddy that I was his whore, his own private sex toy and that he could do anything he wanted to me, that I wanted his cock in all my holes, to fuck me all night. He had me repeat, "Fuck me Daddy!" over and over until he had a third cum into my asshole. He then got into bed and let me lay my head on his shoulder and sleep with him all night long.
In the morning, Daddy woke up and told me to masturbate for him until he was ready to fuck me. He explained that we would be fucking at least twice a day, more on the weekends. Men need lots of stimulation, he said. They need to have lots of sex from their wives so that they're not tempted by other women.
He had me get up onto his chest and spread my legs so that my pussy was near his face. He told me to spread my little lips open and play with my cunt for him. I did as I was told, of course. He took out a dildo and told me to fuck myself with it. My pussy was still wet from his cum and the dildo went in without too much trouble. He turned on the vibrator and had me fuck my tiny puss with it until I came. My whole body was convulsing and my pussy throbbed all over the vibrator as I came. My pussy was super slick from the combination of last night's cum and my own orgasm. Daddy then taught me how to fuck doggy-style, with me up on my hands and knees, my ass high in the air. He pumped me full of cum yet again, pulled out and I cleaned him up. He then told me to get ready to go to school and he went off to work.
Daddy wasn't lying about his sexual appetites. He did either fuck me or have him suck him off every morning and evening for years. He also taught me some really kinky tricks and taught me to share myself, but that's another whole story


"This was just to easy," thought Vic Tabor, as he
carefully opened the unlocked window on the first
floor of the secluded farm house. Climbing
silently into the dark room, he snapped on a small
but powerful flashlight and surveyed the
surroundings, and pulled out an old pillow case
from inside his coat. Moving quickly to the
buffet, he found a drawer full of expensive
antique silver ware, which he quickly looted of
it's booty. Over the desk, a bill fold was emptied
of all credit cards and two hundred dollars in
cash. "Not bad for five minutes work," he said
half out loud, while getting ready to leave by the
same way he had entered. All at once Vic was
interrupted by the sudden flash of a light being
turned on and the sound of a man's voice! "Who's there," the man yelled?!? Frozen for a second, Vic
looked over his shoulder to see a man of about
forty five standing in the far doorway. "Hey,"
shouted the man, "what are you doing in here?!?"
Now turning to face him, Vic reached into his
pocket and produced a snub nosed .38. "Hold it
right there pal," he said with a snarl, "don't
move and nobody gets hurt!!" Coming up behind the
man, Vic could see the outline of a woman who
asked, "What's going on Howard," while peaking over his shoulder? "Get over here lady," Vic ordered
the woman, "both of you," he said, "and get those
hands up!" Faye and Howard Wells both slowly
lifted their arms and walked over to the middle of
the now brightly lit dining room. "What are you
going to do with us," asked and obviously shaken
Howard Wells? Ignoring his question, Vic
asked, "Anybody else in the house?" "No," answered
Faye a little to quickly! Vic looked the two of
them over for a minute, trying to decide what to
do with them when Faye pleaded, "Just go, we won't
say anything!!!" "Yeah sure, lady," replied a more
than skeptical Vic! How could he make sure that
they never would finger him, that was the problem!
Just then another voice echoed through the
room, "Mom, what's going on?" Standing in the
doorway was a girl about eighteen years old.
Looking over at Faye, he smiled, and turned back
to the girl and said, "Come on in and join the
party!" Chelsea Wells, now grasping the situation
at hand, joined her parents in the middle of the
dining room. "Any more surprises," question
Vic? "No, she's our only daughter, please leave
her alone," cried out Faye, as she held her
daughter tight! Looking the three of them over,
Vic smiled, because he had come up with a plan!
"Got a camera," Vic asked? "A 35mm and a video camera,
why," asked Howard Wells? "Get me the
video camera," he told Faye, "right now, and no
tricks!" Faye practically ran into the family
room, returning with the camera and battery pack.
Taking the camera from her, Vic turned it on and
hit the rewind button. While he was waiting for
the tape to rewind, he pointed the .38 at them and
said, "Everybody strip, all your clothes, off,
now!!!" All three Wells' looked at each other and
then slowly removed their pajamas. "W-w-why do you
want us to take off our clothes," asked Faye
fearing the worst? "Just do it," snapped Vic! When
all three were naked, Vic took his time in
checking out their bodies. Faye, even though she
was in her forties, had kept herself in good
shape, with dark brown hair, fat tits, plump butt,
and nice, if not slender legs, along with a pretty
face which made for a very attractive woman
indeed! Howard, being a farmer, had one of those
dumb farmer tans that looked ridiculous when he
was shirtless. He was however, heavily muscled
with just a slight paunch hanging over a nice
sized dick. The best was for last! Chelsea, the
eighteen year old was a knockout! Slim with big
tits, pretty face framed by blond hair, a thin
blond bush that couldn't hide her pouty pussy
lips, tight little ass, and long slim legs that
were enough to give any man an instant woody! "I
can see from the pictures on the wall that you're
all church goers, am I right," asked Vic? "Yes we
are," answered back Howard. "Well, as you can see
we have a problem here, I can't just leave hoping
you won't call the cops. You've seen my face and I
can't take that chance. On the other hand I don't
want to kill you, not over a lousy bunch of silver
ware! So, the question of the day is, how can I be
sure that you won't go to the cops as soon as I
leave here? The answer is right here in my hand.
I'm going to take some rather, how should I say
it, explicit home movies of you three in action!
If I get picked up by the cops and charged with
this burglary, copies of this tape will be sent to
every member of your church!" "You wouldn't dare,"
cried Chelsea Wells! "It's either that, or a
bullet," shot back Vic, "take your choice!"

Chelsea, trying to cover herself, hid behind her
mother and father. The two adults looked
uncertainly at each other, both realizing that
there was no way out of this mess, except to do
what they were told. "Let's go into the living
room and get comfortable," ordered Vic. The three
captives walked slowly into the next room, with
Vic bringing up the rear. "We'll start out nice
and easy," said Vic, "you, mom and pop, over to
the sofa." "You kid, take that big chair," and
they all moved to the places Vic had
indicated. "Now momma, let's see you give pops
here some head!" Very slowly, almost in slow
motion, Faye lowered he head into her husband's
lap and gingerly took his soft cock into her
mouth. "Come on bitch, suck him harder," Vic
commanded! Faye Wells looked up at her husband's
face with sad eyes, but went to work sucking his
now growing member. As her mother was sucking her
father, Chelsea looked away, not wanting to see
her parents being degraded. "Hey kid, what's your
name," asked Vic? "Chelsea," she answered back in
a soft voice. "Well Chelsea, I don't want you to
feel left out, so I want you to watch momma and
daddy and play with that cute little slit while
you're doing it," ordered Vic! "No, please don't
make me," she cried, as she turned and looked
away. "Pops, better tell Chelsea here that she
better do as she's told or bang bang," said
Vic! "Please honey," pleaded her dad, "do what he
says!" Slowly the young girl turned to face here
parents. By now the prick in her mother's mouth
had grown to it's full eight inches, and her
mother was moving her head up and down as she deep
throated her husbands cock. Chelsea spread her
legs and started rubbing her cunt with her middle
finger, while Vic was busy video taping the events
as they unfolded in front of him. "Rub your
clit for the camera, you little cunt," ordered Vic
to Chelsea. The girl found her hard little nub and
ran her finger over and around it, causing her to
gasp. "Hey folks," chortled Vic, "little Chelsea's
gonna blow her nut on TV!"

Even though they were being force to have sex in front
of a a stranger and their daughter, the sex
drive was just to powerful for them to ignore!
Howard was now breathing hard, groaning every few
seconds as his wife worked on his big dick.
Chelsea could see from the way that her mother was
sucking it, that she was a very experienced
cocksucker! Her own little slit was now virtually
on fire, from watching her own parents doing oral
sex! "Don't cum in her mouth," Vic intoned, "when
you cum, pull it out and shoot it on her face, we
want everyone to see what a good little cocksucker
your wife is!" Faye could feel Howard's nuts
tighten up, indicating he was getting ready to
shoot his load, and while she usually swallowed
his cum, this time she pulled the pecker from her
mouth and jacked it hard, holding her face close
so it would catch the first blast of cum!
Groaning, "I'm cumming," Howard emptied his nut
sack all over Faye's cheek and open mouth! Seeing
her mother take a face full of cum, Chelsea let
loose with a low moan as she frigged her hot slit
to a very satisfying cum! Catching all the sound
and action live on tape, Vic applauded their
performance! "Great job, guys," he laughed, "real
academy award winning stuff!!!"

Hoping that their ordeal was over, they got up and
reached for their night clothes, but were stopped
when Vic said, "Not so fast, I've still got some
blank tape here, and I think we ought to fill it
up!" Pointing the .38 at Chelsea, Vic asked, "Have
you ever sucked a pussy?" Before she
could answer, Vic point to her mother and
said, "Over there, and eat it, right now!!!" Faye
started to protest, but Vic point the gun again at
her daughter, and she quickly shut her mouth! Faye
lay back with her legs spread, exposing a hairy
brown thatch of pubic fur, and even under all this
duress, her slit was wet with pussy juice, the
result of having Howard's cock in her mouth.
Chelsea got down on her knees and bent over,
placing her mouth directly on her mother's wet
cunt. She had always wondered what it would be
like to taste a pussy, and now she was finding
out! Her nostrils were filled with the aroma of
fresh cunt juice, and it was intoxicating! Working
her tongue up and down her mother's slit, both
women were soon entranced by the situation.
Although she didn't want to, Faye knew that it was
useless for her to resist having an orgasm,
because whenever she got her cunt eaten, it was
only a matter of time until her pussy would be
shaken by a huge climax. Pushing her cunt against
her daughter's mouth, Faye let her know how
urgently she needed to cum. Chelsea, sensing her
mother's need, licked and nibbled on her erect
clitoris harder! Faye's guttural moaning gave away
any shred of decency. She needed to cum badly, and
now didn't care who was watching her! Vic kept
the camera rolling, and encouraged the two women
on, while Howard was silently watching his
daughter orally satisfy her mother and his wife,
and ashamedly he had to admit it was exciting, and
his own erection gave him away! Seeing this, Vic
said, "Get behind the little cunt and fuck her
from the rear!" Now almost on automatic pilot,
Howard dropped to his knees behind his daughter's
cute little ass. Her cunt, glistening with
moisture, was unbelievably beautiful! Taking his
cock in hand, he slid it up and down her lips,
teasing her with his big head. Finally settling
over her hole, he slowly sank deep into her crack.
She let out a loud moan as the huge pecker
forced it's way into her tight cunt. Howard
started stroking with slow rhythmic strokes,
gradually increasing the pace as he went on. By
now all three family members were in a state of
sexual frenzy! Faye was bucking her hips forward
trying to get her daughter's mouth to suck even
harder, and Howard was now using his own daughter
as his own personal fuckdoll! He was now slamming
his meat clear to the hilt with piston like
strokes! Chelsea for her part was wild with lust,
and she couldn't get enough of the hot cunt in her
mouth, and the feeling of getting fucked doggy
style by her own father was sending her over the
edge! Vic panned in for tight close ups of the
quickly moving crotches, focusing on Chelsea's
cute little pussy. Faye was the first one to go
when she screamed, "God you're eating my pussy and
I'm cumming in your mouth!" She nearly smothered
Chelsea when she reached up and grabbed the back
of her neck to pull her tight against her pussy
lips! Hearing her mother cum, Chelsea's cunt
spasmed around the tube of fuck flesh deep in her
pussy. Her orgasm was deep and long, the result of
a pussy in her mouth and a big dick deep inside of
her! Howard, although he was pretty much gone by
now, had the good sense to pull his cock out of
his daughter's pussy when he shot his load and
sprayed it all over her pretty little ass, his cum
running down the crack of her butt!!! "Got it all,
got it all," Vic shouted!!!

Taking the tape from the camera, Vic held it out for
all of them to see. "If I ever even think you
talked, you're history! I'll send this tape to
everyone you know, and even some you don't!! Be
cool, and so will I!!!" With those final words,
Vic picked up his bag and went out the back door
into the night. Still naked, the terrified family
hugged each other and slipped on their night
clothes. It was three in the morning and time to
go back to bed! Chelsea gave her dad a soft
goodnight kiss but he returned it with force. Soon
she gave into the kiss her pussy still overheated
and throbbing from the fucking he gave
her. A soft moan escaped her lips as she felt her
mothers tongue licking the remninents of her
fathers cum being licked off her tight little
asshole. She gave way to one last earth shattering
orgasm as mother and father licked her clean. "See
you in the morning darling" Said dad. "Breakfast
is on me." was her sly reply



Alicia wrapped the robe around her lithe nude body and padded down the thick carpeted hall to her fourteen year old twin brother Alexander's room. She knocked on the door, and without waiting for an answer, opened it and went inside. Alex was lying on his bed reading his history book, and only looked up when his sister asked, "Ready for our good night kisses?" "Where are the folks," he asked, while placing the book mark on page 273? "They're downstairs watching the news, something about the President having sex with another intern!!!" "A man after my own heart," cracked Alex, "but the idiot keeps getting caught," he laughed!!!" "Let's be quick about it tonight, okay," asked Alicia, "last night we almost got caught because you were taking your sweet time!" "I can't help it if you have the cutest pussy in the whole school," he sighed, while opening up the front of his sister's pink bath robe. When the robe fell open, the first thing to catch his eye, as usual, was the thick red bush that covered his sister's bulging pussy lips! "My god, Al," he said thickly, "I could never get tired of kissing this pussy good night, it's so plump and full, I just love it!!!" "Well hurry up and do it," she implored, "I gotta get back to my room!" Alex nodded his head, and then leaned over and gave his sister's vagina a deep French kiss, giving her little clit a quick flick as pulled his tongue along her wet crack. His attention then quickly turned to her pert young breasts, pink nippled, perfectly proportioned, a 34b cup, just the size to fill a champagne glass! Hungrily he gave each nipple a long suck, causing them to shrivel up in the cool bedroom air. Alicia closed her robe, and said, "Okay, quick, slip them down for me!" Alex hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his Jockeys, and slid them down to his thighs, exposing his hard penis to the hot mouth of his twin sibling! "Oh, Alex," Alicia whispered loudly, "I just love the way it sticks up, and it's so hard too!!!" Dropping to her knees, the young girl opened her mouth and gave her brother a fast ten seconds of oral love making, letting her lips glide over the smooth head, while pausing to poke her tongue into the little slit on the tip of his pecker. "Alex moaned, hoping she would let him ejaculate in her mouth, but alas, she sprang to her feet and was out the door calling out, "Goodnight, Alex," over her shoulder as she closed his door! Alex stared down at his raging hardon, and taking it into his hand, gave it a hard fisting that resulted in a spurting orgasm. "It would have been better in Al's mouth," he thought glumly, while using his dirty underwear to clean up his mess. "I wonder if Alicia is doing her clit," he wondered out loud, while climbing back into bed, "oh well, at least I got off," he said, while returning to his studying! He was in fact, correct about one thing, his sister was furiously fingering her slit while thinking about the hard cock that she had just sucked not more than five minutes ago! As usual, her orgasm was long and hard, her young vagina now so needful of it's daily release. She licked the juice from her fingers, and then fell asleep dreaming about erections, big thick erections!!!
The next morning while they were walking to school, Alex hesitatingly asked his sister if she ever felt like having intercourse. "You know I do, Alex," she shot back, "but we both agreed that it would be too dangerous for us to fuck each other, and I'm not gonna take that chance!!!" "Oh, I totally agree with you," Alex rejoined, "I was more thinking along the lines of trying to do it with someone else, ya know, like maybe somebody a little older?" "I've been thinking the same thing," Alicia replied, "but I have no clue as to who we could do it with, do you?" "Not really," Alex answered glumly, "but since were both on the same page with this thing, we can at least start looking around for the right people!" "Yeah," she agreed, "let's start looking!"
That night, when Alicia slipped into Alex's room for her good night "kiss", Alex announced he had an idea on who they could use as fuck mates. "Who are they," Alicia asked excitedly, "do I know them!?!" "You know the O'Brian twins in the eleventh grade," asked Alex, "well I think that they'd be perfect!" Alicia thought about it for a moment, and then replied, "I think that's a splendid idea, Alex, let's try talking with them tomorrow!!!" "Good," he responded, "we'll do it at lunch time, they usually sit off by themselves, and that will give us a chance to meet them one on one!" Alicia then opened her robe and let Alex feast on her already wet vagina, her mind drifting off, wondering if Dan O'Brian had a big cock hanging between his legs. Even though Alex was only lapping her for a minute, Alica couldn't control her vagina, and her sweet young body went tense as a very hard orgasm went racing through her wet pussy. Alex was a little surprised at the quick eruption from his sister's twat, but that was good news for him, because their deal had always been that if one cums, so gets to the other! Alex jumped up and literally tore off his shorts, his hard erection bobbing into view! Alicia sighed, sank to her knees, and took the hard pecker into her soft wet mouth, sucking it in deeply, her tongue swirling all around the smooth head. He tried to hold it as long as he could, but alas, Alex soon filled his pretty sister's mouth with his life giving sperm, which she hungrily swallowed down, taking care not to lose a single drop! After they gathered themselves, Alicia said, "Tomorrow, at lunch we make contact!"
Dan and Donna O'Brian were sitting, as usual, alone at a table way at the rear of the lunch room. Alex and Alicia carried their food trays down the long aisle to where the twin eleventh graders were eating. "May we join you," asked Alicia, in a friendly voice? "Why not," answered Dan, while picking up his milk carton and taking a drink. The Paxton twins sat down and introduced themselves and dug in to their lunch, making the usual small talk kids do when they are just passing the time of day. Finally Alicia took the bull by the horns and waded in with, "Alex and I have been watching you two for quite a while now, and we are pretty sure that you're exactly like us!" "What do you mean, like use," asked a wary Donna O'Brian? "Look," cut in Alex, "we can see that you two are always together just like we are, and that you seem chummier than a normal brother and sister usually would be!" "So what," retorted Dan, "so we like each other's company, is that a crime!?!" "No," Alicia replied, "but you and I both know that you're much closer than anyone else on campus knows, but we do, 'cuz were the same as you!!!" Both Dan and Donna turned and looked at each other, and then looked back at the two interlopers and Donna said, "No matter what you think, you can't prove a thing!!!" "Listen," Alicia said soothingly, "we're not here to cause either of you any trouble, but we both know what it's like in a relationship like ours, and we, that being me and Alex, feel that we could get together after school and maybe get to know each other better, a change of pace if you will, because we know that you probably haven't done the one thing that you both so desperately need and want to do, am I right!?!" "Maybe," Dan answered slowly, "but you two are only freshmen, that's pretty young for this kind of stuff, don't you think!?!" Alicia stepped in and said, "Look at me, Dan, I have the body of a woman, with a young vagina that needs constant attention, and Alex here, has a cock that is like a piece of blue steel, and believe me when I tell you, he can bounce back from an ejaculation as quick as can be!!!" Donna then asked, "Is what we're talking about here that the boys are going to fuck us, take our virginity!?!" All four of them looked around the table at each other and Alicia replied, "Yeah, that's it, the boys fuck us and take out virginity!" Everyone was quiet for a moment, until Donna replied, "Well, I'm all for it, I say we do it, what about you Dan?" Dan thought about it a few seconds, while giving Alicia the once over and answered, "Yeah, let's do it, I think we're all ready for it!!!" "When," asked Alex??? "How about tonight at our place, right after school," said Donna, "our folks both work until five thirty?" They all agreed and made arrangements to meet by the front door after school, and then walk the six blocks to the O'Brian house. Alicia and Alex could hardly wait!!!
Dan and Donna lived in a tri level ranch house on the side of a hill in the new section of town. Alicia commented that the Donna's mother certainly had good taste in decorating, as it looked like a show place! Dan suggested that they go to the finished basement, because it had a walkout that could come in handy just in case either Mr. or Mrs. O'Brian got home early. "It's better to be safe than sorry," Dan commented, while leading everyone down the basement stairs. The rec room had several couches and easy chairs, a big screen TV, and a full size pool table in the middle of the room. Alicia joked, "I wonder what its like to get fucked on a pool table!?!" Everyone laughed, the naughty remark serving as an ice breaker, because everyone seemed to be a little tense! Dan turned on some music, took Alicia in his arms, and gave her a long deep kiss on the mouth, which Alicia returned with passionate heat! They pulled apart and Dan made a suggestion, "I think that Alex and I should sit down on the couch and watch you two girl strip for us, it would get everybody in the swing of things!!!" Both girls exchanged glances and Donna replied, "Okay, as long as you strip for us when were finished!!!" "Okay," said Alex, "let's do it!!!"
The boys plopped down on the sofa and watched in wide eyed wonder as the two young beauties slowly began removing their clothing piece by piece. Neither of them had ever seen any other girls naked save for their sisters, so they were more than a little interested to see what another girl looked like in the all together! Dan was used to a girl a little more developed than Alicia was, but the look of her lithe lean body was making his penis grow hard in his jeans. Standing before him in just her bra and panties, she had the look of a true to life Lolita, trim hips, small but perfect breasts, and a pouty look that drove men wild! Alex on the other hand, was seeing the body of a fully developed woman for the first time, large heavy breasts straining against her thin bra, and hips that spread wide from her flat wash board belly. Both girls, now in only bras and panties, turned around slowly as to give the boys a good look at the merchandise! "I think they're ready," commented Donna, "shall we give them what the really want?!?" "Mmmm," hummed Alicia, "I think so, I think they're about ready to burst!!!" "Bras first," Donna said, and both girls reached around and unhooked the snaps that held their bras over their chests. When they fell away, Alex made an audible groan when he saw the size of Donna's big bust. "I think Alex likes you," Alicia joked, while watching her brother straining to keep his erection in his pants. Next the panties hit the floor, and now it was Dan's turn to moan, at the sight mere sight of Alicia's thick red pubic bush. "Well, Alicia," Donna laughed, "Danny seems to think that your bush is something special!!!" Both girls then made a few more poses for the boys, and then demanded that it was their turn to watch the boys strip! Getting absolutely no argument from either of them, both Dan and Alex leapt to their feet and practically tore their clothing off, neither of them taking the time to put on any kind of show for the girls at all! Donna made a half hearted protest that they were going to fast, but she really didn't care one way or the other, because she just wanted to see the boys naked and erect, and erect is what she got!!! Dan and Alex both had hardons that were pointing directly to the sky! While Dan's was larger, probably about seven inches, Alex's was very veiny and uncut, a condition that thoroughly fascinated Donna.
"Let's just masturbate for a while," offered Alicia, "I just love masturbating in front of someone, I guess I'm just and exhibitionist at heart!!!" Alex and Dan sat down on the floor and all four of them began playing with their genitals, the boys fisting their peckers, while the girls used their fingers to arouse their pretty little quims. When it looked like the boys were ready to cum, both Donna and Alicia slipped off the sofa and took their cocks into their mouths. Alicia loved the fullness of Dan's pecker, and hungrily sucked it into her throat. Donna, on the other hand, slid the foreskin back and forth on Alex's cock, mesmerized by the extra fold of loose skin covering the head of his pecker! One thing both boys had in common, however, was the prodigious amount of cum that they produced, and each girl's mouth was soon filled with the salty nectar that erupted from the ball sacks of the young studs. "God, I love the taste of cum," Donna sighed, while savoring the last drops of Alex's semen. "Me too," Alicia rejoined, "I'll never get tired of feeling the hot cum blowing from a hard cock head!!!" By now there were two very aroused vaginas that needed attention, so the moment of truth would soon be at hand!!!
Both girls stood in front of the couch with their legs spread wide apart, exposing their teenage vaginas to Dan and Alex. The boys took their time and gently fingered the girls pussies until each of them was dripping wet and shaking with excitement. Dan was doing Alicia's clit with his finger when he remarked, "She has very puffy lips doesn't she, Alex?!?" "Yes, very," replied Alex, "she says it runs in our family, all of the women have puffy vaginas!" Alex turned his gaze back to Donna's hot slit, and said, "She really gets wet doesn't she, leaks like a drippy faucet!" Dan laughed and replied, "You got that right, if I'm not eating her out, she's playing with herself all of the time!" Both girls were now panting harder, trying to get the boys to concentrate their efforts directly on their clits. "Shall we jerk them off," asked Alex, "I think Donna here is about to pop!" "Yeah," replied Dan, "Alicia needs it too, am I right, girl???" "Fucking stop talking and do me," hissed a very hot Alicia, still trying to grind her box into Dan's hand!!! The boys then went at the two hard clits with a vengeance, the result being both girls having cunt rocking orgasms in front of the two brothers. "Are you girls ready now," asked Dan, " 'cuz I've been ready for half my life!?!"
The boys led the two wobbly legged girls over to the pool table, where they lay them down on their backs with their legs spread wide, leaving their vaginas gaping open. Dan positioned himself between Alicia's slim thighs and lined up his erection against the opening of her pussy. Alex looked over at the older boy, and taking his cue, did the same to Donna, getting his cock head up to the portal of pleasure! On a signal from Dan, both of them slowly pushed their peckers into the steaming slits of the two virgin teenagers, taking their time so as not to cause them any undue pain. The way the girls squirmed around, it was easily apparent that if there was any pain it was very minor indeed, as they both moaned with pleasure at the feeling of hard penises in their tight pussies! When they were all of the way in, their teenage hormones took over, and the boy furiously began stroking in and out of the two dripping cunts! The feeling of vagina on penis was heaven, for both boys and girls, the boys loving the feeling of ultimate softness surrounding their cocks, while the girls on the other hand, relished the sensation of brutal hardness filling their young vaginas! None of the four really had any sexual control at this early time in their lives, so the on rushing orgasms were like freight trains barreling down the tracks, daring anyone or anything to get in its way! Alex and Dan both could feel their ball sacks tighten up, a sure sign of impending ejaculation! Donna and Alicia, on the other hand, could feel their vaginas contracting around the gristly invaders, the first hint that orgasm was close at hand! Dan was the first to yell out, "I'm fucking cumming so hard, I love your fucking pussy so much," and the other four were soon having their own climaxes along with him, harder and longer than any they had ever had before!!! Alex and Dan collapsed on top of the two girls, trying to catch their breath, and also to let their blood pressure come down to a normal level!
They spent the next few minutes softly trading sweet kisses, happy in the knowledge that they had found new friends and fuck partners!



We all do it, masturbate that is, every day for some, once a month for others, but a recent poll said that 90% of all the women in the U.S. masturbate and the other 10% are liars! Now, being a very liberated lady of the millenium, I admit to having an on going love affair with the middle finger on my right hand. Unlike the very unpredictable male, my trusty middle digit is always, ready, it's never tired, it never wants to talk when it's over, and best of all, it doesn't think of me as a slut, or at least I think it doesn't! I'm thirty two years old now, but I still manage to get off with my own hand at least once or twice a week, that's eighteen years of pleasuring myself when I felt the need arising! What was strange about this very natural phenomena, was how I learned to do it, or should I say who taught me how to do it. Back in 1980 I was just an innocent girl of fourteen, and my sexuality was just beginning to emerge, and like most girls my age, no one had ever taken the time to explain anything about the feelings that were racing through my body. The only person I could talk to was my best friend Nancy, and we told each other everything! You could just about be sure that if Nancy was around, Valerie couldn't be far away! "Hey Val," Nancy whispered, "I found some of my dad's magazines in the basement last night, you gotta come over after school and see them, they show everything!!!" "Really," asked Val, "everything!?!" "Everything," Nancy shot back, "meet you at my place at about four o'clock, nobody's gonna be home then!" For the rest of the day Val thought about the magazines in Nancy's basement, finally she would get to see what all the fuss was about! So far she had heard some pretty wild stories, some of them totally unbelievable, well at least she hoped so! Anyway, today would be the day she found out for herself, she could hardly wait!!!
Nancy led Val down the narrow stairway into the dark forbidding basement. Nancy found the light switch, and the large room suddenly was flooded with bright light from the over head neon fixtures hanging from the ceiling. "Over here," instructed Nancy, "I found them behind this box of old National Geographics." Nancy reached over the box and retrieved three magazines, all of which had pictures of scantily clad women on the covers. Both girls sat down on an old couch up against the far wall, and settled down for some serious "reading"!!! Opening the top one, Nancy said, "Get a load of this Val, they're really doin' it!" Val looked on with wide open eyes, the bright color pictures showing men and women in various stages of love making. Val couldn't believe that something as large as a penis would ever fit in her tight little vagina, but from the looks of the photos, the women seemed to be more than enjoying themselves! Flipping the page, Nancy commented, "Get a load of this one Val, this one is sucking on his thing!!!" Val stared at the picture, what she had heard was more than true, women actually put hard penis's in their mouths!!! Unreal!!! The next page was even more bizarre, several women were sitting on the floor with their legs wide apart, and sticking what could have almost passed as candles into their vaginas! Even though what she was seeing was shocking, especially to someone so young, Valerie couldn't help but feel the wetness forming in her own pussy, and the funny gnawing feeling she was getting in the pit of her stomach! Even though it looked repulsive, Valerie would have given anything to have been one of the women in the photographs! All the way home she thought about what it would feel like to have a man enter her vagina, her clit was sending out a signal that was impossible to ignore, she needed to be filled, she just had too!!!
The next day after school, Val wandered about the house, thinking about the pictures she had seen the day before at Nancy's place. That feeling in her loins hadn't disappeared, it had grown more insistent by the hour. She could feel that her vagina was damp, and that her lips were puffy and distended. She had the house to herself for at least the next hour, so she decided to do something about it, she would try masturbating like the woman in the magazine, by sticking something inside her vagina! Val slipped off her panties, lay down on her bed, and spread her legs wide apart. Just feeling her vagina being stretched made her let out a soft moan, her whole being seemed to be wrapped up in her crotch! She hadn't given much thought on what to use, but the handle of her brush was nice and smooth, and it wasn't very thick, so it wouldn't cause any pain going in. Val used her finger to make sure that she was good and lubricated, and then she slowly inched the brush handle into her steaming little box. My god, it felt so good to have something inside of her, even if it was just that skinny little handle! Val was just starting to get into it when a voice cracked the air like a rifle shot, "Just what do you think you're doing, Valerie," her mother demanded, "I leave you home for a few hours and this is how you spend your time?!?" Valerie quickly dislodged the handle from her pussy, leapt to her feet, smoothed her skirt and stuttered. "Well, I was just, I was just trying to....." "I know what you were trying to do," shot back her mom, "the question is, where did you get such an idea!?!" Valerie had never lied to her mother, and even though she wanted to, she broke down and told her about the magazines and all of the pictures depicting all sorts of sexual acts. Her mother, now calming down, remembered how she as a young girl had also experimented with masturbation, and that it was almost impossible to resist its temptation! Her mother walked over to Val, put her arms around her and gave her a bit hug and said, "I'm sorry I got so excited, what you were doing was perfectly natural, but using something as sharp as a hair brush handle can be dangerous, and I don't want you to injure yourself!" She then kissed her daughter on the cheek and continued, "For that reason, and so you know what you're doing, for this one time I'm going to show you the proper way to masturbate!" For several seconds Valerie just stood there, stunned at what she thought she had heard her mother just say! Nope, she had heard right, her mother began removing her clothing, and instructed her to do the same! Valerie's head was indeed spinning!!!
When they were both quite totally naked, Val's mom lay down on the bed and had her do the same, both mother and daughter side by side and naked on the bed! "Now, Val," her mother intoned, "I want you to pay attention to everything that I say, because this is the last time I want to have to show you this, got it!?!" "Yes, mom," answered a very nervous Valerie! "Okay then," her mom went on, "first a little history is in order, the women in our family are very sexually adept, and very easily aroused!" "While sometimes it's a pain in the butt to have your vagina always in need, it also can be the most wonderful thing in the world!" "Your father is a wonderful man, and very talented in the love making department, but he's on the road at least three nights a week, so I still masturbate on the nights he's not a home." "You will also find out that once you start having orgasms, they are like the proverbial potato chip, you can't just have one!!!" "Some days your vagina will have to be taken care of two or three times, depending on how you feel!" "I'm telling you all of this, just so you'll know that it's okay to need and have orgasms often!" "Now," her mom went on, "as you can see, just from talking about sex, my nipples have become very hard, and I see that yours have too!" "When I'm masturbating, I usually like to start with my tits, because a good nipple twisting really gets your pussy wet and ready to go!" "By the way, from now on I am going to use street language to describe body parts as well as sexual acts, because in real life, men and women talk very dirty to each other in bed, okay?" Valerie, nodded her head and her mother went on, "Look at how nice and plump are nipples have become, just twist them lightly, feel your clit twitch with each tug!" "Feel it!?!" "Yes," whispered Val, "I can really feel it!" "Well," her mother continued, "I knew you would, all of the Clark women have very sensitive nipples!" "Do you feel the dampness in your pussy," asked her mother, "you should be able to feel it getting very wet by now!" Valerie nodded yes, and her mother then offered, "Now take you finger and run it up and down your crack like this," while taking her own finger and sloshing it up and down her dripping cunt. "Good job, Val, how does that feel?" Valerie could barely make her mouth work, but she managed to stammer, "Real good, real good!" "That's my girl," her mom fairly beamed, "I guess we know now that your clit is working fine!" "I think it's important to note, that you keep playing with your tits with your free hand, because that just keeps stirring the pot in your pussy!" "Okay, that's good, twist them harder, yeah, that's right, do your clit a little harder!!!" Both of them were now breathing harder, their breaths coming in fits and bursts, coinciding with the spasms in their vaginas. "Now we get down to some serious stuff, work you finger in and out of your pussy, finger it hard, and then come back to your clit every now and then!" "T-that's good, Val," she stammered, "her own fingers flying over her wide open cunt, I'm getting very close to cumming, how about you!!!" "Valerie had lost all of her inhibitions and was now furiously stroking her wet slit, she answered in a thick sounding voice between deep breaths, "I'm close too, mom, jesus, I'm close!!!" Her mother continued with some lewd talk, how does it feel to spread your legs and expose your vagina?!?" "It makes me feel slutty," Valerie panted, "makes me feel like I want everyone to see how hot I am!!!" "Good girl," her mother hissed, "just like all of the Clark women, total sluts in the bedroom, we know how to satisfy our men, don't we!?!" "Mom," begged Valerie, "do we put our men's penis's in our mouths and suck them!?!" "Mmmmmm," her mom moaned, "oh yes, all of the Clark women are born cocksuckers, we put their pricks in our mouths and let them cum, then we swallow all of it!!!" "Do you suck daddy," Val panted, now on the edge of her first climax?!? "Of course dear, your daddy has a lovely cock, it's very long and thick, and takes very good care of mommy's vagina!!!" "Do you think my vagina will be as hairy as yours is someday," Valerie asked, between gasps for air?!? "Of course darling, that's another thing we Clark women have in common, very hairy pussies, and we love having our men suck them!!!' "I-I-I"m cumming," stammered Valerie, her hand flying over her clit at the speed of light!!! "Me too," her mother screamed, "just thinking of a mouth on my pussy put me over the edge!!!" Both of them thrashed about the bed, twisting their nipples and fingering their hot cunts to orgasm! When they were finished, Valerie rolled over and put her head on her mom's chest and took a nipple into her mouth and sucked it like a baby! Her mother stroked her hair and cooed what a good little girl she was!
While they were dressing, Valerie had another question, "Mom, you said that this would be a one time lesson, but you forgot one thing?" "Oh," replied her mom, "and what may I ask was that!?!" "Well," Val offered, "you showed me how to masturbate using my fingers on my clit, but you never showed me about using something to fill my pussy!" Her mother thought for a second, and answered back, "You're right dear, we will have to have lesson number two!!!"

Another one

I would like to write to you all about my first sexual experience. I have read a lot of letters about other peoples "first times" and I figured I should put mine down on paper (electronics). I am the middle child, with sisters, one older and one younger. Both my parents are still married. My story happened 5 years ago when I was 15. My older sister, Susan, was 18 and my younger sister, Sara, was 14. At the time, both my sisters were good looking. (They are knock outs now) My oldest had nice tits, long legs, and a nice round ass. My youngest sister had started blooming at 12, and had pretty nice sized tits, for her age. I used to come home from school and sneak into my parents room a get one of my dad's dirty magazines, then go back to my room and look at the pictures. I would get rock hard. One day I started to play with my hard shaft and found how good it felt. I used to beat off about 3 times a week. My whole family was close and we all talked about everything. Everything except sex. I "learned" about sex and from school and my dad's magazines. I started getting curious about women, and wanted to see naked women. I started becoming a pervert I guess. (which I still am.) I started peeking at my mom and sisters when ever I could get a chance. I would open the door to my sister's room and watch them get dressed, or watch my mom through her bedroom window. Watching my mom was the easiest, My parents room, my room, and a room we made into a den were on the second floor of our house. my sister's rooms were on the first floor. Since my mom and dad were on the second floor, they rarely closed the drapes. I would climb out my bedroom window and watch my mom through her's. If I got caught, I was "getting the ball [basket ball] down off the roof". I got my first good view of my mom one day when I accidentally walked into the bathroom when mom was getting out of the shower. There she was, standing in full view. My mom is a very pretty women, even five years later, she is hot. She works out and eats good food. Her measurements are 38-28-36. My dad is one lucky guy. Well, I just stood there and stared for a few seconds, and then turned to leave. "Hold on", she said. I turned back around. She asked me if I would mow the lawn this afternoon, and wash her car. I said yes, and asked if there was anything else I could do. I was stalling to get a good look. She said no, the whole time she stood there without a stitch of clothing, she never even wrapped the towel around her. I closed the door behind me, went to my room and whacked off. The following weekend, my parents were out of town, I think they went to Las Vegas. My oldest sister went to stay the weekend at grandma's house. I had to stay home because Sara was there. I had made up my mind, after seeing my mom, to get the same look at my two sisters. Sara went next door to her friends house and I went up town for a while. I told Sara that I would be home before dark, that she could stay at Monica's until 7:30 pm (it got dark about 7:00). My sister got home about 7:15 and I told her to go take a shower and I would make something for dinner. So Sara got her night gown and went in to take a shower, while she was in the shower, I checked to door to see if it was locked. She left it open, I went in a took the towel she had out. When I heard the water shut off I knocked on the door and asked her if she wanted corn or green beans with dinner, she said she didn't care, and asked me to get a towel. I did, and walked into the bathroom. I could see her through the lightly fogged glass door. I just stood there, she ask me to throw the towel to her. I told her to come and get it. Like I said, we were all close. She opened the door and said, "give it here." I had done it, there she was standing there totally naked. I thought to myself, two down one to go. I Stared as she walked up to me, took the towel and started drying off. I left and went up to my bedroom, pulled out the pud and started whacking. I was startled to hear, "What we were having for diner? What are you doing?" I was embarrassed, standing there, shorts around my ankles, and cock in my hand. Seeing the look of surprise, and seeing Sara staring at my rod, I asked her if she had ever seen a dick before. She said "No, "I have heard my girl friends talk about them but never saw one." "Well", I said, "this is a dick." I told her to promise not to tell anyone that she saw my dick. She said she wouldn't. I told her that I would show her something else, but she had to promise not to tell anyone what happens in this room. She told me she wouldn't. I got out one of dad's fuck magazines. This is one that actually shows insertion. This magazine has straight pictures, threesomes, orgies, lezs and gays. (I still have it) I opened it up and showed my sister some of the pictures. I told her that since I had no clothes on she should drop the towel. And she did. As we sat there, flipping through pages, I had a raging hardon. I asked Sara how she felt, she said that she felt weird. I told her not to be scared, I won't hurt you. I bent over and kissed her tit, and put my hand on the other and rubbed a minute. I the asked her if she would like to touch my dick. She said yes. I leaned back and she gently began to handle my hard cock. I told her to stroke it. I put her hand around it and showed her how. She caught on quickly, and began stroking it up and down. I told her that if she kept it up she will make me cum. She looked at me funny, I said, you'll see. It didn't take long and I squirted my cum all over the bed. We looked at some pictures, she saw one with a women sucking a man's dick. She looked at me and asked if anyone had ever done that to me. I told her no. She asked me if she could try. I said yes. She took in the head of my cock into her mouth. What a sight, I still love the sight of a mouth over my cock. My sisters cheeks were bulging as she sucked my dick. I was about ready to cum when she stopped, and said her mouth was tired. I said okay. I asked her to make me cum again, and she stroke my dick until I shot another load. I asked her if she had a good time, she said she did, and asked if she could take the magazine to her room. I said she could and off she went. I started plotting on a way to see Susan nude. I knew it wouldn't be easy because of her age. She wouldn't let me just barge in on her in the shower. But it did finally happen. And boy was it a dilly. About a month after my seeing Sara, Susan had over a friend of hers, Kelly. Kelly was one fine babe. She was a cheerleader, and every guy's wet dream. It was Friday night, we all ate, then watched some TV. My parents went up to bed about 10:00 pm. Sara was gone away to a friends. Susan and Kelly went to Susan's room to watch a movie. Susan had saved her money and bought a TV and VCR for her room. I decided to see if I could get a peek at them through Susan's window. I quietly went outside and around the side of the house to Susan's bedroom window. I couldn't believe my luck, earlier I had opened the drapes a little, and they were still open. It was very dark outside, and the space between the curtains was wide enough that I did not have to get that close to the window.
Well, I had a very good view, Kelly was getting undressedand Susan was loading the VCR. Kelly took off all her clothes except her undies, then put on a night shirt. After loading the VCR, my sister did the same. Then she went to the door and locked it. They both hopped onto the bed as the movie started. I couldn't believe my eyes, the movie was a porno flick. The first scene was a guy and two women going at it. The man was fucking the one women while the other was sitting on her face. I had an instant hardon. About 15 minutes into the movie I realized why I was outside, I looked over onto the bed and my sister had her head buried between Kelly's legs. Kelly had removed her clothes and was rubbing her tits while my sister ate her out. I could here them moaning and talking. Kelly was telling Susan to eat her, she was telling her how good it felt. Kelly told Susan to turn around so that she could play with play with her cunt. There it was, almost staring me in the face, my sister's cunt, spread open by another girl's fingers. I had to stroke myself and I came all over myself.

Another one

About a year and a half after my "family experience", I had developed quite well in the personal area. My cock had grown to its full extent. 8 and 1/2 inches. I was very proud. So was Susan. She would "show" me to her friends and we would all have a good time. Whenever we could arrange to get the parents and Sara out of the house, we would have a little party. Most of the time, alone. But every once in a while, Kelly or one of Susan's other friend would join us. I never had another gay experience. (To date, I have only had 2 gay experiences since that first time with Jim.) Anyway, it was Summer, I was swimming in the pool, my father was away on business, Sara and Susan had gone to spend the week at Grandma's. They often went to help grandma with the yard work. Mom had come home from shopping and put all the things away. She had put on her bathing suit and came out to swim. It was a one piece suit with french cut legs and a zipper up the front. Her long legs looked great in the suit, and she had the zipper partly down so that there was plenty of cleavage. At 40, she sure had one fine figure. Well, we were sitting in the pool chatting about the week, she said she missed dad. I asked her if she bought any thing for him while she was out. She said she bought some sexy things to greet him with. I asked if I could see what she got later. She said, "Sure, when we get out and I shower, I will try it on and model it for you. You're a man now, you can tell me if you think your father will like it." I couldn't wait, being the pervert that I have become, the chance of seeing mom in some sexy clothes made me hard. Well, the time came, mom said she was going to take a shower, and she would call me when she was ready to model her new outfit. I went in, took a quick shower, played with myself for a few minutes, but I didn't want to cum yet. I figured that after seeing mom, I would have a bigger load. I was wearing only my underwear, that's all I usually wore around the house when we didn't have company. Mom called from up stairs. I ran up the stairs, the door was closed, so I knocked, she told me to cum in and sit on thebed. When I did, she walked out of the bathroom. She was wearing a lacy black and red bra and panties. Black nylons with garters and black spiked heels. The bra pushed her tits together to form a nice cleavage. As she stood there, posing, I couldn't help but stare, and get hard. She asked me how I liked it. I mumbled a bit and told her she looked great. I told her that I was sure dad would approve. She was admiring herself in the mirror when I decided to tell her about wanting to see her nude last year. told her that she was the first nude woman I had ever seen and that she is still one of the best looking. She turned to me and asked me if I still liked to see her. I said "Yes, I watch you all the time through the window." I also told her that I watch Sara and Susan. (I held back the rest of the story). She said, "Well then son, since you have seen me nude, let me see you. I haven't seen you without clothes on since you were 12." With that, I removed my underwear, my cock standing straight out in front of me. She said, "Boy, have you grown! It looks great. I bet you make the girls happy." I smiled and said yes. She asked me if I masturbate after looking at her, I told her I did. She said, "I haven't quite shown you all of this outfit." She put one leg up on the bed to show me her shaven cunt through her crotchless panties. She took her finger, and gently spread her cunt lips apart. Her cunt glistened with her juices. She said, "I don't know about you, but I am horny." She started to play with her clit. I stood up and went to her, unfastened her bra, and grabbed her tits. She sat on the bed, legs spread and worked on her cunt, inserting her fingers then licking them clean. I started sucking my mom's boobs like I did as a child. She started moaning. She shook when she came. I then stood in front of her, cock near her mouth. She said, "Son, I know what you want, but please don't." I said, "If Sara and Susan can suck it, so can you!" I took her head and pushed her mouth onto my shaft. I could tell she wanted to do it because there was no hesitation. She sucked me and it wasn't long before I came, and she took it all. I help her out of the rest of her clothes, bent between her legs and ate her cunt. She moaned, and begged for me to make her cum. Then, before she came, I got on the bed, had her mount me and while she fucked me, I played with her ass. Using our juices from her cunt, I lubed up her bung hole, and soon had a finger up it. She was riding me and cumming. When she climbed off, she got on her hands and knees, used her hands to spread her ass cheeks, and led my cock to that tight brown hole. I came in no time up her ass. We fell asleep. I woke the next morning with mom's mouth around my hard dick. I came twice in her mouth.

July 16 2002


My son was growing up, and as he developed, I couldn't help but notice what a hot body the young man had. He looked like his father --- tall and dark. Judging from the big bulge in his pants, he was probably built like his father, too.

Looking at Thomas, I wondered what he did for sex. I knew that he didn't date a lot of girls, and I brought up visions sometimes of how he looked, lying on his bed, stroking his big, fat cock in his hand. I guessed that just about every mother wondered that about their sons.

I had been divorced for about six years, and I hadn't had a single date that turned into a night of sex the entire time. I was content, after dating the stupid slobs that I ran into, to just stay home and finger myself to mind-blowing orgasms. It was during just one such encounter with my finger that my son tapped on my door, and then opened it slowly. I lay on the bed, my legs spread wide, bent at the knees. One of my hands was at my pussy, fingering my clitoris, while the other was at my tits, pinching my nipples.

I could tell that he thought that I didn't hear him knock --- hell, I was making a lot of noise. He didn't know that I knew he was there. I made it look as if I were so wrapped up in what I was doing that I was oblivious to everything but my fingers.

Out of the corner of my eyes, I watched as he stood there, his mouth hanging open, his eyes wide. His hand moved to his crotch and he grabbed his cock, straightening it out in his shorts. The sight of me laying there like that must have given him an instant hard on.

He moved his hand up and down his crotch, stroking himself through the cotton of his briefs. The sight of that thrilled me even more, and I turned to him.

He didn't move. He just stood there, looking at me.

"Come over here," I said.

He walked slowly over to the bed. I could see the massive outline of his cock as he walked toward me. He was built like his father, all right --- but larger. He moved toward my face, and I quit fingering my cunt and tits as I reached over and traced the outline of his cock through the cotton of his briefs.

It was terribly hard and warm to the touch, straining against its fabric prison, begging for attention. I reached up with my thumbs, and hooking them in the elastic band of his shorts, pulled them down. When his cock was free, it jumped up and stuck straight out at my face. It was massive, purple-headed dick. His black pubic hair framed it perfectly, with little curly hairs dotting his fat, fleshy balls.

It was fatter than his father's cock had been, for sure. It wasn't as long, though. But, I wasn't disappointed --- not at all. I reached out and wrapped my fingers around the massive dong, right at the base. I could feel his warm, heavy balls right beneath, pressing against my little finger.

"My, that's quite a thing you got there," I said. "Let Momma take care of that for you."

I began stroking his dick, pointing it at my face. As I stroked, he looked at my tits, and then down at my pussy. Tentatively, he reached down and touched one of my erect nipples with the tip of his finger. The feeling of his touch sent thrills through me. I squirmed in ecstasy, and he jerked his finger away. I reached out and took his hand in mine and pressed it against my tits.

"Play with them all you want," I said.

I spread my legs a little wider and lifted my legs, bending them at the knees. "Why not put this," I said, pointing at his cock, "in there?"

He didn't say anything at all. He climbed on top of me, his hard dick pressing against my wet pussy, his mouth falling on my tits. I reached down and guided his hard dick into my cunt. Spreading my legs wider, I reached around and gripped his buttocks and pressed him toward me. His cock entered me as I pushed him in all the way. I could feel his fat cock throbbing inside me, and when I felt his balls against my ass, I nearly came.

He took one of my nipples in his mouth and sucked on it, moving his tongue around on it just the right way. I moaned in pleasure, and he stopped and looked up at me and smiled.

"You like that?" he whispered.

I nodded and grunted, "yes."
He began to suck my nipples in earnest then, moving from one to the other and back again. As he sucked, he began thrusting with his cock, shoving it into me all the way, his balls slapping against my ass. He moved faster and faster, and I came.

He stopped and looked at me quizzically.

"I'm OK, Tommy --- I just came. Keep it up, I love it."

He began thrusting again, faster this time. I could feel his shaking body reach the point of orgasm, and I knew he was going to cum. He thrust faster and faster, and groan escaped his lips. He thrust in to me, keeping his cock buried in my pussy, and I felt him shoot his load. His cock jerked and jerked, and the expanding cock shot a hot load of cum deep inside me. This was followed by another and then another.

I came again, thrashing around on the bed like a wild woman. He started thrusting again, and I came gain. Then, slowly, he pulled his fat cock out of me. He rolled off me and lay on the bed.

"I thought you were hurt," he whispered.

I laughed. "I was thinking of you, you know."

"You were?"

"Yes, dreaming, sort of. That was a dream come true.",br>
--- Elizabeth R., Cedar Rapids, IO


I had two beautiful daughters, and I was surprised and felt cuckolded when my wife left me, leaving me to raise the two girls by myself. I tried everything I could to help my daughters understand and appreciate their roles in my life. I gave them pretty much what any father would give them --- piano lessons, things like that. I had them join the girls' clubs in town. Then I sent them out for tennis lessons, and was surprised, one hot day, when they came home from their lessons early. I was standing in the living room, sipping a cold beer on a really hot day, flipping the channels on the television set with the remote. I had been just about to sit down when they came bounding through the door in their short white tennis skirts and sheer blouses.

"What's the matter?" I asked Tammy, the older of the two.

"It's too hot to play tennis," she said. "Besides, Gina's not feeling real well."

"What's the matter?" I asked, turning to Gina.

I watched as Gina bent over to adjust a pillow on the sofa. As she bent over, the little tennis skirt she was wearing rode up on her thighs. I could clearly see the lips of her pussy. Flecked with hair on both sides, her cunt was an inviting, wet hole amidst a small thicket of dark black hair. Above that, her bung hole was a pink rosebud framed by two pink mounds of smooth, inviting flesh. There were inviting swirls of hair surrounding her ass hole. I could feel my prick strain against my shorts.

She turned around and smiled at me as she sat. I couldn't believe my daughter wasn't wearing any underwear, or her tennis shorts, beneath the little white skirt.

She sat, not bothering to pulle the skirt down, staring at my bulging crotch the whole time. It was a strange sensation, to know that your daughter was staring at the bulge of your growing hard on.

"Looks like you're trying to bring something up for discussion, here," she said with a smile.

I didn't know what to say. You're not supposed to mention those things, but then again, you're not supposed to wander around wearing only a tennis skirt, and no undies, either.

"Mmm - hmmm," was all I said. I glanced over at Tammy as she sat on the couch beside her sister. She was smiling, her legs parted, her tennis skirt around her thighs. Her pussy was fully visible, a dark brown bush with copious quantities of hair. I didn't bother to hide the fact that I was staring at it, either. I just let a small smile play across my lips. The sight of my two daughters' hairy pussies was really turning me on. I couldn't figure out what they were trying to do. There was no reason for their behavior. The sight of it, though, really turned me on. My daughters both had nice pussies, lovely and fuzzy, covered with copious quantities of downy-soft hair.

"Come here, Dad," Tammy said. Her voice was thick, and it sounded like she needed to clear her throat.

I walked over to her and stood in front of her. She reached up and pulled my shorts down with one quick motion, my stiff dick jumping for joy at being released from its cotton prison. I had no idea that she was going to pull my shorts down.

"Nice," she said, looking up at my cock.

She reached over and wrapped her long, slender fingers around my cock, squeezing gently. Her hand moved slowly up and down, stroking me gently as she squeezed, sending shivers of ecstasy through me. With the other hand, she reached up and cupped my hairy balls in her hand, hefting them, massaging them, weighing them, as if measuring how much cum could be had from them. I backed away from her, realizing that this was my daughter who was playing with my cock. She stood immediately, reaching out and grabbing my cock. Resolve melted in me, and I stood there, looking at my daughter.

I reached over and fondled her tits through the thin material of her blouse, running the tips of my fingers across her erect, protruding nipples. She moaned. "I love that, Dad" she said. "God, that drives me crazy."

I reached for the hem of her short dress, pulling straight up on it. She helped me, and soon, the thing was on the floor. I stepped out of my shorts, and we stood there, staring at each other's naked body.

"My God," I heard Gina whisper. She lifted her legs up and placed her heels on the couch, spreading her legs wide. Her cunt was visible, her pussy lips moist and pink. She moved a hand to her crotch and began fingering herself slowly as she watched the two of us.

Tammy's nipples jutted out with large, pinkish brown areolas. There were little bumps along the edges of the nipples. She moaned loudly as I pressed them between my thumb and forefinger. I squeezed the nipples, running my fingers and thumbs around and around, watching them harden, feeling them becoming more extended, longer.

We went to the couch then, and Gina moved over to make room for us. We both leaned back, side by side. One of my hands went to her tits, the other to her hairy snatch. I moved my mouth to her other tit, sucking the erect pink bud into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around and around on it. She reached over and grabbed my cock at the base, stroking up on it, swirling the pre-cum around the head of it with her thumb.

Gina got off the couch, pushing the coffee table to the middle of the room. She kneeled on the floor and pulled her cotton blouse over her head. The sight of her tits sent thrills through me. Round and firm, they were centered by two erect nipples that stuck out about half an inch. The areolas were at least the size of silver dollars, pink and inviting.

Moving further down with my tongue, I pulled away from Tammy, and she had to release my cock. Then I moved my mouth down to her navel, flicking my tongue in and out. Straightening, I lay beside her in a reverse position as my tongue found her bush. Once again, I could feel her slender fingers wrapped around my cock. Then, I could feel her tongue swirl around the head of it. Gina's tongue suddenly joined hers.

She moved her tongue to my balls, making little whimpering noises as she flicked her tongue over my hairy orbs, caressing them with one hand and stroking my cock with the other. Then she opened her mouth wide, sucking one hairy orb into her mouth, running her tongue across it. She released that one and worked on the other one, then went back to the other one as Gina ran her tongue across the head of my dick.

I licked along both sides of her pussy, tasting the flavor of my daugher's hairy snatch. Then, I found her clit with my tongue, and I used both hands to spread her lips apart. I licked her clit, then moved my tongue all the way down to her ass hole, then back up to her clit. She had my cock in her mouth, and gurgled with excitement as I licked her. Gina's tongue was in my navel, then along the shaft of my hard prick as Tammy sucked it. Soon, I lost track of whose mouth was doing what, and I certainly didn't care.

I moved my face further down, licking both sides of her pussy as I moved, then I found that spot between her pussy and her ass, and thrust my tongue in it. I spread her legs wider apart, and ran my tongue along the edges of her pink rosebud. I lifted her ass a little, and licked along the rim of her ass, my tongue coming in contact with the dark swirls of hair along her ass hole. I inserted my tongue as far as it would go into her. I ran my tongue along the ridge of it again, and inserted a finger as I began licking her pussy once again. She was moaning, her body jerking. I had never seen a woman act like that before, and was surprised as hell that it was my daughter who was responding to what I was doing.

I loved licking her cunt and her asshole, but I wanted to suck her tits. I pulled away, and she grunted her disapproval. Then my mouth found her tits once again, and she began to writhe. I sucked one big nipple into my mouth, then stopped and flicked my tongue back and forth on it. My cock was pressing against her cunt, and carefully, I inserted it, feeling her warm wetness surround me. I began to pump slowly, trying to keep my mouth on her tits. She writhed and moaned, spasms making her legs jerk. I could feel Gina's tongue licking both of us as we fucked. Tammy suddenly came with a loud moan and shouted, "Ah, cock! Dad's cock!" I could feel an outpouring of cunt juices. I pulled out and moved my body up. I sat on her chest, and taking my wet cock, I pressed it down between her tits and squeezed her tits, making a fleshy tunnel for my cock.

I began to stroke my cock in and out of the tunnel as she reached down with both hand and began to finger herself again. On the upstroke of my cock, she leaned forward and used her mouth on the head of my dick, opening wide as it slid into her mouth. I felt my balls rise upward, and I knew that I was going to cum. I released her tits, and moved my cock up to her mouth. She leaned her head forward and took it to the back of her throat as my balls grazed her chin. She sucked on it, hard, then released it and swirled her tongue over the head of it. Gina grabbed my cock by the base and stroked it and pointed it at her sister's open mouth, and began to stroke fast as I shot a load of hot white cum into Tammy's mouth. Load after load squirted out of the head of my cock and went into her hair and covered her face. She smiled, laughed even, as I came all over her face. "Fuck me now, Daddy," Gina said.

I pulled off Tammy's chest then and lay beside her. "Give me a minute to rest," I told her.

"Oh no, Daddy," she said.

She moved down and put her head on my stomach, taking my cock into her mouth, her tongue working overtime on the head of it. Within a few moments, I was hard again. She moved her tongue to my balls, licking them, and moved a hand to my asshole. Gently, she inserted one finger into my rectum. The sensations were driving me nuts. She sucked hard on my cock, building a strong suction on the head of it.

She moved away, kneeling on all fours. I got up, and went behind her. Kneeling, I inserted my cock into her wet cunt. I reached around and grabbed her tits, running my fingers across those big nipples. Her tits were firm mounds, and I could feel my cock swell with excitement as I hefted them in my hands from behind her.

I thrust in and out of her pussy, my balls bouncing and swaying as we both moved our bodies in rhythm, making slapping noises as we fucked, sweaty skin against sweaty skin.

She began to moan loudly. With a shout and body spasms, she came. She thrust her ass backwards, toward me, screaming as my cock was soaked with her slippery juices. I pulled out of her cunt, and slowly, carefully inserted the purple-headed dick into her ass hole. She moaned loudly as I pushed it all the way in. I thrust gently, then harder and harder, faster and faster, feeling my balls slamming against her cunt, the fine hairs on her pussy tickling my fat balls each time I thrust into her bung hole.

"Oh, yes, give me that cock in my ass, Daddy!" Gina shouted. "Fuck me with it! Fuck me hard, Daddy!"

She moaned loud and long. I was actually afraid that someone would hear her, and would come knocking on the door, wondering what was going on. I continued thrusting, feeling the rising in my balls. I pulled our of her ass, and Tammy moved off the couch and grabbed my dick and began stroking my cock, pointing it at Gina's ass. I shot my load all over her ass, coming once again in great gobs of slimy white juices, this time soaking my daughter's ass with cum.

She reached behind her and rubbed the cum into her ass, and over her smooth, pink buttocks.
"What a cock," she said. "What a load of cum. I love it."

We lay thereon the floor, naked, side by side.

I lay there resting for a few minutes, then got up to go take a piss. I came back and found them together, one on top of the other, licking each other's cunts. Gina was on top of Tammy, her ass pointing toward me. Her legs were spread, and I could see Tammy's tongue flicking in and out of Gina's pussy. Just seeing them there, like that, made my cock jump up and point at the ceiling.

I walked into the living room and started to sit down on the couch to watch them. I didn't get a chance. Both girls jumped on me, and within seconds, my cock in the Tammy's mouth. She sucked, hard and fast, while Gina bent below her and licked my balls.

I couldn't help myself. I came in Tammy's mouth, and she tried to swallow all of it. Still, it dripped down her chin and into Gina's waiting mouth.

Then, all three of us lay down on the floor. I lay on top of Gina, my mouth on her round, firm, tits, the nicest tits I had ever seen. I sucked each brown, hard nipple for a little while, then moved down to her downy-soft, wet cunt.

I stretched the lips apart to reveal a bright red inner set of cunt lips. I found her clit, long and thick. I flicked it with my tongue. Each time I touched it, she jerked and moaned. I could feel a mouth on my cock. I didn't know whose it was.

I inserted a finger into her hairy asshole, and she moaned loudly. I stuck my tongue deep into her cunt, and I could feel her legs jerking, her body full of involuntary spasms as she came.

I moved, my mouth finding her tits.
"Fuck me," she moaned. "Fuck me hard."
"Oh, yes," my other daughter moaned. "Fuck her, then fuck me."

I lay atop her and inserted my cock into her wet pussy, sliding it into her all the way to my balls. I began to thrust, and suddenly, there was a mouth down there.

It thrilled me when I discovered that the mouth was not only licking my balls, but was busy on her sister's pussy, too. I had never had any idea that my daughters were sexually active with each other.

Tammy was licking the both of us as we fucked again. I didn't care which one of them I fucked. I simply had no preference at that point. I just knew that I was a fuckmachine for them, that they were going to crush me and suck me dry with their mouths, their cunts, their assholes. I wasn't screaming in pain over the situation, either.

The fact that it was my two daughters was what turned me on about it. There was no way I could say no to anything they suggested. I was mesmerized by their firm tits, their wet pussy hairs.

I could feel Tammy's mouth around my balls, her tongue darting out, licking. I felt it move around my ass hole, then to my balls again, and then she licked my shaft as I moved it in and out of her friend's big hairy cunt.

She began to moan again, and I knew she was going to cum again soon. I thrust harder and faster, my balls slamming into her hairy asshole. She screamed, and I knew she had come as her muscles tightened around my cock. What a cunt, I thought. What a couple of supersexed daughters I had. I came, pulling out and shooting all over her stomach.

Tammy moved to her stomach and began licking up the cum as Gina girl reached down and rubbed her fingers in it, then licked her fingers. We fucked all afternoon. My two girls were insatiable; there was no way to keep them both satisfied. First one, then the other sucked my cock.

I must have cum about half a dozen times before I lay there, exhausted. There was nothing left in me, and I just lay on the floor. I reached for my beer on the coffee table, and found that it was warm.

I got up and went to the refrigerator, and as I stood, I could see Gina move over to Tammy and start licking her pussy. The girls, I thought --- my two lovely daughters --- were absolute nymphos.

Then, as I walked into the living room and took a sip of my cold beer, Gina took one of her big nipples and actually stuck it into Tammy's hairy pussy. I had never seen anyone do that before, either. If anyone had suggested, the day before, that my daughers would be doing that in front of me, I would have told them that they were nuts. If they had suggested that I would be there right in the middle of it, I would have laughed my ass off.

The insane thought made me smile from ear to ear as I watched my two daughters licking each other, making slurping noises loud than I was as I slurped my cold beer.

I continued sipping my beer, my cock slowly growing as I watched my two daughters perform every sexual trick I could think of. I had no idea where the hell they learned all that. I was getting hard, even after coming all those times. I had never cum so many times in such a short period of time.

"Where did you girls learn all this?" I suddenly asked.

Tammy stopped what she was doing and looked at me. "Nowhere," she said with a smile. "We kinda talked about it on the way home, and decided we would see what you would say."

It was dark outside now; I had no idea what time it was. My cock stuck straight out, telling me it was time to join them again, and be the fuck machine for my two daughters' pussies. --- John W, Baldwin Park, CA

MELODY Having sex with my daughter was the farthest thing from my mind when I awoke one Saturday morning. Of course, I wasn't blind, and there was no missing the fact that she had a nice, round, shapely ass, some good sized tits, and was shaped like a beauty queen with long, raven hair and green eyes. She was a beauty, and I wasn't blind. It was just that I considered the idea so taboo and forbidden, that I would never have thought it even remotely possible. But, alas, it was. It began when she woke me up for breakfast that Saturday morning. She always did, and when she was a real little girl, we used to eat cereal and watch cartoons together. Her mother had died when she was still a baby, and I always had spent special time with my daughter. Instead of waking me up to watch cartoons and eat cereal, now, though, she was waking me up for coffee and eggs and bacon. Time flew fast, it seemed. "No," I said. "Lemme sleep, it's Saturday." "Come on, sleepy head, wake up!" she said loudly, pulling the covers off me. I still had my morning hard on, and lo and behold, there it was, poking right out of the hole in my boxers. I dragged the sheet back over me and hid my boner. "Well, what was that all about?" Melody asked, a knowing smile across her face. "What was that for?" I sighed. "Every man in the world wakes up with an erection," I said. "Really?" she asked. "I didn't know that. Let me see it." "No," I said, laughing. "It's not like, something a guy should be showing his daughter." "You mean, if I wasn't your daughter, I could see it?" Fully awake now, I sat up. "If you weren't my daughter, I'd..." I stopped right there, unaware of the admission I was about to make. Her eyes widened, and I looked at her body, at her breasts beneath the long T shirt she wore as a short, summer bath robe. She smelled of fresh soap, and there was an airy, sweet smell of some type of body lotion she wore or something like that. I could see the darkness of her hard nipples beneath the thin fabric. That just made my hard on grow and throb a little. "You'd what?" she asked. I laughed. "I'd spank you for asking," I said. "Now, get down there and make sure the bacon's done." She traipsed out of the room and I could hear her steps receding down the stairs. I hurriedly got out of bed and went into the bathroom, tossing my undies in the hamper. Grabbing a towel, I draped it across the rack and turned on the water. I took a quick shower, and threw on a robe and went downstairs. I heard the toast pop up out of the toaster as I went into the kitchen. Melody was there, bending over, her head stuck in the cabinet under the sink. Her ass was visible as the shirt rode up on her thighs, along with some fine, downy pussy hairs that dappled the edges of her pussy lips. Dark black and very thin and sparse, the hair only added to the sexual attraction of her pussy. Dear God in heaven, I said to myself as my cock jerked up. I looked away, swallowing a lump in my throat. Then, I looked back, and her ass was even higher in the air, and her legs spread even more. I could plainly see her moist inner pussy lips. Feeling guilty as hell, I just sat there, damn near hypnotized by the sight of my daughter's pussy. She straightened and closed the cabinet door, coming up with a box of automatic dishwasher soap. She poured me a cup of coffee and turned around, coming toward me. Putting it in front of me, she said, "You haven't even touched your eggs yet, are they OK?" I nodded. She moved back to the counter and brought over the toast, sitting opposite me. Ah, I thought. She had shown me her ass on purpose, just to see what the hell I would do, I thought. "Nice show," I said. "Huh?" she asked. "That bent over pussy shot was really wonderful," I said. "Huh?" she asked again. "What pussy shot?" I grinned. "You did it on purpose, I know you did." "Would I do something like that?" My eyes narrowed. "I figured, you showed me your erection, I could show you mine too." "Is that still on your mind?" I asked, my voice not quite my own. "Sure, I liked it," she said. "Well, eat your breakfast," I said, "or, we'll miss cartoons." She laughed. We hadn't watched cartoons in ages. Silent, we ate breakfast, and then, she stood and flicked on the radio. As she cleared the breakfast dishes and I sipped coffee, she began a dance, wiggling her ass. She turned toward me, her tits bouncing a little, the nipples rubbing against the shirt, making them dark and hard. Holy shit, I thought. My daughter was a sex pot. She turned around, carrying another plate, wiggling her ass, bending over with the plate, dancing with it. Her pussy was visible again for a brief flash, and she was watching me, her face between her legs. Bending father over, she put the dish in the dish washer, never taking her eyes from me. Straightening up, she turned toward me, lifting her shirt! She danced right over to me. Pulling her shirt over her head, she stood there, totally naked. Moving closer, she grabbed the back of my head, pressing my face against her pussy. I stuck out my tongue, moving it around her lips. Fuck it, I thought. I was going to eat my daughter's pussy. I moved my coffee cup away, and lay her back on the table, spreading her legs. Her pussy was wet and hot, nearly hairless, with just a few jet black hairs on the lips, and a small, downy patch at her mons. I spread her legs wider, spreading her pussy lips. I inserted my tongue gently, licking from side to side, tasting her sweet pussy juices. "Oh yes, Daddy!" she moaned. She wrapped her legs around my neck, moving her ass completely off the table, pressing her pussy against my face. "Lick me!" I did. I flicked at her clit with tongue, and she came, twisting and moaning. A different song on the radio now, she pulled herself upright as she pushed my face away. Moving off the table, she fell to her knees, fumbling at the opening to my robe. She wrapped her hands around my hard cock, and I felt her mouth engulf the head. She moved her head all the way down, her lips pressing against my balls. Moving her head up and down faster and faster, she lifted my balls, feeling of them. I thrust my hips forward, and I could feel my balls tighten, and my stomach muscles began to twitch. "I'm going to cum," I said to her. She responded by sucking harder, stroking me, moving her head up and down faster than before. And, I shot. An orgasm wracked my body, making my legs kick straight out, my whole body shivering and shaking with the intensity of an orgasm the likes of which I hadn't experienced in years. And, she surprised me by swallowing every drop of my hot cum, sucking on my cock till it was dry. She lifted her head at long last and looked up at me, her green eyes sparkling. "Sure beats cartoons," she said. Well, that's what we do on Saturday mornings. We eat breakfast, and each other. -- Name and Address Withheld by Request THE CLOSET VIEW My mother and my father had split up, and they decided to sell the big house in the hills in exchange for two smaller ones during their divorce proceedings. The profit from the sale of the house mainly went to pay off bills and things like that, with each of them banking about half of it. I was more or less caught in the middle of the situation, and I opted to stay with Mom one week, and with Dad another week. Mom moved into a rented apartment, and Dad moved into a mobile home in a trailer park at the base of the hills where we once lived. It was a nice mobile home, but had been remodeled or something at one time. There was a patio room that had been added, and it was kind of neat, and I filled it with tropical plants and nice decorations. My bedroom abutted the bathroom, and it was there that I noticed that the trailer had very, very thin walls. I had a closet with sliding doors, and it the closet that actually abutted the bathroom. Once, while staying with my father, I opened the closet door, and there, in the darkness, I could see a rather large hole where the pipes from the bathroom went through the wall and down beneath the mobile home. And, Dad was in the bathroom. I could hear the water running in the shower, and could even see the changing light from the glow through the hole, as he moved this way and that. I bent down, and looked through the hole. There was about a half inch on one side of the hole, and I could plainly see straight into the shower. And, I was shocked. I was shocked at what I saw, and at my reaction to it. Dad stood there, naked, his fat cock hanging nearly right in my face. I was looking up at him, almost, and his dick was no less than two feet away. Large and fat, his cock wasn't circumcised. His balls, large and hairy, hung loosely and moved this way and that with every move he made. He turned around and put his foot on the edge of the tub enclosure, and ran the bar of soap along his legs. As he stood there, holding his leg up, I could see his hairy ass hole and his balls hanging between his legs, and that sight thrilled me beyond the severe guilt I was feeling at peeking on my father. I was really turned on, and felt guilty at the same time, as if torn between the two feelings. My pussy won the war. I reached under my house robe and pulled the hem of my panties aside. I touched my clit and came, right then and there. I watched as my father stood upright, moving his leg down. His ass cheeks were round and muscular, tensed as he moved his other leg up, and placed it on the edge of the tub as he scrubbed that leg, too. His legs were mottled with thick, black hair, as was his cock and balls. I loved looking at his balls from behind. Then, he straightened up and turned around, and began washing his cock. I watched it fascination as he rubbed soap on the length of his cock, and peeled back the foreskin and washed the bright pink head of it. As he rinsed it off, I noticed that the head was getting bigger, and when he released his cock, it was about half-hard. I came again as he reached up and turned the water off and pulled the curtain away and stepped out of the tub. And, I came again as he dried himself. I watched as he threw on a short bath robe and opened the bathroom door. Then, he was gone. I lay on my bed, finishing off one more orgasm, visions of my father's naked body in my mind. I got up and decided to shower, myself. I was sweating from playing with myself, and it was a hot summer night, anyway. In the shower, I played with my nearly hairless pussy one more time, and then, I threw on a robe and went into the living room, where Dad was watching television. "What's on?" I asked, feeling guilty, thinking of the sites I had seen earlier. "The news," he answered, taking a sip of his beer. "Sure am glad tomorrow's Saturday," he added. "I need a few days' rest after all that bull shit at work this past week." "Poor Dad," I said, and went over and sat beside him. He sniffed the air. "You smell nice," he said, putting his arm around me. "Gee, must be my personality you're smelling, since I'm not wearing anything other than this robe." I moved my hand to his thigh. I wondered what he would do if I pulled his robe away, exposing his fat dick. He turned back to the television, and took another sip of his beer. I moved my hand on his thigh, rubbing upward gently. "You have nice, strong legs, Dad," I said. "Sexy legs." He laughed. "Sexy legs? I didn't know men had sexy legs." He reached over to my robe and pulled it upward slightly. "Now, there's some real sexy legs," he said with a laugh. "Mmm," I said. "Your touch is nice," I said. He eyed me suspiciously. "So is yours," he said, his voice changing from baritone to choking. I moved my hand upward, very, very close to his cock now. The robe had ridden up, and I was sure that, from another angle, I could be seeing his hairy balls. He reached over and pulled the hem downward. "You shouldn't be doing that," he whispered. "Why not?" I asked, my own voice kind of choking. "It's like, nothing I haven't seen," I said. He laughed. "Not for years, you're too old to shower with me nowadays, ya know." "Oh, I don't know about that." I thought about telling him about the hole in the wall. Then, I thought better of it. Then, I changed my mind again, and said, "Well, I've seen more than you think." "Huh?" I shook my head. "Never mind." I moved my hand upward again, and suddenly, as if acknowledging the presence of my hand, his cock jumped upward, pushing the hem of the robe aside. Looking like some type of jungle snake, his cock throbbed and moved for a few seconds before Dad reached down and pulled it downwards, and covered it with the robe. He moved my hand away. "That's what your touch does, hun," he said. "I like that," I said. "I'm your father." "And a hot one." "What does that mean?" "It means, you're a hot dude, Dad. You have a nice body. You're very sexy." "So are you," he said. I doubted that, actually. I was kind of heavy in places, and not really pretty at all. Hell, I'm honest with myself. I laughed. "I don't know about that, but if you say so, OK." I moved my hand to his leg again. "Let's see if he pops up again." Dad laughed, and suddenly, there it was, bigger than before, sticking up even higher, more erect, the fore skin peeling away from the pink head, perfectly visible in the dim glow from the television set. "We shouldn't be doing this, Arlene," Dad said with a choked voice, tucking his cock back under his robe, while gently moving my hand back to my lap. I moved my hand right back, this time to his crotch. I could feel the hard cock beneath the robe, and I moved his robe aside. There is was, sticking up against his belly, the head completely free of the foreskin. I wrapped my fingers around it, and found that the skin was hot and smooth. The public hairs tickling my hand thrilled me for some reason. Holding my father's fat dick was a sexual thrill, and my pussy was tingling and wet. I had never touched a real dick before, and I was amazed at how alive it was. I could feel it throb with his heartbeat, could feel it move. The tip was wet, and Dad moaned as I moved my thumb over the head, smearing the slimy liquid around on the spherical head. I wanted to kiss it, suck it even. I had heard girls talk about sucking dicks, and I was willing to give it a try. I bent my head to his lap, guiding his cock to my mouth. I reached down and hefted his hairy balls with one hand while I stroked his cock into my mouth with the other. The slimy fluid was salty and sweet at the same time, I discovered, as popped the whole thing in my mouth. I moved my tongue around it, tasting it, moving my tongue over the underside of the ridge of the head of his dick. Dad moaned with every movement I made with my tongue. Then, I began rhythmically moving my head up and down on his dick, sucking on it on the way into my mouth. "I'm going to cum, Arlene," Dad said. I moved my mouth away. I didn't know if I was ready to eat cum or not. I stroked his hard dick though, watching as it jerked in my hand and shot hot gobs of cum onto his belly and on my hand. He lay back against the sofa cushion for a moment, and then sat up straight. He gently pushed my shoulders down. "Lay back and spread your legs," he said. I did, and Dad opened my robe, looking at my hairy pussy. He reached up and lightly touched my nipples, then cupped each breast in each hand, rubbing his palms across the nipples. I was on fire, it seemed, my pussy gushing juices. Dad moved his mouth to my pussy, and I could feel him insert his tongue into me just a little part of the way. The flat of his tongue touched my clitoris, and I came with a moan and a yelp. Dad kept it up, and I came again, just like that. He kept it up until I came about five more times, and then, I was exhausted, and I closed my legs as Dad moved his face away from my crotch. After I rested for a few more minutes, I sat up. I looked at Dad, and told him about the hole in the wall, and why I was so turned on. He wasn't pissed off at all. We kept up our oral sex for a few days, and then, I had to go back to my mother's house for a week. It was very boring being away from Dad for that week, and I began to wonder if things were going to change when I got back. Things didn't change at all. During my week with Dad, I learned to fuck! Wearing a rubber, guiding his hard cock into me slowly, his dick filled me completely. It was a painful but delightful sensation I had never known. I loved the feeling of his balls pressing against my ass as he pushed his cock all the way into me. We fucked away the nights while Dad worked during the day. It has been that way for almost a year now. I sure am glad Dad bought this old mobile home, one with a closet view! I sent some videos with this letter. I hope you can use them, you'll see, I'm not like, really pretty or anything, but Dad does have a fat dick!