Seths Poetry

These are a few of the creaters poetry....I hope you enjoy them.


Come with me now to share the rain.
Hear all its sorrows and feel all it's pain.
Little children speak of God crying her tears,
Their head on the shoulder that banishes all fears.

The lightning grows brighter, the thunder grows stronger,
Your leaving me now, you love me no longer.
Dear brother rain are these your tears or mine?


My anger is boiling so hot that its white
pure rage changes quickly to rage from freight.
It works through my muscles and out through my fists
and stops with the blood like a vampires kiss..
I am high on my rage it feeds on my soul.
it boils in my blood and takes control.

This anger I have all locked up inside,
It waits to get out not wanting to hide.
This heat that I have sure isn't love
Its also not peace it consumed the white dove
My soul is blue and black and sometimes gray
Its a place never touched by the gold light of day
Its hot and its cold, my own icy fire
Its flames give no heat and they never will expire.
With not vent for this heat it goes to myself.
My own bottle of anger right there on the shelf.

Ashley WilderBritney Frachiseur

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