Ashley Wilder’s Poetry

“Who do you Tell” ©

Who do you tell when you love someone?
Hoping that someone is in love with you.
There you were in a crowded room,
How did I know I would fall in love when we danced together?
When we laughed and played I knew that I felt something deeper for you.
I was afraid because my heart had been broken and misused so many times already
I didn’t know how to overcome my fears.
Who do you tell when you love someone
Hoping that someone’s in love with you?

"Remembering Love"©

Love is an incredible feeling.
Love is full of Heartache and pain.
Love is togetherness and happiness
Love is a newborn baby.
Love is a bed of roses.
Love is the beginning of a new life.
Love is not always fun, but always special.
Love is a caring family whose there for one another.
Loving you, loving me.
Love will set our souls free.

"I wish"©

I wish I was a guitar so you could play through the night.
I wish you could hold me in your arms until dawn.
Just a sweet and soft melody.
As we wine and dine each other in our love song.
Somewhere on a beach along a small café you’d play me. So tight like it’s the last time we dance in our love song.

Britney Frachiseur Seth Hendrickson

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