With a Laugh and a Tear, the poets dream has just begun... With a laugh and a tear, the poets dream has juts begun...
With a Laugh and a Tear the poets dream has just begun...

With a Laugh and a tear, The Poets dream has just begun...

This is a webpage dedicated to you. It is ment to help you get your name as a poet out on the internet. Granted right now we have very few entries but that is because we are new. Its always the newest ones that become the hottest henceforth the most recognized.

Before this webpage can open, we need more art and poetry to be sent in. When you email me your work please include your full name and a working email address so that I will be able to contact you when a publisher would like to speak with you further about your work.

There is no charge for this service unless you wish to make contributions to this webpage to help keep it free and open.

Here are a few poems that have been sent in so far.

Britney Frachiseur.

Ashley Wilder

Seth Hendrickson

If you are interested in chatting, click Here.

Please put Poetry or Art as the topic so I do not Delete you.
Thank you for your time.

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