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  • 1 Corinthians 15:1-4

    "The Gospel"

    Faith is believing that...

    Jesus is the Son of God, born of a virgin, died on the Cross for all of mankind sins,

    rose from the dead on the third day and now sits on the right hand of God in heaven

    interceding on our behalf.

    As taught by Paul in Romans through Philemon.






  • Salvation is a Free Gift, but we must choose to accept it.

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When one is creating a site such as this it is hard to know where to begin...
so I think the best way to start would be to share
my personal testimony with you the reader.

"May your heart be touched..."

"Debora It Is Time..."

It all started on a beautiful fall morning in September of 1990.

You see, I had just got up and was making my way into the kitchen for my
morning cup of tea when I had this feeling I was not alone.
I quickly turned on the radio, something I always did first thing in the morning
and just as I was about to open the refrigerator door,
I heard the tender voice of Jesus whisper in my mind...

"Debora It Is Time!"

I slowly looked around and like a fool I said out loud, "time for what?"
Great I thought, now I am talking to myself!
Shaking it off I continued through my morning routine
without any more thought as to what had happened.

By the next morning I had forgotten what had occurred the day before.
Making my way into the kitchen, I again switched on the radio
as I prepared my morning cup of tea...
when once again I felt a presence.

Ignoring it, I made my way to the refrigerator when I heard
the soft voice of Jesus speak to my heart again for the second time...

" Debora It Is Time!"

Jesus, I cried wearily...What is it you want?
I don't know you so why are you bothering with me?

Of course he didn't answer me and I hurriedly made my way out of the kitchen.
By now this was beginning to get to me so I grabbed my purse and went shopping.
Yes, I thought, shopping was the answer...so by the end of the day I never
gave this Jesus a second thought.

Early the following morning, I cautiously made my way into the kitchen.
Feeling somewhat leery I turned on the radio. As I went about making my morning tea,
I began to berating myself for being so silly.

Then it happened, so soft, so sweetly, Jesus spoke for the third time to my tender spirit...

"Debora It Is Time"

That's it! I yelled...I have had enough!
Shutting off the radio, I grabbed my keys and headed out the door.
Needing to get away I decided to head over to my best friends house.
Marge will take my mind off this...this...I don't know...Jesus...I yelled!

Upon entering Marge's home and to my utter amazement I found her sitting at the
kitchen table reading of all things...
you guessed it...A Bible!

I just don't believe this I cried!
For three days Jesus had been visiting me
in my kitchen telling me, "Debora it is time"
and when I come running to you for help, what do I find?
You reading a bible of all things!

Marge slowly raises her head, with tears streaming down her lovely face,
she smiles at me.

Debbie she says,I have been praying for you for weeks
asking the Lord to call you and He did!
He really has answered my prayers and called you by name!
I can not begin to tell you how exciting this is Debbie!

As she reaches for a tissue she continues...
You know how I have searched for God for many years.
Good grief, I even went as far as to believe in Shirley McClaines book
and called myself god! Shaking her head Marge continues on...
You of all people know that...you left here quick enough when I proclaimed to be god
and that we were all gods!

But Debbie, she sighed happily. I have finally found the one and only
Christ Jesus six weeks ago!

He is a loving, most forgiving Savior!

As I sat down, I couldn't believe that once again my best friend had gone off
the deep end with religion!
Now as we shared a morining cup of tea, I listened while she continued
to share her Jesus with me.
After a hour or so of this I sweetly made my excuses as to why I had to leave.
But before I could make good on my escape,
she asked me to please listen to a radio station called WCRF.

As calmly as I could, I said I would give it a try and quickly got the heck out of there!
The whole way home, I kept telling myself in a very un-lady like fashion,
that there was no way I was going to become a religious freak!
Needless to say, I was not the best of company for the remainder of the day.

Early the following morning as I laid in bed. I debated getting up at all!
In fact, I made it a point to sleep in as late as I possible could.
Hoping of all things to out sleep Jesus!
Taking my good old time in dressing, I finally made my way into the kitchen.
Stopping I listened, waiting quietly for the soft voice of the Lord.
It never came...and as silly as this may sound, I felt let down.

Without knowing why, I turned the radio on and searched for WCRF,
when suddenly the sweetest voice I've ever heard
was gently telling me about a wonderful Savior who loved me.
His voice was as soothing as the ocean waves when embarking upon the soft wet sand.
It was as if the Lord Himself was speaking to my body, my soul and my spirit.

Jesus was breaking my heart, my pride, my spirit...
He was convicting me of all my sins and yet guiding me toward Salvation.

Before I knew it, the tears of repentance began to fall
as I dropped to my knees and surrendered all to my Lord Christ Jesus.

This happened thirteen years ago and in those years,
Marge and I have faced many battles.
The Good Lord has kept us together to fight the good fight.
I thank God almost daily for giving me such a friend.

Marge through these many years has been my David as I am her Jonathon.
We have shed many tears together and praise the Lord a lot of laughter.

Everyone should be blessed with such a friend..
We have learned to pray, to share the Word of God without fear of others.
Together we have learned what Spiritual Warfare is

His name is Christ Jesus. Amen.

So with much heart felt thanks & love to my dear sister in Christ Marge
and In Memory of Dr. Robert Cook who was my angel of mercy
and WCRF for sharing the Word In Truth...
God Bless You!



Today God has called us to peace...to find it we must let the past go...for we can not change it or relive it.

Confess it, let it go, for God said He would wipe away your sins as far as the East is from the West and remember them no more.

Now is the time of the Lord, to live for Him Today.

To honor Him in what we say, in the way we work, in the way we play. Rather it be housekeeping or on the job, in our prayers, in the time we study his precious Word, in loving one another and importantly...in the way we forgive.

Today is all we have so Enjoy it in Christ Jesus for He truly is our All!

Say you're having a bad day, confess it!

Jesus is a faithful, forgiving, loving Savior who cares about our daily lives.

Honor Him by keeping your eyes focused on Today.

For yesterday is gone & Tomorrow is not ours.


May the Lord help you my friend to focus on Today...for all things are new...may we make the best of it by praising Him for the gift of Today.

I would like honor my Mother, Darlene Adams with this poem.
She was my best friend and helper.
The Lord took her home on January 14, 2004....

She is now one of His smallest



When Troubles Come Remember...

I God, am watching over you my child.

You were bought with a great price.

The very life of My one and only Son.

I God, have promised to strengthen you in your time of struggle.

I alone know when the pain seems to become unbearable.

Did I not strengthen My Son when he hung painfully on a splintered cross for you?

Surely I will do the same for you.
I God, have promised you I would be there for you in your time of need.
Did not My Son give you My Words to guide you & help you?

A Comforter in whom indwells you...The Holy Spirit?
I God, have promised you I would up hold you, even carry you when you felt you could no longer hold on.
Did I not carry My Son through to completion on the Cross?
I God, have a wonderful love for my children
I God, Am your Father...
I Am a God, who cares about your daily lives...
I Am a God, who loves you enough to correct you...
I Am a God, who cares enough to mend your broken heart...
I Am a God, who sent My Son to die so that you my child may live...
I Am a God, whose heart desires for you to love Me...I have many blessings to bestow upon My children.
When troubles come remember...
" I AM your God...And I care for what is Mine.

Based on Isaiah 41 & 42
Written By Debora in March of 2000


"Unseen Battle"

Down deep in the fires of hell, Satan sits on his throne & fumes, suddenly he yells...Devil of Division come forth!

Instantly this evil devil appears before his master Satan. Bowing low, he asks his commander and chief.

" What is it that thou command of me?" " I demand that you destroy a church for me! It pray, sings, and speaks God's Word in truth! Its people share what God has done for them and this encourages those who are weak! It must be stopped! I will stand it no longer! You must divide the church! Start with the Sunday school classes, find its weakness & cause division among its members. Continue until the whole church is split! Don't return until the job is done or else you will feel my wrath!"

Satan leans back against his throne chair and sneers. "Let me see You stop this Lord Most High, he challenges!"


High in the Heavens the Lord watches as this devil of division goes about his business to destroy what is His.

The Lord smiles, for He knows of the many who are aware of the evil ones plot to divide His church. He has placed it on their hearts to pray for the church and its teachers. His children are well trained in Spiritual Warfare to fight the enemy in prayer and in His Word he has given the command to wear the full armor of God to protect them. He is well pleased with them.

The Lord Most High calls His angels...in a voice full of authority, but gentle as the soft summer rain, He tells them...The enemy of My children is at work in one of My church's. I wish for you to surround the children who are on their knees praying for its safety from this evil one. The battle is real and my people are but human, they need My help. I have promised in My Word that I would be there in their time of need. I will never forsake My children, go to them and encourage them to continue to pray for the Victory is theirs!

"Victory belongs to the Lord they shouted as they speed off to do their Masters will.
The Lord smiles, as He too petitions God for His children.

The one way we can remember that the Lord is in charge is to remember " The Unseen Battle!"
To know without a doubt that He is at work, even when we are unaware of His work being done on our behalf. A battle rages everyday of our lives and The Lord is there in our mist handling it! Take time today to praise the Lord for His loving kindness and His protection.

Take time today to praise the Lord when He lays it upon your heart to Pray for He has given you my friend a wonderful gift...to fight the battle on His behalf. Take time today to praise the Lord for seeing and knowing all things!

Take the time today to praise the Lord that He cares enough to send His angels to watch over & encourage His children to pray when the battle rages. Take time to praise the Lord for children who listen & obey.

Is your heart burden?
Does it feel like someone is tugging on it to pray?

Then listen, don't harden your heart for the Lord is calling His children to pray & fight... " The Unseen Battle."

Eph: 6:11 " Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. (12) For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against power, against rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (18) Praying always with all prayer & supplication in the Spirit, and watching there unto with all perseverance & supplication for all the Saints.

Written by Debora
February of 2000


Hurt, for a small word it is a big feeling.

There are many kinds of Hurt...

Hurt...When a husband decides he wants to be a free spirit and nothing you can say or do will change his mind.

Hurt...When your son does not understand divorce and so in not understanding becomes lost in how to deal with his hurt. His anger begins to take over as he strikes out against the one's who loves him most.

Hurt...When a dear friend tells you her unborn grandchild has Down syndrome and she's not sure how to handle it.

Hurt...When a dear friend tells you her husband is an alcoholic and her children fear him, but cry when it is mentioned he should leave the home for awhile to seek help.

Hurt...When a teenager gets involved in drugs after all your teachings on how drugs can destroy your life.

Hurt...When one has discovered she is pregnant and the father wants nothing to do with her or the unborn child.

Hurt...When a woman goes slowly out of her mind and has to be committed into a Mental Hospital for fear she'll hurt others as well as herself.


How does one cope with so much? There is only one answer and His Name is Christ Jesus.
A Name to be Honored and Respected for...
He alone knows all and is able to help us deal with troubles as they occur in our lives.
He alone promises " Never to forsake us or leave us."
He alone promises us one day we'll be with Him and know sorrow no more.
He alone promises us A place of refuge under the Mighty Wings of God.
He alone promises us that if we ask for Wisdom, He'll give it.
He alone promises us " That if we seek Him, we will find Him. And when we find Him, we'll also find answers.
He alone promises us a Comforter in The Holy Spirit.
What He did not promise us is that life here would be easy or that we would understand why things happen as they do. If anything He has warned us in His Word to be ready for such things as these...we are not of this world, but we must live in it for a short time and in that short time we must keep our eyes focused on Christ Jesus to see us through the tough times we experience. We must seek His peace, share His unconditional love with others, help the many who are hurting get through these tough times, giving one another the support He would want us to give.
Most of all to pray for one another for in praying we find PEACE.

Follow Christ Jesus foot-steps...
Help one another in love for works done without love are as nothing,
Encourage His children in the Word,
Give to those in need,
Seek the Face of God in Prayer.

Written by Debora
March Of 2000


"Treasures In Heaven"

Lord forgive me for my neglect in loving others as You have commanded.

As I read the Word I have seen that we are guilty of not obeying the second most important commandment You have given and that is to love one another.

I have to ask myself how many times You have put someone in my path for me to love and failed to see You have sent this precious one to me! How many times have I been so wrapped up in self that I have not made time to encourage others? And in being so caught up in self that I didn't notice I hadn't made time for my own family?

Forgive me Lord my business...help me to see those You have chosen to send to me, help me to be a helper, a encourager, a giver of my time in serving others. Lord, help me to put aside things that are of this world and make time for those around me.
I believe I may finally understand what building up treasures in heaven means...
To encourage one in the Lord, to help someone in need, to give my time in helping others who are not able to do for themselves.

To give more time to the wonderful children You have blessed me with.

To give to the needy clothing I never wear, extra food stored in my cupboard, a hug to a friend, a kiss to a child, a simple smile, and the beautiful words...I love you!

"For if we can't love those in whom we can see, how can we love the Lord God in whom we can not see?"

Written by Debora May 5th, 2001


A Walk With Thee

As I walk this old country lane I see before me the awesome creation of Thy Creator. With the wonderful colors of fall stirring the senses and the peaceful sound of falling leaves surrounding me, I am thankful for life in it self.

As I walk this old country lane I seek Thee and without seeing I know Thee O'Lord is with me. Together in sweet communion we walk and talk. With a oneness we share our hearts hurts and joys.

For there is nothing more precious than being in the presence of Thee O'Lord.

As we walk this old country lane in the quietness of the day, I open myself to Thee in repentance. For to have this time with You and know I have failed Thee in so many ways brings upon me shame and sorrow.

Then ever so gentle Thy Lord touches my hand...turning my shame and sorrow into joy.

Their can be no greater love than to be forgiven by Thee O'Lord.

As we walk this old country lane their is a overwhelming sense of peace that fills my very soul...knowing I am loved by my Lord, my Savior, my Redeemer.

Next time you take a walk rather it be on a old country lane or just a stroll around your neighborhood, invite Jesus to join you. I promise you won't be disappointed for He so longs to hear the voices of those who belong to Him. Not only will you feel the joy of knowing He's near, but you will have touched His heart because you cared enough to invite Him along.

Written By Debora Sept. 2001


”Debora and daughter,Jessica"

”Being The Parent Of A Teenager”

Being the parent of a teenager is the hardest job the dear Lord has ever given a Mother. It seems that no matter how hard one tries to be a good Godly mother, Most teenage children if not all at sometime will rebel.

Being the parent of a teen means, knowing everything and when you fail to meet their standards your teenager considers you to either be too old fashion or treat you as if you didn’t go to the same kind of schools they now attend,

if you went to school at all!

Being the parent of a teen can be cruel and heart breaking as they tell you in so many words, they don’t need you anymore, they know it all.

Being the parent of a teen means, controlling your anger when you feel like screaming…

”Hey I have feelings to and you just hurt them!”

Being the parent of a teen means, being told you never do anything for them.

Even though you work yourself into a frenzy trying to pay the bills and somehow manage to earn extra money for a prom dress or that special something they keep hinting about.

Being the parent of a teen means, being told…”I hate you” and even though they don’t mean it, they won’t tell you.

Being the parent of a teen means, being on your knees 99% of your spare time interceding for them in prayer. Asking God to soften their hearts and make them His own.

Being the parent of a teen means, letting go and letting God do His work within them.

It means we pray morning, noon and night on their behalf.

It means dealing with the hurt and forgiving them for the pain they have caused within our very hearts.

Being the parent to a teen means, to stand before the Lord and ask for His help, His strength, His direction, His mercy, His forgiveness when we fail to be godly mothers.

Being the parent to a teen means, to humbly say I am sorry when you back-slide by treating them as badly as they are treating you.

Knowing you really don’t feel like it, but you do it because this is what the Lord would have you do.

Being the parent to a teen means, we put on The Full Armor Of God, for the battle for our teens is real; it means we set the example of Christ no matter how difficult that may be.

Being the parent of a teen means, Thanking God they won’t be teenagers forever! Amen.

Written by Debora in February of 2000

I am proud to report that three years later my rebellious teen is now a God fearing woman…so hangth thou in there Mothers for God truly answers the heart felt cries of a Mother!


”My Grandaughter...Malena"

”How Precious The Child”

As I watched you come into this world my precious daughter the tears of hurt turned into tears of joy.

How precious the child the Lord gives to a Mother.

As I watched you grow into the precious woman the Lord desired, the tears of hurt from painful teenage years turned into tears of joy.

How precious the daughter the Lord gives to a Mother.

As I watched you fall in love with a godly young man the hurt of losing you turned into tears of joy upon your wedding day.

How precious the woman the Lord gives to a Mother.

As I watch you bring your own daughter into this world the pain I felt for you turns into tears of joy as a new grandmother.

How precious the babe the Lord gives to a new Mother.

As I watch you leave to go far away the hurt of losing you turns into tears of joy.

For now this Mothers prayer has been fulfilled, that the daughter of my youth is finishing the good work the Lord has begun.

How precious the family the Lord gives to a Grandmother.

”Train a child in the way he (she) should go, and when he (she) is old he (she) will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

I love you Jessica, you are this Mothers hearts delight. God bless you always, Mom

Written by Debora on March 27th, 2001


”Debora and loving husband Edwin"

"My son and heart's delight, Stephen"

"My beautiful grandchildren"

Open My Heart Lord

Open my heart to more of You Lord...

Close my heart from Worldly ways......

Open my heart to Love others as You love them.

Close my heart to Hate and help me to Pray for those who walk in it...

Open my heart to Kindness and giving more of myself to others...

Close my heart from Greed, help me not to want more then I need or deserve...

Open my heart to speak Words Of Encouragement that uplift and nurture...

Close my heart from speaking Evil words that bring forth pain and hurt...

Open my heart to more of You Lord and a lot less of me!

Written on March 6th, 2003

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