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The Erotic side
Thursday, 25 January 2007
Foreplay (Epic Poem)
Mood:  amorous

By: William Phenn
Foreplay as we know it,
Is prelude to a love.
A meaningful beginning,
For a man and his sweet dove.

It starts with so much kissing,
Her lips her neck and eyes.
To get her to forget about,
The other rowdy guys.

Then once the kissing’s over,
The real dance it begins.
You start to peel her coverings,
Like fragile onion skins.

The first thing is her blouse,
The buttons you undo.
The next ting is that sexy skirt,
But she’ll do that for you.

You help her with her sexy heels,
She now is short and sweet.
And her sexy silky stockings,
You gently roll so neat.

With a hand upon your shoulder,
She steadies herself firm.
So as you pull the last one off,
Her little toes do squirm.

You now stand up and face her,
This Princess of your dreams.
You hug her and embrace her,
Until she begs and screams.

Then after much more hugging,
And her neck oh so red.
You cease the crazy kissing,
And haul her off to bed.

Up in your arms you hold her,
She does not fight at all.
You lay her on the king sized bed,
And fake a goofy fall.

Your body falling on her,
You make sure it’s not for real.
You slowly drift on top of her,
Her urgency you feel.

With teasing loving motions,
Her bra will disappear.
But not those soft pink panties,
So lovely and so sheer.

Your shirt she helps unbutton,
Too slowly for your taste.
You tear it off so quickly,
You have no time to waste.

Your pants she does unbuckle,
The zipper she slides down.
You get up quickly off the bed,
While she pulls them to the ground.

So now you stand before her,
Erect as a man can be.
She sees that she’s in for a treat.
Because she’ll be with me.

Your T-shirt rips off easily,
And soon you’re standing bare.
Except for one last garment,
You tease her with a stare.

The bulge is quite impressive,
The twitch she chuckles at.
But when she tugs your shorts off,
She sees the baseball bat.

She stares in such amazement,
She can’t believe her eyes.
She turns away so quickly,
To run away she tries.

But you move much more swiftly,
And catch her by the arm.
And reassure her gently,
That Roscoe means no harm.

You kiss her wild eyes softly,
A tender kiss or two.
Then move down to her neck and ears,
And whisper what you’ll do.

Amazing things you tell her,
Such acts she’s never seen.
She tells you very honestly,
That’s where she’s never been.

You nuzzle up quite close to her,
Your hand is on her chest.
You slowly move it in to play,
Upon her supple breast.

She sighs as you continue,
Your cool erotic dance.
Her mind begins to wander,
To places of romance.

She thinks of Tropic Islands,
While you play with her mounds.
She whispers uncontrollably,
Those soft erotic sounds.

She throws her arms around you,
And pulls you to her chest.
She tells you that she loves you,
And how you are the best.

You smile and you are grateful,
Your Princess she is pleased.
But you have just got started,
Your Princess you’ve just teased.

Now starting to acquaint her,
With what love is about.
You gently take her by the wrists,
And bring the handcuffs out.

In one smooth easy motion,
The cool steel clamps her tight.
You tell her the first rule of love,
It’s Trust, so it’s alright.

Now that she is helpless,
You grin that evil grin.
And start to show her finally,
How True Love shall begin.

You kiss her eyes and wanton lips,
Continue to her neck and ears.
You whisper so seductively,
To cast away her fears.

Her soft and creamy shoulders,
Your lips may linger there.
But you want to express your love,
And show her that you care.

So down your lips continue,
Your tongue it seeks the spot.
The truly one magnificent,
The one that makes her Hot!

You glide down on her belly,
Your raspy tongue does play.
You suck up all the goodness,
Your Princess does display.

With moist lips you discover,
Her belly button found.
You bury your head deep inside,
And flick your tongue around.

Dropping even lower,
Below her waist you go.
Your tongue is on a mission,
To that erotic place you know.

Your hands placed on her waistband,
You pull her panties off.
She squirms a little from you,
You see her moistened trough.

You couldn’t help but notice,
How wet and warm she was.
You know she’ll go ballistic,
When Roscoe starts to buzz.

Your nostrils are attracted,
To an exotic musky scent.
With lips and tongue you find its source,
Her volcano you will vent.

Such calculating gestures,
Your lips and tongue they make.
You press them to her honey pot,
And cause a violent quake.

Before your tongue can enter,
She tries to pull away.
But your strong arms will pin her,
So there is where she’ll stay.

Your head is now so buried,
Within her thighs so deep.
She writhes and screams for you to stop,
But you don’t hear a peep.

The handcuffs they are holding,
Her arms so she won’t fight.
She needs what you are doing,
To be Loved so good tonight.

With gasps of breath she feels you,
Your rough tongue did its job.
With wild convulsive actions,
She breaks into a sob.

Such screaming and such thrashing,
You’ve never seen before.
It makes you very happy,
And you please your Princess more.

Your tongue performed its magic,
Now the digits want their turn.
They want to tweak her button,
And make her tushy burn.

So slowly they do part the folds,
The hood they lift in praise.
Your fingers searching deeper,
Such passion they do raise.

They find what they are seeking,
Her lovely maiden head.
But your fingers do not enter,
You use your tongue instead.

With wrists still bound securely,
She twists and turns her hips.
Which makes it more exciting,
For your tongue between her lips.

Her volcano starts erupting,
And you sense her passion grow.
Her nectar it starts flooding you,
Like a molten Lava flow.

You reach up and behind her,
The handcuffs you release.
Her panting eases down a bit,
She thinks you’ll give her peace.

But that is not the game plan,
For she knows not what you’ll do.
She’s made it through Phase I so far,
But now there is Phase II.

You take her by her lovely wrists,
And sit her up in bed.
Your fingers slowly rub the spot,
Where the handcuffs made them red.

You kiss her wrists, her fingers, her hands,
You part her ruby lips.
Your tongues dives deep inside her mouth,
While you firmly hold her hips.

She shudders with excitement,
As she feels your growing need.
She moans a sigh of pleasure,
When she feels your hardened steed.

You turn to lay beside her,
Your head is facing south.
She knows you’re up to something,
When her mound meets with your mouth.

With your demanding fingers,
Her thighs she spreads for you.
And as you move close to her,
Her hands are busy too.

As you moved closer to her,
She took you by the core,
And closed her fingers on you,
Her lips they begged for more.

She knew what you were doing,
Her passion rose quite high.
Now she clutched you in her hands,
You know the reason why.

Engrossed in what you’re doing,
Her fantasy made real.
Your heart stops for a moment,
When her lips upon you feel.

Your beautiful shy Princess,
A woman now possessed.
Becomes the flaming Vixen,
That she has long repressed.

Engulfing you completely,
She knows just how to please.
She’ll drain you of your substance,
And bring you to your knees.

Before you know what hit you,
Your loins they tremble so.
Convulsions rock your body,
And your juices you let go.

She’s made you very happy,
Now the rest is up to you.
You put your arms around her,
And enter as you do.

You need to start out easy,
So much has happened here.
You continue reassuring her,
She has nothing to fear.

Your member is exploding,
It wants so much to dive.
But you keep it on a tether,
Till that moment does arrive.

With slow seductive movements,
You keep the flame alive.
Her constant glowing embers,
Help lubricate the drive.

Such orchestrated actions,
Your body does perform.
You feel the heat of her inside,
And prepare for such a storm.

Your pace though slightly quickened,
Does not convey much haste.
This wonderfully blissful moment,
You do not want to waste.

With kisses you impale her,
Her breasts your fingers squeeze.
The nipples that you twist and turn,
Beg your attention, “Please”.

You notice her reaction,
To what you’ve done so far.
You have much better entry,
To your flaming Shooting Star.

Now once again you quicken,
Your thrusts are fast and deep.
You want to introduce her to,
The joys of love she’ll reap.

Your every stroke affects her,
In ways you do not know.
It takes her to such splendid heights,
To places you can’t go.

Your swelling, pulsing member,
Is working overtime.
You want her to enjoy so much,
You want her bells to chime.

Now the pace slows to a crawl,
You ease it in and out.
You tease her lovely honey pot,
You know what that’s about.

Take head to build the fire,
With kindling from the best.
So when you do apply the coals,
She’ll forget about the rest.

You gather up the forces,
That brought her to the brink.
And now you hope she’s ready,
You’ve done it all, she’ll think.

Her nectar is still boiling,
Eruption is at hand.
You take it slow and carefully,
It needs to be quite grand.

Volcanic juices flowing,
You feel her down below.
Your own are almost bursting,
But you continue very slow.

“Yes now”, she screams,
With a shrieking voice.
You know that you,
Don’t have a choice.

You brace her for,
That great attack,
Too late now,
No turning back.

Your final plunge is swift and deep,
It lets her know what is to be.
You hold her with a mighty grip,
And blast her like a raging sea.

Her eyes wide with astonishment,
She hugs you very tight.
You see her tears of ecstasy,
On this starry moonlight night.

Vivaldi in the background,
Does not drown out the cries,
Her joy is so magnificent,
Emancipation in her eyes.

You’ve brought her out of hiding,
Your love has shown the way.
She now can see the meaning,
True love is here to stay.

Posted by poetry/wmphenn at 2:30 AM EST
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Saturday, 8 September 2007 - 4:52 PM EDT

Name: "Linda Marie"
Home Page:

You have the gift of flowing from plateau to plateau and never slipping into the abyss. In a way it is like a sweet kiss going slowly from a shoulder to a shoulder. Leaving it in the reader's mind to get the juices going between the leaving and once again the touching down.

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