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The Dark Side — Profile

Name:  William Phenn

Location:  Lapeer, Michigan
Birthday:  26 April, 1950
Bio:  My life has traversed the sea of time, from the early fifty?s to the present day. I have fought for my country and saved many more than I killed. That was my job as a Medic in Vietnam. After the war, I returned to the drudgery of my career field. Though a very monetarily rewarding drudgery, it was still, my biggest regret. Writing has always been a passion of mine since the fifth grade. I remember my fifth grade teacher giving me a copy of ?Bartlett?s Familiar Quotations?, as a prize for winning the spelling bee. Although I have it on CD now, the book remains my favorite, to this day. My Poetry, is everything that has inspired me. Love, Hate, Death, Life, Sun, Moon, Stars and everything in between. I write when inspired and have something to say, I don?t make a habit to write everyday. This Bio is boring, the Poetry is not, peruse through the pages and see what I?ve got.
Interests:  Computers, Poetry, Photography, Psychology, Philosophy, Art, Music (Classical, Country, Oldies and Folk) and beautiful, Intelligent women.
Blog Created:  Thursday, 6 January 2005
Last Updated:  Thursday, 25 January 2007 - 5:30 AM
Blog Entries:  21

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